22 March 2007

MyFox Dallas | Lone Star Adventure: Action Shooting

This is a reprise of a very positive news article that was done on our club in Dallas last October. The video had fallen off the site for a time, but we got a note from Richard Ray informing us that the video had been restored permanently. Look for The Girl (she's the cute one you see right when you get to the page), JR, and Pimp Daddy.

On top of it being restored to the site, Mr. Ray informed me that the video had gotten a LOT of hits, and it had been noticed at the station. He said it'd make it easier to do shooting sports stories in the future.

21 March 2007

More of your tax dollars at work

I've been hearing ads all week for The Road Home program. It would appear that of the over 5.5 BILLION dollars we've already spent on the recovery efforts from Katrina, we - as in you and me Mr. Taxpayer - are going to fork over up to $150,000 per home owner to anyone who hasn't managed to drag their rear ends back to Louisiana yet.

I'll remind you the hurricane hit over a year and a half ago. And I'll also remind you that we have heard a plethora of sniveling and whining from residents of Louisiana who said they were shafted by the government. And from what I can see here, we are doing nothing but handing out money, hand over fist to these folks.

I really feel badly for the people that were effected by Katrina, I do. I know that there were and are lots of good folks who quietly went about their business after the storm, putting their lives back together.

For the rest of you, it's time to move on and get a life.