04 November 2006

BBC NEWS | Europe | Paris airport faces strike threat

It can't be that the French are finally developing a spine? I mean, who would be uncomforatble with a muslim fundamentalist loading baggage onto airplanes??

Telegraph | News | Strong yet sensitive, introducing the Bond that bleeds

How sweet. A Bond that cries and bleeds.

And, this article has it all wrong. It lists the debate between the best Bonds as one between Roger Moore and Sean Connery.

No doubt Connery should be in there - but I think I'd have to add that Pierce Brosnan has pushed Moore out as the #2 spot.

I'm probably going to go to the movie, but I think I might be laughing most of the way through.

To recap:
- Boat rides scare the new Bond.
- He chipped a tooth in his first fight scene.
- He's afraid of guns.
- He can't drive a standard.
- He can't handle the sun.
And now,
- he's in touch with his sensitve side.


National Ammo Day

National Ammo Day

I just stumbled upon this site and it seems like a great idea for me. Who doesn't like buying ammo? And now I don't need an excuse, it is required to support National Ammo Day!

And you know, ANYTHING that will piss off the anti's is my favorite thing to do.

Bring it on! Now Catfood doesn't have any more excuses for not buying 7.62x39 ammo.

Let's see, I need:
.40 S&W
.22 long rifle

03 November 2006

Arlington man shoots intruder

Now this is a nifty little story. The WBAP article was the only one I could find online - but it was making the rounds all day on the radio.

Seems wanna be crook breaks into the house while the couple is sleeping early this morning. They wake up, find him stacking up his loot, and the husband pulls a .38 on the burglar and orders him to cease and desist. The burglar chooses instead to charge the husband, who shoots at the thief, hitting him a couple of times. One story I heard says he was shot in the neck and chest. The WBAP story says it was in the head. Regardless, said burglar didn't feel like giving up the fight, and refused to obey further commands from the husband. Said thief then leaves the house through the backdoor.

Shortly therafter, same guy is back at the FRONT door, begging to be let in. Homeowner, for some ownknown (to me) reason, lets the guy BACK IN, tries to subdue the turd one more time, and then the crook makes a break for the back door and tries to hide in the woods where he's subsequently caught by the police.

This story has so many wierd things in it that I don't know where to begin.

Why the homeowner didn't continue to pump rounds into the turd until the turd was assuming room temperature is beyond me. Why the homeowner let the guy back in the house is beyond me.

I'm glad that the guy and his wife got out of this without any scars. But it strikes me as rather irresponsible in the defense of his family to knowingly LET someone back in his house that had been robbing you a minute before, and had already taken a shot or two in the process.


Back from the dead

Long story short, Charter communications sucks. Bad.

Regardless, I now have Verizon FIOS and it rocks!! So, all's well that ends well I suppose.

I've got some catching up to do blog wise, but it's nice to be back.

01 November 2006

Amazon.com: Reviews for Playing With Fire: Music: Kevin Federline

K-Fed's latest (c)rap album is out, and the reviews are rolling in. Here's a sample:
Three seconds in the microwave, and what a lightshow! Thanx, K-Fed!

Would've gone with another star or two, but "Playing with Fire" doesn't end up looking as good afterward as rewritable CDs.
And another:
The sheer cacophony that this album exhudes is a declaration of war against all which is good and pure in this world. Skies will rain blood, virgins will be spontaneously defiled, and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The drum machines in this necronomicon of pain are wrought from the realm of Baalzebub himself, their metallic drone bores holes within the eardrums - sweet mercy comes from this.

The unholy union between K-Fed and music television will ensure that this demon seed is poured forth upon the masses, burning them with unescapable torment.

It must be stopped.
And those are the good reviews. I'm thinking this will not be the album of the year.

Trigger Treat!

Gunfire broke out between two groups at a massive Halloween street party in the city's Castro district, wounding at least 10 people, including innocent bystanders, police said Wednesday.
Wait, aren't handguns illegal in San Francisco? Looks like they're gonna new about a dozen new laws.

When are those liberal morons going to learn?

31 October 2006

Trick or Treat?

I tried to find you all something so horrible, so terrifying, that I dare not even directly link the video on this page. You have been warned.


29 October 2006


Grouchy Media's got a fair collection of military videos, including this most appropriate use of the Hummer (hint: it's not taking the kids to homecoming).