10 July 2004

Heads Up, People...

I don't want to be an alarmist, but this whole CJD thing's got me a little bugged.

Steak. It's what's for dinner. Until it makes me crazy.

Tony Blair 'will stay on as PM'

I surely hope Blair stays on board. I'd hate to think what kind of uber liberal fool ala Mr. Chamberlain who could replace him.

Daschle concerned about 'sobering' terror briefing

well, at least Daschle is attending security briefings. gee, I feel safer already.

09 July 2004

Victor Davis Hanson on Iraq and the War on Terror

"idiotocrats" - my new word of the week.

In Desperate Move, Kerry Adopts Puppy

I love Ann Coulter.

Finding Nemo

Boaters find kitten swimming 3 miles offshore in Gulf of Mexico. Catfish, anyone?

Kerry just doesn't have time!

yes, this is the man who really should be president.

Fri Jul 09 2004 09:23:56 ET

Just hours before attending an all-star celebrity fundraising concert in New York, Dem presidential candidate John Kerry revealed how he has been too busy for a real-time national security briefing.

"I just haven't had time," Kerry explained in an interview.

Kerry made the startling comments on CNN's LARRY KING LIVE Thursday night.

KING: News of the day, Tom Ridge warned today about al Qaeda plans of a large-scale attack on the United States. Didn't increase the -- you see any politics in this? What's your reaction?

KERRY: Well, I haven't been briefed yet, Larry. They have offered to brief me. I just haven't had time.

07 July 2004

Kim Jong Il - Father of the Hamburger

This loony has nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons. Does that scare the bejeebers out of anyone else?

Brazilian Wax Job

If the article doesn't make you laugh, make sure you watch the video at the end.

06 July 2004

Texas Teenagers

Geez. All I can do is roll my eyes and heave a sigh. Remember kids, hammers and gunpowder don't mix.

Arrest Draws Focus on Iran Role in Iraq

Like I said three years ago - clean up Iraq, and then take a hard right into Iran.

Video Shows Foreign Fighters in Major Iraq Attacks

In my not so humble opinion, this is one of the most brilliant aspects of the Bush war on Terror. For each of these jackasses that blows themselves up in Iraq, that's one less muslim fundamentalist who is blowing up things in the US.

04 July 2004

John Kerry on the campaign trail

Yep, that's right, folks, you heard it here first - John Kerry is a man of the earth, and not a Northeastern liberal! Really!

Check out the pics, gotta love Kerry's finger still on the trigger after taking the shot and the shotgun's down...