14 October 2005

'Today' Reporter Paddles in Shallow Water

In one of television's inadvertently funny moments, the NBC News correspondent was paddling in a canoe during a live report about flooding in Wayne, N.J. While she talked, two men walked between her and the camera _ making it apparent that the water where she was floating was barely ankle-deep.
You would think after all the stories of rape, murder, and hundreds dead in the Superdome were found to be sensationalized BS that these people would learn their lesson.
Later, an NBC News spokeswoman explained that Kosinski had been riding in deeper water near an overflowing river down the street, but there were concerns that the current was too strong for her.
How stupid do they think we are?


I pulled a link to the video off The Political Teen's blog.

'I'm in the nude for dancing'

HUNDREDS of clubbers are descending on the country's only nude disco everySaturday night.
I really have no interest in seeing the big glittery disco balls!
And for any male clubbers worried about the temperature taking its toll on their manhood, the venue boasts "excellent heating".

Modern Americans: A Rude, Boorish Lot?

I wonder what cousin-marrying, 2 bucket of chicken-eating, mouth-breathing, pantywaist "scientist" did this study?
A whopping 93 percent in the AP-Ipsos poll faulted parents for failing to teach their children well.

"Parents are very much to blame," said Newfield, whose Atlanta-based company started teaching etiquette to young people and now focuses on corporate employees. "And the media."
Where do people get these nutty ideas?

Now hand me my latte' and get the hell out of my way, I'm late.

12 October 2005

Postage Paid Envelope Revenge

I would never advocate this sort of thing. But it is pretty funny, in a really mean way.

11 October 2005

West's response condemned as slow and inadequate

And there it is. Didn't take long, did it?
The United States, which was under pressure to increase a pledge of $500,000 (£280,000) considered almost derisory by many Pakistanis when it was made over the weekend, announced it intended to give $50m in emergency aid.

The gesture, intended to make up for the resentment caused by an initial pledge which, along with the British offering of £100,000, was labelled as "peanuts" by Qazi Hussain, the leader of the Pakistani opposition party Jamat Islami, was greeted as a major boost to the struggling relief effort.

09 October 2005

New Orleans Police Beating Caught on Tape

I'm gonna go on record on this one, and tell you what's going to come of this: nothing. nada. zip. Not one damned thing. Know why? Because it's no different from any other night in the Vieux Carré. I've seen NOPD come into the police station, all bloodied up, carrying in ne'er-do-wells, looking a far sight better than the bad-asses they were bringing in. Sucks to be the bad guy there.

That's the way it is in New Orleans. Behave, or pay the price. Don't like it? Party elsewhere.

Smoking ban hits politicos' private spot

Well, now. The shoe's on the other foot, ain't it? Liberal candy-asses.

India quake survivors complain of slow aid

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were unavailable for comment, and FEMA was nowhere to be found.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre tops horror poll

We're number one! WOOOO!!!

This article says the Leatherface character is based on Ed Gein, a nutjob from Wisconsin. He was also the model for other characters like Norman Bates (Psycho) and Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs). Apparently, he had a penchant for amateur butchering, mostly of people. His collection included wastebaskets and lampshades made of human skin, and even a belt made of nipples. His master-craft was a full human suit. Nice, huh?

Hey, it's October. I'm getting ready for Halloween. BOO.

Defense Review - Bushmaster Introduces Prototype 5.56mm Subcarbine/SBR and 9mm Subgun at IACP

Ooo. Bushmaster's making some new work guns. Select-fire, small-caliber, uber-light (carbon fiber) sub-guns. Neato.