21 May 2005

Voice of Fred Flintstone, Henry Corden dies at 85


Science Forum

I was doing a little self-affirmation, and searching for "Texican Tattler" on the Internets. The link above goes to a forum where none other than Archimedes Plutonium (super genius) is prattling on about how his name is somehow associated with porn sites or somesuch. In any event, the Texican Tattler has somehow gotten into this embroglio. What's sad is that a so-called super genius doesn't know the difference between random spam and the results of a Google search.

We need some smarter geniuses, people.


Cartwright and two other men duped the victim, Nick Moraida, 37, into thinking they were homosexuals offering to share beer with him at a park along Corpus Christi Bay in 1996. Instead, Moraida was stabbed then shot to death while being robbed of his watch and wallet.


Wolfe, 44, was on parole from Louisiana and had fled a work-release program when he was arrested for the 1992 slaying of Bertha Lemell in her Beaumont home. Lemell had been stabbed 26 times. Around $40 was believed taken from her change purse, which also contained some black-eyed peas she carried for good luck.

Gun control plan full of holes - PittsburghLIVE.com

This is a great little op-ed on Pennsylvania's latest attempt to control your life. My favorite quote:
Besides, the priority should not be disqualifying identified terrorists from possessing firearms. A much more effective tack would be to disqualify identified terrorists from possessing a pulse.

Cops: Tattoo fits the crime

Granted, this guy is incredibly stupid, but you have to admire his appreciation of crappy firearms.

I guess what caught my eye was that this guy had not committed any gun crimes per se, aside from possession of illegal firearms (2 sawed-off shotguns - really bad). Because it's Massachusetts, though, this guys in deep doo-doo.

Nice profile picture of his well-trained beer belly, too.

17 May 2005

Fonda flick doesn't fly in Hardin County

This is the best article I've seen in a long time! I want to send this guy $7 for the movie ticket I'll never buy.

May Hanoi Jane rot in hell for what she did and the suffering she caused. To abuse the very people that guarantee the freedoms she takes for granted. It is not the writer that gives you free speach, it is the soldier.

It's good to know that there are still people in this country that have the moral backbone to give up a few dollars to stand by their principles.

15 May 2005

'Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith': Some Surprises in That Galaxy Far, Far Away

At one point, Darth Vader, already deep in the thrall of the dark side and echoing the words of George W. Bush, hisses at Obi-Wan, 'If you're not with me, you're my enemy.' Obi-Wan's response is likely to surface as a bumper sticker during the next election campaign: 'Only a Sith thinks in absolutes.'
Only the New York Times would try to rub their BS politics into this movie. How typical.

I still can't wait for the movie to come out, however.

Newsweek says Koran desecration report is wrong -

You may have noticed, dear reader, that I was pretty freaking pissed off about the report that our forces desecrated the koran in Gitmo.

Now I am totally pissed off. Turns out it looks like Newsweek pulled this story out of their ass. It's almost deja vu, all we need now is Dan Rather reporting it and it will be George Bush's records all over again.

When will the American Media remember that they are first and foremost, American?

When will the American Public realize that the American media is full of shinola?

It is starting to look very much to me like the American media is nothing but a bunch of traitorous whores and I for one ain't paying their bar tab any more.

Woman seriously injured after crashing into tree in Boynton: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

After Boynton Beach Fire Rescue freed her, she was flown to Delray Beach Medical Center, where crack cocaine was found in her underwear, police said.
Yeah, but was it clean underwear?