12 March 2005

MP's joy at gun ban in Labour manifesto

You know, I like Tony Blair. It's too bad he's such an idiot. Britain's Labour party MPs have their collective heads so far up their collective arses that I doubt they know if the sun is shining or not.
Mr Blair revealed Labour would launch a consultation on new laws to prohibit the sale and carrying of replica firearms, if it won a third term in office.
Politically, this is actually pretty clever, but it's short-lived. Here's the ploy: divert attention from the ever-increasing gun crime issue in the UK by passing legislation that will deprive children of toy guns. The subjects of the UK feel good about this, and everyone lavishes praise on the government for being "tough on crime."

Meanwhile, they've done absolutely nothing - not one single thing - to address the issue of gun crime in the UK. Why? Because they're depriving law-abiding people the ability to lawfully own guns, while the criminals simply reap the rich harvest that lies before them. What do the criminals know? That nobody can lawfully defend themselves, and they can now act with impunity.
But David Davis, the shadow Home Secretary, said: "Tony Blair promised to be tough on crime and the causes of crime but as a direct consequence of this Government's policies, violent, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol related crime have gone up."

In the UK, you have no rights, only privileges. This, my friends, is the primary difference between a citizen and a subject.

10 March 2005

Under-18s face knife and replica gun ban

"The sales ban is in Labour's fivepoint 'mini-manifesto' on crime, published today. Mr Blair was set to say it would give Britain the ' toughest anti-gun laws in the world'."
And pundits say there's no "slippery slope?" This is beyond ludicrous.

Next stop: kitchen knives. You think I'm kidding...

ABC News: Autopsy Identifies Ga. Golf Course Remains

More golf news.

Wonder if she died from a stroke?

I'll be here all week.

09 March 2005

Possibility of Growing New Teeth

Good news for Arkansans.
These techniques may one day help people whose teeth have decayed from very bad cavities, who have lost teeth in an accident, or whose teeth have worn down from acid or hard brushing, among other conditions, he predicted.
Did you know the tooth brush was invented in Arkansas? If it were invented any where else they would have named it the teeth brush.

2005: 4

He was paid to kill her. He raped and strangled her, then shot her in the head. AMF.

08 March 2005

Report by House Democrats Alleges GOP Abuse of Power (washingtonpost.com)

JR - how's about posting the picture of the whining baby with this story??

That would fit the modern day democrat just perfect.

What a bunch of crybabies riding along on the waaaaambulance.

Italy didn't plan safe escape for hostage - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - March 08, 2005

Finally, a bit of logic and reason. It's a tragic end to the Italian security officer, who appears to have screwed the pooch big time. As has been pointed out on other blogs, and we have bandied about internally amongst ourselves at the Tattler, mistakes kill.

It's usually survivable to make one mistake.
It's sometimes survivalbe to make 2.
It's rarely survivable to make 3 or more.

That kills cave divers, parachutists, race car drivers, and apparently secret agents.

1. "The left-leaning Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported yesterday that Mr. Calipari decided not to use available escort protection from the elite commandos who protect Italy's Baghdad embassy."

2. "The soldiers did not know that Miss Sgrena and Italian agents were headed in their direction on the way to the airport for a flight back to Italy."

3. "It seems to me that the Italian secret service considers this a James Bond movie in Baghdad," Mr. Maginnis said. "They're driving around at night picking up a journalist who has been kidnapped and pretending they can get through a phalanx of checkpoints along the deadliest road in all of Iraq without being detected, much less shot up."

4. The vehicle also did not stop for hand signals, flashlights, or warning shots.

About all I can think of that's positive from this sad event is that if Bill Clinton or John Kerry or AlGore were the man in charge, the folks manning the checkpoint would already have been thrown under the bus, into the brig, and out of the service with a dishonorable discharge. The ROE would be changed, and our soldier's and Marine's lives would be put in greater jeopardy to satisfy political correctness.

06 March 2005

The New York Times > New York Region > As Clinton Wins G.O.P. Friends, Her Rivals' Task Toughens

Good God man! Let's just have the NYT come out and campaign openly and proudly for the liberals they support, rather than have them hide behind some false mien of objectivity.

Wow - read this article and you'll find out that Mrs. Clinton is not the camera hungry hack that we have all come to know and love. Read this article and you'll find out that Mrs. Clinton is really very bipartisan. Read this article and you'll find out that there are some Republicans who actually support her. And, the funniest part of the article, read it and find out that the Republican party is in deep trouble - hurting even!! ""It's a party that is really hurting," Mr. Miringoff said, referring to Republicans. "And so self-interest and self-preservation are taking over."" How comical.

Hillary in '08! The campaign has started months ago, if not sooner - buckle your seatbelts boys and girls, it's going to be a long strange trip indeed.

The New York Times > Washington > Rule Change Lets C.I.A. Freely Send Suspects Abroad to Jails

Look - more *objective* reporting fromt the New York Times!!

I seem to recall that during the 9/11 commission hearings, the liberals in Congress (and I also seem to recall the NYT) were whining that the CIA was not given enough power to track down and find the bad guys.

Now we come to find out that the CIA is once again up to its eviel (in my best Obi wan Kenobi style) ways. The CIA is sending suspected terrorists to prisons where they might - *gads* - be beaten to give up the goods.

Let's see - we hear nothing from the media - NYT and CNN included - when Saddam's rape rooms were going full force. We hear nothing from the media when the Taliban is abusing women in Afghanistan. We hear nothing from the media when Islamic fundamentalists in Sudan are butchering everyone else.

BUT!!!! The CIA sends suspected terrorists to prison and we get an investigative report??

And people wonder why the blogosphere and talk radio continue to grow in visitors/listeners and the MSM is fading away into obscurity.