16 June 2005

'The Hokey Pokey' really is what it's all about, ya know

The creator of 'The Hokey Pokey' has passed on. I heard he already had his left foot in the grave. Then it was out. Then it was in again, and he shook it all about.

You may send me thank-you emails for putting that song back in your head at your leisure.

HoustonChronicle.com - Cheerleaders disciplined for 'feces pizza'

Ah, the old pooperoni pizza gag.

I'm tellin' ya - don't mess with Texas cheerleaders (or their moms). It will get your ass kicked.

Sheriff bought eight assault rifles: two for his office and six for NPD

There once was a Sheriff from Nantucket...

I dare you to finish the limerick.

Looks like the county sheriff is a forward-looking guy. He purchased 8 real-live select-fire assault rifles - M4A3s - from Bushmaster for "homeland security" emergencies. Seems the city managerette didn't like them being stored, and asked them to be removed. I'd be glad to help them oblige.

14 June 2005

Texas not planning raid to arrest Jeffs

Arizona charges: The leader of the polygamous FLDS Church was indicted on two felonies Friday

Seems a little redundant to arrest a polygamist, don't it?

Anti-BB Gun Project Deemed Too Dangerous

Man, you can almost taste the irony.

Massachusetts is SO anti-gun, they've outlawed an anti-gun science project because it's too dangerous. What a bunch of pansies.
"The scientific review committee does not consider science projects involving firearms to be safe for middle school students," Degon said.
FIREARMS? They're BB guns, people! For cryin' out loud.

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!