11 September 2004

brooklynvegan: Republican National Convention NYC Panty Flash pics

Okay, I don't normally post this sort of thing, because some of these images are...racy. Nonetheless, I want everyone to see who's supporting Kerry. I give you: Democrats in their drawers.

Mild Nudity

'Boss Remarked on Size of Pregnant Employee's Breasts' - Tribunal

What NOT to say to your pregnant employee. What a MOron.

10 September 2004

John Says...

Knock yerself out.

Yahoo! News - Honey, Come See What's on TV

"There is only one answer to this extreme, shameless voyeurism -- switching off and straight away," Claudia Roth, human rights spokeswoman for the Greens, told German daily Bild.

No relation, I'm sure of that.

T-Shirts & Stuff

Check 'em out. Good stuff.

Poll: Texans back assault weapons ban

Huh? 80% of Texans support the AWB? How about 80% of the Texans surveyed in the "Texas Poll," whatever the heck that is. But the media would never skew facts wildly to support a position, would they? Nah.

The ban was a joke, a sham, an ineffective waste of taxpayer money. Period. Good riddance.

The Daily Recycler: Those Tolerant Democrats

Pretty funny. How to break a nelson as a bonus feature!

James Wolcott: An Ignoble Confession

What great human being. Augury from the remains of devastated civilization. Nice.

I am not pleased with you, Jimmy.

Ananova - Fruity sweet wrappers spark complaint

Bad art or porn? You be the judge. Apparently, some Catholic schoolkids are reading something into these wrappers...

09 September 2004

CPTnet August 20

this pisses me off so badly I can barely think straight right now. Regarding JR's earlier post on the Dallas Peace Freaks, I did a tad bit of research and found this jewel of an article linked on their website.

What a bunch of pathetic, weak, sniveling, idiotic, moronic, nieve, whining assholes. I'm sure I left something out, but that's all that's coming to my mind right now.

Here are some choice quotes:
"he methods the MNF-I are using to deal with the Mehdi soldiers in Sadr City and Najaf are disturbingly familiar to those of us in CPT, who have worked in Iraq throughout the occupation. Once more, military forces are handling acts of resistance with excessive force, in order to overpower the opposition and determine Iraq's economic and political future."

I'm so sorry that you're offended that our forces are using "excessive force" to protect themeselves and accomplish their mission. What would you suggest? Maybe they can politely ask the assholes they are fighting to just come sit with them and talk about it over a cup of tea? I try fairly hard to not directly attack various authors for their views, but all I can say is that you are an idiot.

"The behavior of the military in Najaf seems consistent with U.S.
soldiers patrolling city streets, pointing their guns at people along the way. It is consistent with U.S. forces invading homes in the middle of the night, beating, binding and hooding the men, breaking furniture, and taking the family's life savings and gold jewelry."

OH, so the same soldiers that your bullshit organization held a memorial for yesterday, you're now saying that they are beating people, breaking their furniture, and stealing from them?? Oh, and horrors - they actually pointed guns at people??? Have I mentioned that you're an idiot yet?

"If building democracy and addressing
the needs of the people had been the real goal, they would have put more effort into supporting local political and social movements that are addressing problems of injustice. Instead, they marginalized leaders or organizations that have publicly criticized the occupation and did little to encourage real dialogue among divergent Iraqi voices."

How about you and I have a little dialoge in person some time?? Anytime you're up for it, sweetie. I'll even leave the guns at home because I'm sure that even the thought of a gun is enough to make you weak in the knees. And regarding your bullshit comment, I'm sure that if you were ever attacked or raped by someone, that you would want to sit down and have a little chat with them, trying to understand why it is they just kicked your ass before carting them off to jail, right? I don't recall if I've mentioned it, but you're an idiot.

"The problems with excessive violence, injustice, and political and economic control of other countries is that they don't really solve the underlying problems and lead toward peace and democracy, but elicit more violence from those occupied."

And your solution to the problem is what sweetie pie?? Just sit and hope that nothing bad ever happens to you and that since you wont hurt the terrorists, they'll just leave you alone? And the United States is an occupying country?? The last time I checked, the only terrority that we have occupied long term after we go in and kick ass are the cemetaries of our dead that we leave behind.

MSNBC - Vigil Turns Hostile Toward Family Of Killed Soldier

This is utterly disgusting.

How dare this family honor their relative who gave his life for his country? Didn't you know there was an anti-war rally going on here? Never mind that it was disguised as "a candlelight vigil" by the Dallas Peace Center. You and your sentiment weren't welcome here.

The Dallas Peace Center was busy dancing in the blood of soldiers who are fighting for (among many other things) their right to protest. Too busy to recognize that freedom isn't free, and peace is maintained by those willing to go to war. What hypocrisy.

Hate-mongering is what it is. Sleep well tonight, you staunch supporters of "peace." You've dishonored the memory of a man who laid down his life for vermin like you.

Where is the Muslim outrage?

