08 November 2007

Divorce proves tricky for deaf-mute couple

'Zhang lived a long way from court so I sent mobile phone text messages to inform him of our thinking and how the court operated. I think this was a good way of communicating,' said Liu Jinghai, clerk of the court. Eventually, the judges made Zhang understand that his wife was bent on divorce and it was best to give up.
Let me get this straight - the hearing was a problem?

05 November 2007

SOAP Header Extensions How-To - The Code Project - C# WebServices

By the way - I thought that just in case my loyal readership (all both of you) wondered what I did for a living, here's an insight to my nerdiness. What's worse - I manage other people like me.

04 November 2007

Nice witch outfit

Maybe it's just me, but if the guys writing for Saturday Night Live start calling Hillary a witch, then the Hildabeast's lock up of the democrat nominition isn't that sure of a thing...