31 December 2007

Hillary says she risked life on White House trips

First off - HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that 2008 is better for everyone than 2007 was.

Now, for a little fun to start your New Year....

You read the title right, folks. The Hildabeast says that her life was in danger during her First Lady trips while she was in the White House. Uh huh, yeah, right.

On Saturday night in Dubuque she pounced, arguing she risked her life on White House missions in the 1990s, including a hair-raising flight into Bosnia that ended in a "corkscrew" landing and a sprint off the tarmac to dodge snipers.
Now we can all tell this is just an out and out lie. No way anyone with ankles that fat is sprinting off anything.

The dictum around the Oval Office in the '90s, she added, was: "If a place was too dangerous, too poor or too small, send the first lady."
Did she really use the term "dictum" and Oval Office in the same sentence?? Shocking! And really, if this were remotely true, could you really blame Bill for sending Her Royal Thighness out somewhere where she could get killed?

Sadly for her, like everything else the Clinton's are involved in, the truth is somewhat different than what she would have us believe:

She was, in fact, leading a goodwill entourage that included baggy-pants funnyman Sinbad, singer Sheryl Crow and Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, then 15, according to an account of the March 1995 trip in her autobiography "Living History."
As the plane approached the runway, the pilot ordered the Clintons into the armored front of the plane, Clinton writes.
What's not clear is whether Sinbad or Crow were invited to the cockpit or had to brave it out in the unprotected rear.