03 January 2009


It never fails to crack me up.

At some point at a shooting class when I'm teaching, someone will ask something to the point of "will this or that holster wear off the finish on my brand new blaster?"

At which point I look at them with that special look I reserve for silly questions and show them this:

This gorgeous 1911, an STI Lawman, saw use last year from around May through September. It was brand new when I got started. In roughly 5 months, I flat wore out the finish off this pistol.

And that's the way it should be, boys and girls.

A pistol that looks brand new is a pistol that hasn't been shot. A pistol that hasn't been shot is one that you are not proficient with.

Anyone who shows me a brand new, pristine pistol... well, frankly I feel a little bit sorry for 'em.

30 December 2008

Two questions

that will never get asked:

1. How much did it cost; and

2. Who paid for it and what have they asked for in return??