16 October 2004

MSNBC - Bin Laden no longer giving orders, Spanish terrorism expert says

"Garzon did not offer proof that bin Laden, mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, was unable to direct terror operations, but said all indications pointed that way for the world's most hunted man."
The Spanish. Aren't they the brave heroes that pulled out of Iraq on the day their new president took office, because they were cowering in fear after a terrorist attack on their own soil? Oh, yeah:
Last month, Spain and France agreed to create a joint police team to investigate al-Qaida financing in Spain — a staging ground for the Sept. 11 attacks scene of a deadly train bombing in March by militants linked to bin Laden’s organization.
When's the last time France and Spain accomplished anything together?

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15 October 2004

Heinz Kerry pitches health care

"The president has said that you can't trust the drugs coming in from Canada, well, there are a lot of things that you can't trust, Heinz Kerry said."
Later, she says:
Heinz Kerry ended with what she called “a highly effective” remedy for arthritis that drew laughter and some skepticism from the audience. “You get some gin and get some white raisins — and only white raisins — and soak them in the gin for two weeks,” she said. “Then eat nine of the raisins a day.”
Who needs doctors and medical plans when you've got old Krazy Ketchup Kerry and her home remedies?

NCBuy Weird News: She Sickened Me With Science

Worst. Job. Ever.

Manual reveals voting tactics

In reference to this previous post, the DNC's plan for pre-emptive cheating. What a bunch of maroons.

Paul Kengor on George W. Bush, Freedom & Middle East

Wow. I'm sure the libbies won't read this article, because it's longer than 3 sentences, but it's worth the read.
"Some skeptics of democracy assert that the traditions of Islam are inhospitable to representative government. This "cultural condescension," as Ronald Reagan termed it, has a long history. After the Japanese surrender in 1945, a so-called Japan expert asserted that democracy in that former empire would "never work." Another observer declared the prospects for democracy in post-Hitler Germany are, and I quote, "most uncertain at best." ... Seventy-four years ago, The Sunday London Times declared nine-tenths of the population of India to be "illiterates not caring a fig for politics." ... Time after time, observers have questioned whether this country, or that people, or this group, are "ready" for democracy — as if freedom were a prize you win for meeting our own Western standards of progress."

frontline: the choice 2004 | PBS

Yes, it's a link to PBS. No, I haven't lost my mind.

I watched Frontline:The Choice 2004 last night, and couldn't walk away from it. It was pretty fascinating, fairly even-handed, and extremely informative. Interviews with friends, associates, and even opponents of the President and what's-his-name provided insight to their character. My favorite part was Ann Richard's assessment of W: "He's no dummy." She should know. I saw nothing of Kerry's character that would compel me to change my mind about who should be president.

Definitely worth a watch, because knowing thine enemy is so important.

Poll: GIs, Families Trust Bush Over Kerry

Boy, what a surprise. I also find it interesting that the guys on the ground and their families are more optimistic about the future in iraq than your average joe blow. If you listend to Dan Blather and and Mikey Moore, you'd tend to think that'd be the other way.

14 October 2004

Coast Guard boards Tiger's honeymoon yacht - Oct 14, 2004

The USCG boards Tiger's honeymoon yacht. No word as to how much Wood was uncovered.

Project 21 Release: Black Conservatives Decry Advance Claims of Voter Suppression

This is classic. The NAACP and People for the American Way say there is a concerted effort to intimidate black voters and keep them away from the polls.
"NAACP Chairman Julian Bond pointedly said these tactics 'have increasingly become the province of the Republican Party.'"
The U.S. Civil Rights Commission says:
Worth a read - it's amazing the tactics that are being employed as desperation grows nears Election Day.

Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq's WMD

Hmmm. Might wanna take a few hours and read this. It talks about Saddam's strategic intent. He didn't have WMDs? He would have by now, had the President not acted decisively.

Dems: I know your lips move when you read, but try to keep up.

My Way News

My Way News

My Way News

Now isn't this interesting? Maybe they should have been more concerned with the TSA's business practices, instead of parties.

No matter how hard you try, plastic explosives will NEVER be detected by a metal detector. Hence, the words plastic and metal. You see if it was METAL explosives, then it would work. No matter how many times you run it through your cute little x-ray machines, it won't make a difference.

The TSA is running wild without anyone governing them. They answer to no one and when questioned, they fall back on "it's a security issue". This is wrong.

Let's make everyone take off their shoes, but Abdul, feel free to board your flight with your rocket launcher because I don't want to profile anyone.

How many airports now don't let you park in certain areas? Do we think if we make the terrorists walk farther they will be too tired to attack?

Why do you have to have your ID checked 3 times as you go through the wonderful metal detectors? Was 2 not efficient? Did something change between 1 and 3? Who came up with 3? And why? Why do I have to show my ID on the non-secure side of the metal detector and then show it AGAIN as I step through to the secure side? Did I become someone else in 6 feet? And why are we checking them at all? Do they compare them against a list? No, that's left up to the airlines, they simply check to see if Jane Doe has an ID that says Jane Doe, like the ticket she is holding.

