29 November 2008

Hey, look, I'm famous....

Toodling around the internets tonight, I stumbled upon the GSG-5 website. I bought one of these cool little rifles earlier this year and have just had a blast with it.

Seems that my video is featured on their "media" page!

I guess that explains why that particular video has been watched 34,000 + times...

So I present to you, my 5 minutes of fame, such as it is.... LOL.

26 November 2008

Great googly moogly

Got my Midway catalog in today... Right on the front page there was an add for Stoner AR mags, 20 and 30 rounders for $9.99. Having seen mags go upwards of $25 and climbing I figure that I just might need a handful of those puppies.

I call up and place my order.

Oops. Appears that Midway recieved a shipment of these mags (30,000) on Monday. And they're sold out by today. Still had about 2500 of the 20 rounders, or should I say 2497 after I placed my smallish order tonight.

Good God but that's a lot of mags sold in a few days.

Asked the guy on the phone if they'd been busy lately and as you guessed it, ever since November 5, they've been selling stuff hand over fist.

25 November 2008

Oops: Member of SWAT team forgets rifle near scene of standoff

'It's a terrible mistake,' Salt Lake County Sheriff's Deputy Levi Hughes tells the paper. 'For this to happen one time is unacceptable. The public expects more out of us than this. We're going to take every step possible so that this never happens again.'
I think they should give the rifle to the jogger that found it.