10 December 2005

NBC 4 - News - Council Members Urge Calm Over 'Tookie' Williams Decisions

Hmmm. So, the LA council is asking the thugs not to riot if good ole Tookie is executed; but not asking the families of the people Tookie killed.


09 December 2005

Playmates Arrested After Flight

"Spread 'em!...I mean, um, slick 'em up. No, uh...you're coming with me. Aw, geez."
"At one point he said one of the women made sexual advances toward both the primary officer and the officer who was there for backup," Hebert said.
Yeah. That never works.
Frontier said the women's behavior compromised the safety of the flight.
Yeah - you might put an eye out.

2 Men Fall Off Overpass During Fight

Ah, the Lone Star State. Here's the best part:
One of the men suffered several broken bones and was transported to University Hospital in critical condition.

The other man landed on top of him and was not hurt.

Smoke and Sleighbells

A little sick, if you ask me...

08 December 2005

Snow, freezing cold in U.S. midsection

Dealing a severe blow to global warming harpies, winter hit the midwest a few weeks early, setting record low temperatures across the nation's midsection.

In Washington, Hurrican Katrina refugees living in the DFW area claimed that President George Bush was further manipulating the nation's weather, first hitting them with a Cat 4 hurricane in August, and then, in an attempt to further eradicate them from humanity, nailing them with a vicious ice storm.

Officials Say Air Marshals Did Right Thing

It's absolutely tragic that the Air Marshalls had to shoot this guy. But you know what, they did the right thing under the circumstances and I only hope that the news media doesn't do it's typical frothing at the mouth attack on them. The two FAMs involved are going to have to live with their actions for the rest of their lives and they don't need the bullshit from the media.

I can also only hope that this incident does not change their ROE - they NEED to be on a hair trigger. I've got some good friends who are FAMs and they are the kind of people that would trust at my back.

They've got a sucky job defending a largely ungrateful flying public and I commend them for it.

07 December 2005

Phony Mall Santa Drops His Pants

Ho, ho....D'oh!
"He continued doing this multiple times," Salem police spokesman Robert Larson said. "He was asked to leave the mall by mall security. On his way out of the mall, he dropped the pants one more time as a couple was walking in."

Sniperworld.com Glock resource

Wanna see how a Glock works? This is coolness. Use the "Split" view for everything, and see the Glock's Safe Action working its magic. Very cool.

05 December 2005

John Kerry: American Soldiers Are Terrorists

Been thinking on this today since I got wind of it, and the Cap'n does a great job of summing up my thoughts.

Personally knowing some of the troopers that Kerry demonizes, I think he owes them an apology followed by ritual disembowelment. But that would take courage, something that Mr. (rice in the ass) Kerry doesn't have.

Who Got 'Schumed'?

Yet another reason that Hillary Clinton will not be President. If she had any self confidence, or any national reputation as something other than a shrill, bitchy woman then she could let little Chucky Schumer play his games and not worry about it.

Instead, she has to launch into a wonderful little intrigue with the press to take credit (or not?) for not wanting to let scissors on airplanes.

Rather than come off as a confident, capable leader, she comes off as the female version of Eddy Haskle.

Dog cameras to combat gun crime

They have been trained to help during armed sieges and wear miniature television cameras with transmitters fitted to their heads or harnesses. It means they can search buildings and relay the information back to officers.
Earlier attempts at this technology failed.

Another Reason I HATE The Home Depot

I hate The Home Depot (THD). I have several reasons why. The way they started doing business with their vendors ran a lot of good businesses, including manufacturers and their representatives, out of business. That includes the one that I worked at for eight years. That is the number one reason I hate THD. Another reason I hate them is the fact that they have the worst customer service of any department store that I have ever patronized. On any given day you can walk into a store, and they will only have one employee covering several departments. That's not a good way to do business in a DIY store. I'd say 60% of their customers are going to require some type of help during their visit to the store, and you can't hardly find anybody in a orange apron. The last time I called a local store I started timing how long it was taking to be picked up after already waiting a ridiculously long time. Four minutes past before it was picked up after I started timing. The person that picked it up immediately went into a sales pitch on storm windows they sell and install, then asked if I would be interested in more information. It took a over 12 minutes before the line was picked up by the person I was trying to reach. The time previous to that, the phone was answered by a "sold on hold" message, that I had to sit through in both Spanish and English before it was picked up by a human being. Now, I get the new THD ad, that has "Holiday Trees" in it. What the hell is a Holiday Tree? It looks like something that for my entire life has always been called a CHRISTMAS TREE. I'll bet you my house that if you grab a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist, and an Atheist, and show them a picture of a Christmas tree and ask them what it is, they are all going to tell you it's a Christmas Tree. This is political correctness, just for the sake of being politically correct, and this should be fought by every one of us with every ounce of energy we have. Do not accept this gutless behavior! A Christmas Tree should not be offensive to people that are not Christians, and if it is they can all line up and kiss my hairy ass. It is a traditional symbol of Christmas. It always has been, and it always will be. I decided a long time ago never to spend another dollar in The Home Depot, and I never will. They are not deserving of my business. Besides the fact that they completely suck, they are gutless.