If you're relying on the TSA to keep our airports safe, be afraid. Be very afraid.

WorldNetDaily: Tehran John: Pro-Iranian lobby funding Kerry

WorldNetDaily: Tehran John: Pro-Iranian lobby funding Kerry

No, really, we shouldn't be worried about Kerry. He's so straight forward and politically correct. He would never let his vote or the office of the president be bought.

Fall Fashion Preview: Cowboy Boots In, Flip-Flops Out

Have I mentioned that I love Ann???

nbc5i.com - News - Woman Accused Of Selling Vibrator Disguised As Duck

"Nothing dirty about the ducky" - that made me giggle.

Egyptian twins celebrate a year of separation

Props to the docs at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Pretty incredible.

MSNBC - FDA approves computer chip for humans

"Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Big Brother."
I think this is a great idea for your pets, in case they run off and lose their collars. One quick scan, and Spot is on his way back to his loving family. The human application is less than thrilling. Besides, the "paperless" society is just a dwindling pipe dream - just ask anybody who is going through a Sarbanes-Oxley audit right now.

Dr. Pepper Rolls Out New Flavor

This is what happens when you sell out a perfectly good Texas business to a multi-national conglomerate.
The Dallas Morning News reports that Dr. Pepper is getting a new flavor: cherry vanilla.
Fruity sodas. Hmph.

Yahoo! News - Physics Professor Goes on Rage in Class

Professors Gone Wild!
"Spears said Houston slapped a student and then told his class he was God. "
I wonder if he's got tenure?

Liar, Liar, Pants Aflame

Re: last night's debate
Did John Kerry actually say:
I've actually passed 56 individual bills that I've personally written.
Is that the same John Kerry who was lead sponsor of only 5 bills and 4 resolutions that have become law?

13 October 2004

Blix Says Iraq War Stimulated World Terrorism

now, waitaminute - the UN yesterday/today blamed the US for letting the iraqi's nuclear program be dismantled right under our eyes. what was it exactly that mr blix was fumbling around for in the desert oh those few years ago?
and, once again, typical liberal pap - it's america's fault for going in by itself to iraq and not brining in the UN, but it's also america's fault for letting iran and korea build weapons. where was the UN then??
Can't have it both ways - or, well, since you're a liberal I guess you can.
And, one more thing, we happen to be slaughtering like sheep the terrorists that have flooded into iraq. I'm sure that wasn't part of bush's plan, right?

Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed

let me guess - all part of the right wing conspiracy!! More dumb democrats are disinfranchised!! where's the lawsuits!?

Ending weapons ban illogical, dangerous - Daily Trojan - Opinions

Anyone who now wants to, can obtain military style automatic assault rifles both legally and confidentially.

But this is where the problem lies. Why would anyone want automatic AK47s and Uzis to freely roam our streets and our communities? More importantly, who would need such weapons outside of a battlefield?

USC has turned out some really smart people.

This tool is not one of them. Automatic weapons? I wish.

Bodies of babies found in Saddam's 'killing field'

Why are we in Iraq? Just another reason.

School Board Bans Yearbook Photo Of Student Posing With Shotgun

"LONDONDERRY, N.H. -- The school board has voted to ban a photo of a student from the senior section of his high school yearbook because he is posed with a shotgun."

New Hampshire - with the least restrictive gun laws in the nation - state motto "Live Free or Die" - is banning guns in the senior section of the yearbook.

"Dean cited a statement on student publications in the board's policy manual: "We encourage the use of school sponsored publications to express students' points of view. They shall be free from all policy restrictions outside the normal rules for responsible journalism."

What a bunch of pansies. Even John Kerry has a shotgun.

Chechen terrorists probed - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - October 13, 2004

doesn't this just give you a warm fuzzy feeling?? Looks like the carbine is going back in the car. ;)

On a side note, this really really smells like BS to me:

"Officials believed the disk may have been part of a terrorist plot. However, FBI officials said on Friday that there did not appear to be a terrorist threat connected to the computer disk.
The Iraqi who had the disk, a member of Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party, apparently was collecting information from the Internet sites of American schools that would be useful for emergency planning for Iraqi schools, U.S. officials said."

Yeah, right. Sounds like someone's trying to avoid a panic, but that's just me being paranoid.

12 October 2004

Razorba Back Hair Shaver!

Well, here ya go, my hirsute friends. Your significant other won't help? Do it yourself (You do that other stuff yourself, anyway).

My Way News

Hey, idiots!! News Flash!! If you hide in a mosque, we're still coming after you!! Thank God. For those people that have a problem with that, I don't care. Tough shit. You mess with the bull and you get the horns.

