12 February 2005

Billboard Delivers Right Jab To Hollywood

Thank you Hollywood!

This Pansy Goes Down Smooth

Okay, I can't keep up with the gay jokes. Good headline, dontcha think?

Queer Beer Targets Europe's Gays

I hear you can only get this in the can.

11 February 2005

Newswise | Not Enough Evidence to Say Gun Laws Reduce Violence

Look at this gibberish:
The studies included laws to ban certain types of guns or ammunition, such as fully automatic assault weapons and the cheap handguns commonly known as 'Saturday night specials.' Others studies examined laws that restrict certain people from buying guns, determine waiting periods for gun purchases, require gun registration, allow for concealed weapon and impose 'zero tolerance' for firearms in schools. The task force also reviewed studies that looked at combinations of these laws.
"Fully automatic assault weapons?" What? I WISH I could get my hands on one, but they've been restricted for a long time now.

"Saturday night specials?" What? Poor people can't defend themselves? Only landed gentry should own firearms? WTF?

"Zero tolerance for firearms in schools?" What? Last I checked, it's illegal to have firearms in schools, isn't it?

This is funny, though:
The federal Brady Law, which requires automatic background checks and a waiting period before a gun can be purchased from a dealer, was among the laws reviewed in the studies. Its effectiveness also remains uncertain, according to Hahn and colleagues.

(The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence did not respond to a request for comment.)
Doctors need to stick to being doctors, and leave politics to the politicians.

10 February 2005

Britain's Prince Charles to Marry Camilla Parker Bowles

Two words.

Who. Cares.

MSNBC - Detainees accuse female interrogators

A couple of thoughts here.

1. Anytime these female interrogators wants to practice their techniques, I'm available. Anytime. I mean, I'd be sacrificing for the country and all that, so if duty were to call, I'm there.

"The women rubbed their bodies against the men, wore skimpy clothes in front of them, made sexually explicit remarks and touched them provocatively, at least eight detainees said in documents or through their attorneys." And "German detainee Murat Kurnaz told his lawyer that three women in lacy bras and panties strutted into the interrogation room where he was sitting in chains. They cooed about how attractive he was and suggested "they could have some fun," he said." And "He recounted to his lawyer that when he refused to talk in one interview, a female soldier entered wearing a tight T-shirt. "Why aren't you married?" she reportedly asked Esmail. "You are a young man and have needs. What do you like?" Esmail said "she bent down with her breasts on the table and her legs almost touching" him. "Are you going to talk," she asked, "or are we going to do this for six hours?""

I mean, some people pay good money for that kind of attention!

2. Where's the NOW gang?? If this was the Clinton Administration rather than the Bush administration, you'd hear the NOWnags going off on the fact that "some Muslims believe that "if a woman touches him prior to prayer, then he's dirty and can't pray."" However, the NOWnags have been strangely silent here. Hmmmmm.

Reporter Quits Amid Credential Questions

Ok, we now have an admitted conservative reporter step down from the White House Press Corpse. Anytime the rest of the long haired maggot infested liberal press corps wants to step down because they have an admitted liberal bias, you let us know

I mean, why is this even an issue?

"Guckert frequently attended White House press briefings over the last two years and asked pointedly conservative questions."

Who gives a rat's ass if he asked pointedly conservative questions?? We could go to any press conference on any given day and 90% (AT LEAST!) of the questions asked by the press corpse are pointedly liberal! Where's the outrage over that? Where's the Boston Globe investigation?

And some people wonder why the MSM's viewers/readers continue to find other outlets for their news.

9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings

Hey look, another objective and unbiased piece of reporting from the NY Times.

Why don't they just come up with the subheading that says "official mouthpiece of the Democrat Party"? At least that way they would be honest about their so called reporting.

The problem (among many) with this story is that pre 9/11, there was simply no (or very very little) concept that someone would ram a jetliner into a sky scraper.

You can have 2,000 warnings that say hijackings are likely, but pre 9/11 what did that mean?? It means that a terrorist asshole will either blow up the plane mid-flight (like Pan Am 103 over Scotland) or hijack the plane to a friendly country like Cuba or Libya or Iran.

Flight crews prior to 9/11 were instructed that in the case of a hijacking, you comply to the best of your ability with the hijacker in order to get the plane on the ground and give the passengers the best chance of survival.

The Times conveniently leaves that part of the equation out of it and would like us all to pretend that prior to 9/11 everyone but the Bush administration had their crystal ball out and saw two planes ram into the WTC and one into the Pentagon.

09 February 2005

Yahoo! News - Towns offer free land to newcomers

Yahoo! News - Towns offer free land to newcomers

With the Global Economy, the Internet, FedEx, UPS and the USPS, this doesn't sound like a bad idea. Add in Satellite TV, big screen plasma TV and this is starting to sound like a good idea. Plus take away the high taxes currently paid in the Metroplex, being able to step out the door and start hunting, dirt biking.....

I think I convinced myself. I need to make a trip to Kansas.

CNN slimes our troops

And people wonder why CNN's viewership continues to fall??

08 February 2005

Dean Opponent Bows Out of Chairman's Race

nah nah na na, nah nah na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.

Looks like there are two clear losers here.

1. The DNC. For those leftists that think (I mean FEEL) that Howard Dean is going to be their saviour - I've got bad news for you. Dean can't control his mouth in public and his leftist views do not do anything to the vast majority of the country other than make them move more towards right of center.

2. The Clintons. The Clintons have been anti-Dean at least back to the election season last year and we may have just seen the end of Hillary's run for Pres. Time will tell but apparently the Clintons and Dean don't see eye to eye at the current time.

06 February 2005

Some in U.S. voting with their feet

For God's sake leave already and don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!
I can't tell you how tired I am of this story. These people have had three months to pack their Birkenstocks and bongs and hit the road. Please hurry and be sure and call Alec Baldwin to see if he wants to car pool in your VW Bus.

These people say they love America, but they do not. They sure don't love it like I do. After Bill Clinton was re-elected after everything had come out about him and how he disgraced his presidency, the Oval Office, his marriage, and lied under oath just to name a few, I was disgusted, but never once did I consider moving out of the country. I hope these people leave and leave fast. I also hope they regret it every day they are not living in this great country. Have fun working for less and paying more taxes. Have fun with the government health care program up there, also. And I sure hope the terrorists leave y'all alone, because Canada sure can't protect itself from any threat. Hell, our Salvation Army could kick their asses. It's obvious the last thing these people are interested in is democracy, but the United States has liberated over 60 million people in two different countries and introduced them to democracy. The more countries that democracy has a foot hold in over there, the harder it will be for the terrorist to gain a foot hold. So, post your picture on the "I'm sorry website", then pack your stuff and leave.

"I love the United States," he said as he stood on the Vancouver waterfront, staring toward the Coastal Range, which was lost in a gray shroud. "I fought for it in Vietnam. It's a wrenching decision to think about leaving. But America is turning into a country very different from the one I grew up believing in."