15 September 2007

2007 USPSA Nationals Video!

Here's the full contents of a DVD that our great friend and teammate Bruce made for us. It's Pimp Daddy, thegirl, Catfish, JR, and the Super Squad. Bruce got about 15 of our stages and a few of the supers. Use the comments tags to skip from shooter to shooter. Take note of the rainy stages in particular.

Thanks, Bruce!

Thompson speaks against gun control

We finally have someone running for the Republican ticket who is firmly against gun control. And it's about damn time!

On the day South Florida mourned a slain police officer, Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson stopped in Miami and stuck firmly to his guns over what he says is the unnecessary call for limiting the right to bear arms.

''I do not think that abrogating Second Amendment rights is a good idea,'' the Republican said at the Versailles restaurant in Little Havana.

''The amount of violence created on the street by these kinds of weapons is very, very small,'' Thompson said. ``It's too bad. It's horrendous. Any kind -- whether it's a knife or an IED or a gun -- innocent people, especially law enforcement officers, are vulnerable all the time; we know that. But on balance, you've got to ask what is good for society and what does the Second Amendment say.''

14 September 2007

2007 USPSA Nats - Super Squad Video

If you'd like to see some pretty cool video of the super squad, see what I have, and also check out thegirl's video.

Nothing to see here, move along

I'm sure this jackass was just out enjoying the scenery.... I'm sure his muslim faith and his support of terrorist organizations had nothing to do with his little jaunt through the woods.

13 September 2007

USPSA 2007 Limited/Production/Revolver Nationals

We're back. Once we've caught our breath, we're going to have beaucoup video and photos to share. One of our esteemed bloggers even came back from her first USPSA Nationals with a trophy!

Here's a sneak preview of some of the fun we endured: