23 June 2006

Dallas Action Pistol Shooters

I suppose we should've hung a "Gone Fishing" sign on the blog for the last week. We've been busy, and the web geek (that's me) has been working extra hard at both the real job, and the job of standing up a new website for our brand new USPSA club here in Dallas.

Come on over to our new site, and take a look at the fun we have shooting. There's pictures, video, arguments, all kinds of stuff.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

20 June 2006

This just in

D Wade just took a shot in the paint and miraculously, a foul was not called on the Mavericks.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Lawrence of Suburbia: Lawn care without lacerations

Pretty funny little article.
NEVER use a weed whacker in the nude.
Amen, brother.

18 June 2006

Tourist Dies After 500-foot fall in Yellowstone National Park

Have you ever driven over a bridge in Texas and seen the "No Fishing From Bridge" signs? Ever wonder why they're there?

Signs are usually put up because someone was stupid enough to do something...well...really stupid.
Park officials say a woman lost her footing after stepping over a retaining wall to take a picture and went over a cliff, falling 500 feet to her death in a canyon.
I wonder if they developed the pictures?