05 June 2004

Gaye Males

Surely that's her married name, huh?

04 June 2004

Milton Bradley Suspended for Four Games

I don't know what's more amusing: that someone actually named their child Milton Bradley, or the fact that he threw a temper tantrum playing a kid's game.

03 June 2004

Bad Dog

Gives a new meaning to the term "dog food," huh?

The dog's name: Buddy.

Top Ten Reasons to Defeat Bush

If you didn't think that the libby, whining bastards in our country are firmly allied with the communists and socialists, check this link out. Yet another reason why the Democrats are nothing more than modern day Soviets - they just don't have the balls to admit it.

Pee Pee Island Village, Beach Resort & Spa , Thailand

Now this sounds like a relieving vacation spot.

D-Day 1899 and President Denzel Washington is leading liberation of New Zealand from the Nazi's

English schoolkids...they so crazy.

Pretty sad state of affairs, actually. Shows how much the American involvement in WWII really means to most Euros.

Cool Tornado Pic

Really. That's all.

02 June 2004

Boys Will Be Boys

Oh, my mercy. Two 10-year-old boys and a bulldozer. What could go wrong? Oh, about half a million dollars worth of wrong, that's what.

Error Reports Overwhelm Microsoft Worker

Talk about a sucky job. Save a geek and please, for her sake, hit the "Don't Send Error Report" button instead.

01 June 2004

Kerry heckled

You gotta love it.

"Are you paying tribute to all the people you spat on, Senator Kerry?"

Kerry flips off Vietnam Vet

dignified, eh?

Howard Dean starts syndicated column

The company for which Mr. Dean writes is named Cagle Cartoons. 'nuf said.

Andrew C. McCarthy on Iraq on National Review Online

Connections between Iraq and 9/11?? Nah.

However, you can learn a bit about why the libbys don't ever learn any of this information. It's a long read and would probably tax their mental capacity.

CBS News | Caught On Tape: South Beach Riot | June 1, 2004?13:50:19

what riot?? looks like just a handful of idiots gettin' it on.

George Bush the Elder on Michael Moore

"I have total disdain for Moore ... It's a free country, so he's free to say whatever he wants. But I don't appreciate it. I don't like it."

--Former president GEORGE BUSH on MICHAEL MOORE and his film "Fahrenheit 9/11," which is critical of his son, President GEORGE W. BUSH, in the New York Daily News. The elder Bush also called Moore a "slimeball."

Pretty much sums it up for me, too. It's the irony of a truly free society. You can say whatever you like, even if it's a complete lie, and you're protected by the same Constitution that protects responsible members of society. Moore's an irresponsible, money-hungry hypocrite who's no better than the targets of his crockumentaries.

31 May 2004

Memorial Day

Today, I asked my 13-year-old daughter what Memorial Day was meant to celebrate. She said, "to remember men and women who died for our country."

I am a very proud father today.