Thank God for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children:
"The 1st Marine Division respects the religious and cultural significance represented by mosques," it said in a statement. "However, when insurgents violate the sanctity of the mosque by using the structure for military purposes, the site loses its protective status."

The Seattle Times: Local News: Second break-in hits a Bush office in state

Maybe it's just the fact that I'm a historian by trade. Am I the only one who remembers something called Watergate?? Oh, but wait, that was Republicans breaking into the Democrats office.

That's different.

This is obviously a nationwide deal as it's happening all across the country and is obviously being organized at some level by DNC operatives. Funny how the Repubicans get the Watergate crises, and the Dems get nothing.

CBS, NBC cash goes to Democrats

Nope, no media bias here, no siree!

For CBS: "Of over $111,000 given by network employees, just two $1,000 contributions went to President Bush's re-election campaign."

For NBC: "NBC's contributions totaled $146,585, none of which went to Bush."

For Fox: "Of the $25,383 total, $4,930 went to Republicans candidates or committees."

Saddam paid off French leaders - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - October 07, 2004

ah, the French.

"Saddam Hussein used a U.N. humanitarian program to pay $1.78 billion to French government officials, businessmen and journalists in a bid to have sanctions removed and U.S. policies opposed...."

Allies 'resisted' stopping oil ploy - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - October 06, 2004

China - Russia - France - Syria. Meet the countries who would be happy if Kerry were elected. These must be the "foriegn leaders" he continues to refer to.

Saddam bribed China with oil deals, CIA finds - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - October 12, 2004

China has always been in the back of my mind. They've been awfully quiet in the war on terror and I wonder how much, if anything, they have to do with funding and training the tangos. An old SEAL buddy of mine who worked in the South China sea once told me that he was convinced that our next major shooting war would be with China....

Oh yeah, the UN sucks.

11 October 2004


President Bush's campaign office in Spokane burglarized, vandalized

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but what exactly is going on here?

"Bush campaign officials believe the break-ins are part of a broader attack on the president's re-election offices around the country, including a burglary in Canton, Ohio, last night, gun shots fired in West Virginia, Florida and Tennessee and union protestors storming offices in three Florida cities and Minneapolis."

Will Lapse of the Assault Weapons Ban Lead to More Columbines?

If you'd like the short answer to the question: no.

Couple arrested at TX shrine for allegedly having sex in public view

This is NOT what is meant by "Remember the Alamo!"

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Television: TV Group to Show Anti- Kerry Film on 62 Stations

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Television: TV Group to Show Anti- Kerry Film on 62 Stations

Ouch! This is gonna hurt.

Allah Is In The House: Liberal Anger

This is what I've been talking about in a few posts related to the "questionable" activities of Democrat "activists." There's so much confusion in the Democratic party, I think some of the lunatic fringe is acting out, nay, even lashing out in anger. Given the state of the current party leadership, it's hardly surprising, but very disturbing. Keep an eye out for how level-headed any responses to this post might be...

Oliver North: Operation Pessimism and Perplexity

Ollie weighs in on Kerry/Edwards: "To listen to John Kerry explain his position(s) on Iraq is to submit oneself to mental torture."

Read what a military man thinks about these guys, and how the things they say affect our troops and their families.

FEMA Approves $21.5 Million in Hurricane Aid in Miami-Dade, Where Damage Was Insignificant

"...Officials from the National Weather Service, the county and the city of Miami agree the damage was insignificant.
Yet more than 19,500 Miami-Dade residents have applied to FEMA for financial help with temporary housing, repairs, medical bills and other expenses they claim were brought on by Frances..."

They needed the money to repair their hanging chads, I reckon.

Feds seize Indymedia servers

Looks like the Revenooers got 'em some more evil-doers.

Indymedia's whiny, liberal activists are probably having what we in Texas refer to as a "conniption."

10 October 2004

Hi, my name is JR, and I'm a geek

Heaven help me, I'm hooked.

It's a game you play on the Internet. It's called BlogShares. Fortunately, my company blocks the website, or I'd be fired for not actually working, but rather for building a fictitious financial empire. We trade in commodities, but the commodities are blogs. Like this one. You start with a measly 500 blog bucks and 5000 shares in your blog (if you have one). The goal is to parlay that nest egg into a Trump-like kingdom of bloggery. Here's what I've found out about my financial prowess: I suck. I'll never be a corporate kingpin, so you can sleep easy tonight. Here's a link to my pathetic portfolio: JR. Stop laughing - I still don't quite have the grasp of ideas as commodities, much less what to do with them. If you're a mega-player that feels sorry for me, feel free to be my sugar-significant other. I'll be your bitch.

All the funny-money stuff aside, here's the magic of BlogShares: you have a mechanism for finding and reading like-minded bloggers, linking to each other, and generally building the blogosphere into something rather formidable. It's a little bit like inbreeding in some cases, but it's largely extremely cool and beneficial. People see your blog (even if it's of dubious value), and you become a part of the new revolution in journalism. Power to the people! Or something like that.