31 January 2009


anyone who didn't see THIS coming, you must have voted for the messiah.

US President Barack Obama's offer to talk to Iran shows that America's policy of "domination" has failed, the government spokesman said on Saturday.
"This request means Western ideology has become passive, that capitalist thought and the system of domination have failed," Gholam Hossein Elham was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency.
Welcome to Jimmy Carter, part deux, my friends!

Springsteen calls Wal-Mart deal a mistake

Continuing a theme of suck ass halftime shows, this year's halftime sing-in is by what has to be one of the worst "big names" I've ever heard in my life.

It's completely insane to me that Springsteen is as popular as he is, for as long as he's been popular. I think the guy sucks. Bad. In my entire life, I can't remember being able to listen to one complete song of his at any time, even when I've been drunk.

During the half time at the Super Bowl party over at Sgt. Dave's, you can rest assured that we're leaving the house and going outside to partake in some cigars and bourbon, 'cause we're sure as hell not going to sit inside and listen to some left wing, pompous piece of crap like Bruce Springsteen.

And now that Bruce has surely made millions off his deal with Wal-Mart, he's bashing that deal, according to the article, because he's a "long time supporter of worker's rights and Wal-Mart has faced criticism for its labor practices."

Is that called having your cake and eating it too? I wonder if Bruce will be sending the money back?

Regardless, just another arrogant, pompous entertainer who I won't be supporting - not just because of his idiotic political views, but also because his music sucks.

29 January 2009

New Camera

Ok, I'm experimenting with taking pics of the stars.... I've got a trip out west planned soon and want to capture the milky way, which of course we don't get out here in DFW.

Here's an image I snapped tonight from my front yard.

Camera used is a Canon G10, set on "P" and auto, used a tripod of course.

Any of you camera guys out there (Robert, hint, hint...) got any advice?

I've got no desire to do the realllllllll long exposures that create trails across the image. I just want a nice, crisp image of the milky way and the landscape at night if I can catch a mountain or two in the way.

28 January 2009

What the hell?

For the first time in years, the Republicans in the House grew some cojones and stood up to out of control spending. I'm hoping this is the first step in a long road of opposition to out of control government. I only wish they would have started 6-7 years ago, in which case we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today; both politically and economically.

I got one, too!

Springfield XD M in .40. Picked it up last weekend, ran a few rounds through it. I'll update again after it sees some action at a match. I put the larger backstrap on the grip (they're interchangeable), and it feels pretty good. The ergonomics of the gun aren't perfect, but it's nice enough. I think the trigger reset is a little long, but maybe I can find someone who does trigger jobs for these guns, now that they're so popular. It seemed to be pretty accurate, but I need to black out those white dots on the rear site, for sure.

26 January 2009

A nation of

pussies. Clint Eastwood, in a recent interview, stated that.

We live in more of a pussy generation now, where everybody's become used to saying, "Well, how do we handle it psychologically?" In those days, you just punched the bully back and duked it out. Even if the guy was older and could push you around, at least you were respected for fighting back, and you'd be left alone from then on.
Well, proving Eastwood right, a local girls basketball coach, whose team won 100-0 recently, got fired.

Back when I was a kid, the coach who lost 100-0 would have been fired for being an incompetent idiot. The team would have been broken up, starters benched and the school would be doing everything it could to make sure that kind of ass whipping wouldn't happen again.

But not in today's society where winning is to be punished and losing is to be idolized. It's not the job of the winning team to back off. It's the job of the losing team to stop them. Plain and simple. This "pussy" behavior has polluted our society to the extent that the vast bulk of our fellow citizens are sheep, afraid of their own shadow. A number of these characters walk the halls of Congress, staying with the herd and hoping that the predators don't find them.

It's disgusting, it really is. What lessons are we teaching when we fire the winning coach; and the losing team, and how they handled the stress of losing is the story du jur?

I remember many moons ago sitting in one of my classes at college that was supposed to be teaching me how to teach kids. The teacher was going on and on about making games for your class.

You must be careful when you create a game. You must take steps to create a game where there are not any winners. Because where there are winners, there are losers. And children cannot handle the stress of losing without serious emotional consequences.
I will remember those words until the day I die because I think that was the first day that I realized that I was a conservative. The first day that I realized the jibber jabber that I was learning in school was just that. Crap.

20 something years later, that nutjub of a teacher is getting her way, and it makes me want to puke.

Tax cheat in charge of IRS

Well, ain't that grand? If you or I, peons that we are, neglected to not only pay our taxes, but report income - it's quite clear. We'd (the peons) would be in a lot of trouble.

But hey, in the new era of go along to get along, we now have a tax cheat (not to mention someone who has had an illegal nanny on his staff...) running the Treasury Department.

Sad to say, my favorite Senator voted in favor of the tax cheat, which I find rather dissapointing.

For the good, though, at least not all of the Republicans in the Senate are kissing the messiah's butt: