13 February 2009


this is change we can believe in, right?!

God help us.

Babe-Raham Lincoln

I'll be darned. She's a little vapid and blonde, though:
"(Lincoln) was one of the greatest presidents in our history," she said. "People still recognize that today. We have so much to be thankful for because of him."
But she's hot.

11 February 2009

Coupla stories

caught my eye today.

First up:

Angry survivors blame council 'green' policy

It would appear that the same lunatics that refuse to let you cut out and clear up deadwood and underbrush in our country are running amok in Oz as well. Everyone remember the fires at Tahoe in '07??

Well, one of the victims gets the Texican Tattler gold star award:

During question time at a packed community meeting in Arthurs Creek on Melbourne's northern fringe, Warwick Spooner — whose mother Marilyn and brother Damien perished along with their home in the Strathewen blaze — criticised the Nillumbik council for the limitations it placed on residents wanting the council's help or permission to clean up around their properties in preparation for the bushfire season. "We've lost two people in my family because you dickheads won't cut trees down," he said.
That's what happens folks, when you put your environmental policies over humans and their well being. Heart goes out to all the victims of environmental radicalism in Oz; hang in there, folks!

Story #2:
I've joked with friends about not sending me any emails or phone texts making fun of the chosen one. It would appear that we're seeing one of the first documented cases of someone getting busted for passing on an email joke about BHO.

Iowa Trooper Suspended For Obama E-Mail

An Iowa State trooper who was investigated after it was shown that he forwarded an e-mail showing mug shots of people wearing Obama t-shirts has been suspended for 30 days.

Sgt. Rodney Hicok was at home and off-duty when he forwarded the e-mails, said an official with the Iowa Department of Public Safety Bureau and Professional Standards.

The e-mail made disparaging remarks about 15 people in the photos and referred to Obama as having "quite a fan base."
So, even at home and off duty, better watch those BHO jokes, folks! The brown shirts are watching! Sieg Heil!

10 February 2009

Schumer. Sucks.

Here's good Ole Chucky Schumer. Telling us that we don't care about all the money they are pissing away on "porky amendments."

Well, we try pretty hard to maintain a certain level of decorum on the Tattler, but with all due respect - eat shit and die, asshat.

09 February 2009

BHO's first presser

Well read and written speech to kick it off - most of it is rubbish, but he sounds good anyway.

But dear God is he sucking ass on the questions he's been asked so far. Absolutely hideous and I think if I said "deer in the headlights" it would be appropriate.

So far he's managed to seriously insult Iran by stating that they "attacked", and then clarified with "funded" terrorist attacks. He's basically said that disagreeing with him and his policies, debating what he wants to do is a "bad habit" that has to be fixed!

He's stated that "unequivocally there is not one, not one earmark in this bill", referring to the stimulus package. Hmmmm, wanna bet?

Several times now he's blamed Bush on the current economic crises... without recognizing that a Democrat run Congress has had the reins the last two years....

All in all, his Q&A is sounding much like a rube in the woods.

So much for walking on water.

Edited to add:

hmmmm. Just noticed that he's reading the reporter's names off of a sheet on the podium for the questions that he's going to take. I wonder if he was made aware of the questions ahead of time and picked the reporters accordingly??

Also, did he just admit that the "worst crises in our history" was created by the housing market failing by giving out bad loans? Funny that he didn't point the finger at his Demo pals in the Congress! The Dodds and Franks of the world who refused to make any regulatory changes in Fanny and Freddy....

Speaking off the cuff now... it's like watching a train wreck, I can't take my eyes off it!

Spending question - mentions Treas Sec TG - but doesn't mention how the market tanked when TG didn't submit the White House's economic plan on time - will be laying them out in "great detail" tomorrow.

7:37pm - shots of the press corps and they all look bored as hell. Has Obama lost the press already?

"unprecedented crises"? You mean, we've never had a recession before? Huh?

Another foreign policy question - Afghanistan now... "Can we see the flag draped coffins now?" Oh, how special! Let's make it a media circus!

BHO's answer a waffle - basically that "we're evaluating that policy..." Dude, you're the President of the United States! Make a decision!

"Rooting out safe havens" in Afghanistan for the terrorists will be a "success"... Wasn't that what we've been doing in Iraq? Was not Iraq a safe haven for terrorists? Does that mean that Bush's policy in Iraq was a good one???

Again, the press corps almost looks like they're on lithium or something.

Major Garrett hits him between the eyes - "30% failure"? BHO has a nervous laugh, echoed by many in the press corps.... What's an "unprecedented problem"? We've had recessions before, we've had the Great Depression, we've had wars, so what exactly is unprecedented? Still not answering what the 30% was in reference to....

A question about A-Rod? You've got to be shitting me. What a moron.

No "shortcuts"?? Isn't this what he's trying to do with the stimulus??

God Helen Thomas looks like death warmed over. "So called terrorists?" What a dumbass. Do any countries in the middle east have nukes?? Let's see - Pakistan, India and Israel? Great question, Helen! Dumbass.

Keep Pakistan a stalwart ally? Didn't BHO suggest bombing the shit out of Pakistan during the camgpain?

If we reduce OUR nukes, then everyone else will follow suit! Oh splendid. Blew off Helen's secondary question. Watch your back, BHO!

If there's clear instances of wrong doing, people should be prosecuted... (in reference to the Bush admin). So, does that mean Tom Daschle and our new Sec Treas will face the piper for dodging taxes... just like you and me, right?

Another "old habits are hard to break", in reference to what can he do to work better with Republicans.... Submit!

Yes, the Republicans were brought in early and then told to piss off! "I won, so I'll trump you on that!" Submit!

Awww, working in DC on the "fixes" is hard. Poor baby.

Gotta admit, he's spot on in smacking the spendoholic Republicans in running up the current deficit.

Bad teachers should be fired? Ohhhh, now he's pissed off the teacher's unions! Watch your back, BHO!

Pretty lackluster performance, really. I think we're really in deep doo doo.