03 May 2008

A little shooting fun

Here's some vids from today's match at Johnson County. Started a bit chilly, but warmed up to a pretty nice day on the range.

01 May 2008

NPS taking public comments

If you spend any amount of time in National Parks like I do, you'll take advantage of the comment period offered by the NPS now.

SUMMARY: The Department of the Interior, through the National Park
Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service, proposes to amend
regulations presently codified in 36 CFR part 2 and 50 CFR part 27,
which provide guidance and controls for the possession and
transportation of firearms in national park areas and national wildlife
refuges. The proposed amendments would update the regulations to
reflect current state laws authorizing the possession of concealed
, while maintaining the existing regulatory provisions that
ensure visitor safety and resource protection such as the prohibitions
on poaching and limitations on hunting and target practice.
Please take advantage of this opportunity and let the NPS know that you support this consideration.