Here you go. Here in the states, we've got plenty of foaming-at-the-mouth liberals who would sooner bash their own government for our position on terrorism than lift a finger to help with the fight. Likewise, listen to the deafening silence of the millions of Muslims around the world. Where's the outrage over these "radical" Islamists? You may not have noticed while you sit in the comfort of your home, but we're at war. We're at war with people who kill innocent people as a matter of policy.

Heckler From Ky. Thrown To Floor After Interrupting Kerry's Speech


Yes, no liberal bias in the new media - nosirree. I mean, if there wasn't a liberal bias, this story would be nation wide, and not only reported in Cincinatti?? Now, imagine if you would, a Republican get together where a group of burly Republican types beat up some poor protestor like Mikey Moore or a Kerry supporter. I'm sure that wouldn't make the national news either, would it?? Or, imagine if President Bush said something like "I'd love to take this shotgun to my next debate with John Kerry." I'm sure the media wouldn't say anything like the President was afraid of Kerry and had to carry a gun into the debates.... nah.

And, a final parting shot - I want the next president to be the one that orders reporters to either return immediately or be kicked out. And the Democrats were whining about Republicans having to take a loyalty pledge???

"Reporters who followed Russell outside to try to talk with him were ordered by Kerry campaign staffers to return inside immediately or risk not being allowed back in to hear the speech."

Heinz Kerry: Opponents Of Health Care Plan Are 'Idiots'


Guess I'm an idiot!!

One question, Madame/Comarade Kerry - who's footing the bill for this pie in the sky program???

Senator takes press's questions sparingly - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - September 09, 2004

Gee, I wonder why Senator Lurch doesn't want to take any questions from the media - even the bootlicking ones???

And, as for supporters taking an oath of loyalty?? Yeah, I guess this is what you call it when a campaign is totally breaking down and you have nothing substantive to say. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

Fun with Names...again

Ladies and gentlemen, a double feature. I'm going for the daily trifecta now...

Diane Sawyer

I was watching Good Morning America today (I know), and Diane Sawyer was having a conniption over the sunset of the Assault Weapons Ban (AWB). She had the Detroit police chief and a rep from the NRA on, and wanted to know why people needed to own military-style weapons that spewed 700 rounds per minute.

I swear I am not making that up. The NRA rep tried to point out that machine guns are already regulated, and the AWB has nothing to do with automatic weapons. Sawyer insisted that she answer the question. She reiterated that the AWB was regarding cosmetic features on semiautomatic firearms, not about the functionality of the weapon. Your semiautomatic hunting rifle is fine. Your Ruger Mini-14 with a collapsible stock, flash suppressor, and pistol grip is not. Same rifle, same rate of fire, same round.

Diane, clearly flustered, said, "well, I guess we're not getting an answer to my question," and proceeded to advance her private position with the anti-gun Detroit chief.

These are the people that you watch on TV, and they influence public opinion. Yet they are among the most uninformed about the most important issues. They're pretty faces, and when it comes to things they know nothing of, they should keep their pretty mouths closed.

08 September 2004

Hurricane Ivan Pic

Ivan's a bad mother f...
"Shut yo mouth!"
Just talkin' 'bout Ivan.

Cool pic of the latest bad-boy storm in the tropics.

Russia Threatens to Strike Terror Bases

Welcome to the party, Comrade.

Robber Uses Pitchfork to Hold Up Bank

Ban the pitchforks! Think of the children! Close the farm supply store loophole! Only the military should have pitchforks! Assault pitchforks have no place in society!

There, I'm done. For now.

Fun With Names

It's been a while since we featured one of these. With a name like this, you gotta be good!

MSNBC - What's to blamefor the rise in ADHD?

Ummm...what? LOOK! A MONKEY!

MSNBC - Genesis space capsule crashes to Earth


Hey...this is just like The Andromeda Strain.

Yahoo! News - Carter Calls Miller's GOP Speech Disloyal

disloyal to the Democrat party? perhaps. Loyal to the United States of America? Yes.

Why anyone should listen to one of the very worst presidents the United States has ever had is beyond me. Remembe gas lines? Out of control inflation? Piss poor economy? Iran hostage crises. Yep, ole Jimmy's one of the good ones.

05 September 2004

MSNBC - In Bush's Shadow

"Kerry ripped into Cahill, furious that the mostly baseless attacks on his valor were driving his numbers down."

Ok, so A: Kerry's camp is admitting that what, SOME of the swifty's claims are true?? And B: I guess accidentally fragging yourself with a blooper, accidentally fragging yourself in the ass with rice crispies, and banging your forearm on your boat qualified for John Kerry's purple hearts. Then there's the issue of a Silver Star with a combat V. From what I have seen, there were NO Silver Stars with a combat V awarded in all of Vietnam. If these claims are "mostly" baseless, then why not release ALL of your military records, Senator? I'm sure that could set the record straight promptly.

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Democratic Strategies: Democrats Urge Kerry to Turn Up Intensity of Campaign

"wandering and low energy" doh!

Telegraph | News | Cleric supports targeting children

and this butt wipe is still alive and/or out of jail why???

Monroe coroner accidentally shoots himself in leg

Stupid is as stupid does.

Never point the gun at anything you don't want to shoot, stupid.