30 September 2006

What Kind Of Helicopter Was It?

29 September 2006

Swedish Metal Aid - Give A Helping Hand

I've never seen so much hair in one place at a time.

Russian name converter

Click on the link above, type in your name, and see what the Russian translation is. You never know when this will come in handy.

27 September 2006

Global Warming debunked

Wow, where's all the press coverage I wonder? I would imagine that you won't see any coverage because to fully educate the public as to the bullshit that is "global warming" would take more than a 30 second sound byte that states we're facing the greatest crises of all mankind's history.

Read it all.

Since 1895, the media has alternated between global cooling and warming scares during four separate and sometimes overlapping time periods. From 1895 until the 1930’s the media peddled a coming ice age.

From the late 1920’s until the 1960’s they warned of global warming. From the 1950’s until the 1970’s they warned us again of a coming ice age. This makes modern global warming the fourth estate’s fourth attempt to promote opposing climate change fears during the last 100 years.

We're gonna be on TV!

We had a little filming session with Fox 4 News' Richard Ray, who has a segment called "Lone Star Adventures." Click on the title link above for the archive of his pieces. We're going to be on the October 1st segment, which airs towards the end of the 9PM newscast on Sunday.

What was the topic, you say? Why, shooting, of course. If you're in the DFW area, be sure to tune in.

Update: here's the link from the main page.

Owens camp disputes police report

The link above leads to the police transcript of the events. Of course, TO's handlers are denying everything, saying that he had mixed "supplements" with his pain medication. If by "supplements" you mean "the rest of his pain medication," then that agrees with what the police, EMS, and hospital have said.

I cannot WAIT to hear the rest of this story.

26 September 2006

He spent life picking himself up

After reading this guy's obituary, I'm feeling like life is pretty good.
'That was when he broke his back for the first time,' his sister recalled.
The first time?
The third major accident ... involved an out-of- town car accident. It left Cook, then a promising Colorado State University student, with severe brain damage and in a semi-vegetative coma for more than five months.
But he fought his way back:
When at last Cook recuperated, he found a job as an assistant computer programmer at Denver's Medicare office.
Well, at least that part figures.

It's amazing this guy managed to live 54 years.

Before being hit and killed by a car, that is.

25 September 2006

Cooper Passes Away

Like him or hate him, a pioneer in combat pistol-craft has passed away. While I don't agree with everything Cooper has said, I recognize that the shooting world was made better because of him - without his influence, there would be no such thing as "Practical Shooting" and for that, I am grateful.

Col. Jeff Cooper...A Giant Has Fallen

At the request of the family it is my sad duty to report the passing of our founder, Jeff Cooper. Jeff died peacefully at home this afternoon while being cared for by his wife Janelle and daughter Lindy.

There will be a private internment at Gunsite by invitation, with a public memorial service at the Whittington Center at a date to be announced.Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Ed HeadOperations Manager
Gunsite Academy, Inc.
2900 W. Gunsite Rd.
Paulden, AZ 86334

Dishwasher Salmon

Poaching fish in the dishwasher is a virtually foolproof way to shock your friends, prepare a succulent meal and do the dishes -- all at the same time. I've poached salmon in more than 100 dishwashers on three continents. There's never been a dull party.
Whee. I bet those are some fun parties, huh? As if salmon doesn't stink enough, make all your dishes for the next 2 weeks smell like it. Party on, dude.

24 September 2006

Another leaked document

The New York Times, again showing just whose side they're on in this war, makes another supposedly secret document public.

Once upon a time, publishing secret government documents would be considered treasonous.

Clinton comes unhinged

Now THIS is classic. Apparently I missed Clinton going nuts on Chris Wallace's show this weekend.

Clinton's behavior is nothing short of an insecure neurotic individual. God help us if he and his wife make it back to the White House.

Tree Rats in Space

Thanks to this video, I now have a new purpose (and project) in life.