20 August 2004

Yahoo! News - Kerry takes legal action against Vietnam critics

good god what a bunch of whining, sniveling pansies. all you have to do, Senator, to clear this whole mess up is to authorize the complete release of your military records, including your medical forms.

Stephen Moore and Phil Kerpen on the Bush Tax Cuts & the CBO on NRO Financial

what, the rich pay taxes?? say it ain't so!!

The Price of Dissent in Venezuela

Chavez' thugs killing people protesting?? Nah, couldn't be.

Yahoo! News - Nuclear Data Found Missing From New Mexico

someone needs an ass whipping!!!

19 August 2004

Porn Star Tells Military "Bullets, Not Boobs"

I don't guess I've ever been more conflicted...

Iran warns of preemptive strike to prevent attack on nuclear sites

sounds like a perfect excuse to nuke the crap out of iran.
please someone tell me why a country that sits on one of the largest deposits of oil in the world needs to build nuclear reactors for power??

Ballad Of The French Berets

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love Ann Coulter.

NYC to GOP: Drop Dead

Yet one of many oxygen thieves in the world.

"Like the hapless saps whose blood they sent to be spilled into Middle Eastern sands...." So, the men and women of today's all volunteer military are helpless saps?? I'm sure they're happy that you're looking out for them, Ted.

"Rejecting ex-mayor Ed Koch's call to "make nice" with the party that used the deaths of 2,801 New Yorkers--most of them Democrats--for everything from tax cuts for the rich to building concentration camps at Guant�namo and Abu Ghraib to invading Iraq to enrich Dick Cheney and his fellow Halliburton execs...."

last time I checked, the rich (by the libby's definition, Ted) are the only ones actually paying any taxes, moron. Concentration camps in Gitmo?? Last time I actually checked *the facts* - yes, strange indeed to you I'm sure - the men who are released from Gitmo are given new clothes because the clothes they wore into Gitmo are now too small due to the wieght gain they experienced. Last time I checked, none of the assholes in Gitmo had their head cut off on TV, Ted. Yep, we humiliated some of the iraqis in custody in Abu Ghraib - and those responsible are now in massive legal tribulations due to their actions. As they should be.
Perhaps you're not aware, Ted - due to your amazing inability to even kinda sorta investigate the facts before opening your incredibly ignorant mouth - but there are a grand total of two companies in the entire world that are capable of massive oilfield infrastructure rebuilding - Haliburton and Schlumbergie. Schlumbergie happens to be a French company, Ted. The same France that misled the UN and assisted Saddam in getting around the UN's oil for food program. Surely you're aware of that, Ted, or are you happily ignoring that as well.

Go crawl back under the rock you came from.

Bush Uses Surrogates for 'Dirty Work,' Kerry Says

tell you what, Senator. You denounce MoveOn.org and we'll denounce the swifties. Anytime you're ready, Lurch, you let us know.

MSNBC - Bear downs 36 beers and passes out at campground

Does a bear drink in the woods? Better know it.

MSNBC - Military records counter a Kerry critic

Yes, there's no media bias whatsoever, right?? Why is it that the media goes after the military records of the Swifties, but does not request the same records from Kerry? Why the anal exam of a group that dislikes Kerry, or, the anal exam for any one who is accusatory towards a Democrat, but not the Democrats themselves?? I don't seem to recall the media giving an anal exam to Mikey Moore, I don't recall the media giving the same treatment to MoveOn.org. Now, why is that, do you think?

18 August 2004

Telegraph | News | German men told they can no longer stand and deliver

Girly man!

New York Post Online Edition: news

"The Kerry camp is now hedging on that claim, which Kerry once told the Senate was 'seared' into his memory ever since President Richard Nixon falsely claimed there were no U.S. troops in Cambodia. In fact, Nixon wasn't yet president. "

Every time that dufus opens his mouth, crap just pours out. What I just really really really can't believe is that there would be someone who's "undecided" at this point. If you don't know what Bush and Kerry stand for at this point, maybe you're just too stupid to vote.

Anti-Fishing Sign Gets the Hook

PETA - what a bunch of pansies. Says PETA spokeswoman William Rivas-Rivas: "Fish feel pain and suffering, and it's been well documented."

Get a real hobby, dude. Open a bait shop or something.

6 People Beat Up Alleged Peeping Tom

So, the people who beat the snot out of a potential child molester are in trouble??? Maybe people shouldn't gawk at sleeping 5 year olds with their pants around their ankles??

17 August 2004

The Violence Policy Center's Written Plan to Deceive the American People

Here's the whole hoo-ha over the Assault Weapons Ban in a nutshell. Scary-looking guns help the anti-gunners promote their agenda: ban ALL guns. Don't you believe for one second that they want anything less than the elimination of all firearms from the United States of America. They know they can't do it in one fell swoop, so they're content to take them one at a time.

Don't be a sucker.

Kerry's head for politics

I'm sure there wasn't anyone in Portland qualified to cut his majesty's hair.

Comcast porn to be wild

For all you hard-core Red Sox fans.

I crack myself up.