04 September 2004

Green Bay Press-Gazette - Obscure law overturns Green Bay homicide conviction

Umm...might be a typo: "The law dates back about 800 years to the common-law era and went in effect when Wisconsin was a territory." So much for responsible journalism.

03 September 2004

Kids for Free!

Hurry and sign up, and don't forget to refer your friends!

ABC7Chicago.com: Officers sneak up on speeding motorcyclist

I say if you can't catch 'em in a fair chase, trapping is poor sportsmanship.

New York Daily News - Home - Kerry rips non
-vets W, Cheney

doh!! This is freaking hilarious!!! I am seriously rolling on the ground. So, Kerry won't answer "those who refused to serve" - how about answering the charges of the swiftboat vets, Senator?!!
what a moron!


Take a look at who's hurt when the militant muslims fight.

Yes, American bombs have killed innocents. On accident.

These assholes target the weak and those unable to fight back out of policy.

May we kill them all.

Offbeat Photos - AFP

I'm fresh out of puns for this one. Miss Universe shows her hiney.

Oklahoma Cop 'Bags' Two on Drug Charges

"Dude, where'd you put the bag?" "I thought YOU had it!"

02 September 2004

Kerry Sharpens Contrast With Bush (washingtonpost.com)


Who would win the 'duel'?

Check out the poll results!! I do believe Senator Miller would kick the snot out of Matthews!

USATODAY.com - Don't send more kids to die

Once more, Mikey Moore proves what a moron he is. I once thought that someone ought to just smack the sh!t out of him, but the more he talks, the more we can see what kind of moron he is.

"This week, in an appearance leading up to his arrival here Wednesday night, Bush acknowledged he had miscalculated what would happen in Iraq after he invaded it. He had thought it was going to be much easier. It turned out to be much, much worse."

Yes, we have almost had 1,000 precious American lives lost. 1 is too many. But a little historical perspective, Mikey - during WWII, there were thousands of American lives lost daily in some of the major battles of the war - Okinawa, Peliliu, Bastogne, Normandy, etc. Daily. Saddam will no longer be a threat to peace in the Middle East, he will no longer be threatening his neighbors, he will no longer be pursuing WMD's, and he will no longer be a threat to the United States of America.

"Let's hope he isn't getting his inspiration from Richard Nixon, the same man Arnold Schwarzenegger hailed Tuesday night as his reason for becoming a Republican. You have to give Arnold an award for guts. He must be the first Republican convention speaker to mention Nixon since he resigned. Nixon snuck into office in 1968 with his secret plan to end the Vietnam War. Another miscalculation: The war continued for years, and thousands more died."

Last time I checked, Mikey, Nixon was responsible for pulling the American forces out of Vietnam. And let me see, wasn't that a Democrat in JFK (the first one), that put troops into Vietnam, and wasn't that a Democrat in LBJ that dramatically raised the war and created the political quagmire that became Vietnam? Perhaps you should try to read up on some history, Mikey.

Hundreds Held in Russian School; 8 Killed

Interesting, not until the second to last paragraph does this article mention the words "militant muslims":
"A militant Muslim web site published a statement claiming responsibility for the bombing on behalf of the "Islambouli Brigades," a group that also claimed responsibility for the airliner crashes. The statements could not immediately be verified."

when will people wake up and realize that radical islam is at war with the rest of the world???

Text of Zell Miller's Speech at RNC

Just read it. Trust me.

01 September 2004

Byron York on Paul Krugman & Republican Convention on National Review Online

Krugman needs (haven't I said this already?) a first class ass whipping for his asinine statements and the fact that the New York Times gives his BS a mouthpiece.

29 August 2004

Something tells me Bush holds all the aces

This link comes from a friend. Enjoy.

I'll see your purple heart, and raise you an election. Buh-bye...