02 November 2004

The Voting Experience

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Here's an after-the-fact rundown of my voting experience today. My plan to walk to the polls got rained on (literally), so I drove over. 2 campaign signs exactly 100 feet from the poll entrances - both Kerry signs. This has been balanced by the new addition of Bush/Cheney signs (you're welcome).

Got in a very short line, right behind a lady who I swear I recognize from the supermarket - the one who waits until all the groceries are bagged before taking her checkbook out of her purse. She decided that the polls would be a great time to look for her voter registration card. After about 3 minutes, I told her that her driver's license would suffice.

I handed my registration to the nice lady, she found my name, I signed, took my ballot, and went to the booth. We used the optical reader thingy, where you complete the middle of the arrow pointing to your selection. Even a Floridian could do that. There were only 3 Democrat candidates on the entire ballot. The rest were Republican and (snicker) Libertarian.

Rather than vote the straight party ticket, I took great satisfaction in selecting each race individually. I placed the completed ballot in the reader, got my little sticker for my shirt from the election judge, and moved on, full of pride and patriotism.

Have you voted yet?
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