12 October 2007

Hooah Lt. Murphy

11 October 2007

Turkey Recalls Ambassador to U.S. Over Armenian Genocide Bill

It looks like the nation of Turdistan is one step closer to reality today.

That's right - even as Turkish troops mass along the border of Iraq, intent on invading Kurdistan (I know, not a real country, but it's recognized as an historical region), our glorious Democratic "leadership" in Congress decides it's about high time that we recognized Turkish genocide of Armenians in 1915-17. Nevermind that it's unlikely that any of the perpetrators of that crime are still alive to be held accountable, but let's go ahead and inflame the current populace of Turkey.

The result of this brilliant diplomatic outreach?
Turkey ordered its ambassador in Washington to return to Turkey for consultations over a U.S. House panel's approval of a bill describing the World War I-era mass killings of Armenians as genocide, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Thursday.
Brilliant. If we had ANY sway over the Turkish troops on the northern border of Iraq, that's pretty much down the toilet now.

So what, you may ask? Why do we care?
About 70 percent of U.S. air cargo headed for Iraq goes through Turkey, as does about one-third of the fuel used by the U.S. military in Iraq. U.S. bases also get water and other supplies by land from Turkish truckers who cross into the northern region of Iraqi Kurdistan.
I guess the Democrats are aiming to accomplish their goals by subverting our supply routes to Iraq. Nice.

10 October 2007

Karma baby

I think this falls under the category of, what goes around comes around. It would seem that Mrs. America, Nancy Pelosi herself, is being protested by the Code Pink whackos. Here's a funny picture or two of the whack jobs camped out in front of Nancy's posh house...
the squatters have engaged in decidedly non-neighborly behavior like hanging their clothes from the trees; moving in sofas, chairs and other “permanent living facilities”; and, oddly, building a large Buddha on the sidewalk in front of her home.
What she needs is a shotgun and some rock salt. But oh, wait, she's anti-gun so I guess she'll just have to deal with the mess.

09 October 2007

Girls N Guns

To make up for my earlier post showing ugly hairy hippy chicks, I submit to you, Girls and Guns.

Why Bullet Prices Are Going Up

Thanks to morons like this Darwin Award-winner:
A thief in Germany was charred beyond recognition by a 10,000 volt electric shock when he tried to steal a live copper cable.
Police in the western city of Duisburg found the 32-year-old man's blackened remains by a set of cable cutters and pile of non-live cables he had already stolen.
Only because one of his hands survived incineration were officers able to identify the man as a German of Kazakh origin.
"His fingerprints were already logged on police files," a local police spokesman said.
"The force of the shock was so great that the hand was severed from his body."
Looks like he lived up to his potential. Cu later!

08 October 2007

Deputy fired 30 shots from rifle in killing 6, officials say - CNN.com

First off, this is a tragedy beyond words, make no mistake. Here's a young man who apparently didn't have the tools to cope with stress, and was in a position to inflict great harm. 'Nuff said.

Here's what I want you to see in this article:
An off-duty sheriff's deputy used a police-style AR-15 rifle to kill six people at an early morning party in a small Wisconsin town, officials said Monday.
I think you know where I'm going with this.

Had this crime been perpetrated by anyone other than a law-enforcment officer, that rifle would've been decried as one of those damned "assault" rifles. Yet here we have all the elements of such a story: a high-powered rifle, with a 30-round magazine, wielded by a psychopath is usually fodder for all manner of hysteria about how this wouldn't have happened had the Clinton ban still been in effect, and all other sorts of nonsense.

None of that here. Why?

There was an incident here in Dallas late last week where a 20-year-old armed security guard fought off 3 teenagers intent on robbing him with an SKS rifle - a $139 curio and relic piece. Guess what that rifle was classified as? Bingo - "assault rifle." What makes this 20-year-old young man any different? It's not an assault rifle, it's a "police-style AR-15 rifle," which for some reason doesn't garner the same criticism had the weapon been borne by a "civilian." Because he was a "law-enforcement officer?"

I don't get it.

07 October 2007

Learn to Speak Hindi the Fast and Easy Way!

Wausau Daily Herald - Hmoob lubneej tseem tswj cov raug tsimtxom

Allow me to quote the whole article, in the likely event that it'll get fixed/pulled:
Hmoob lubneej tseem tswj cov raug tsimtxom

Sau los ntawm Robert Mentzer
Wausau Daily Herald

Cov pojniam Hmoob ntsib teebmeem vim mus piav tsis tau rau leejtwg, qhov no kuj yog ib qhov teebmeem ua rau tawgcuab tawgyim, hais los ntawm ib pab pojniam thaum lawv tuaj sibntxhooj uake tham txog Hmoob tej teebmeem.

Lub rooj sibtham no yog rub los ntawm chaw sau xovxwm Wausau Daily Herald. Lawv kom cov pojniam Hmoob no qhia txog lawv lubneej Hmoob thiab kev pauv ntawm lubneej Hmoob. Vim 2 khub niamtxiv tau sibtua txij xyoo ta los thiab xyoo no. Thiab lub hli tag los, ib tug tub ceevxwm hauv nroog Wausau tseem rhawv tswvyim yuav txov nws tus pojniam thaum nws muab nws lub lumfai mus tsoo taw choj. Qhov no ua rau cov pojniam thiab txivneej Hmoob hauv lub zejzos ra loj kawg.

Lub rooj sibtham no yog tham txog Hmoob lubneej thiab kev xav, twb yog vim cov pojniam tsis muaj cuabkav mus cuag kev pabcuam. Pivtxwv li, The Women's Community, yog ib lub chaw rau tus neeg ntsib teebmeem tuaj nyob thiab so ibntu xwb. Tiam sis lus Hmoob los txhais tias, "Yog ib Lub Tsev Pojnrauj," hais los ntawm Maiv Neng Xyooj, nws muaj hnubnyoog 31 xyoo.

Los lus sibnrauj kuj txhais tau tias txav nyob nrug ntawm lub zejzos, los yog kuj hais tau tias nrauj nws tus txiv thiab.

Mim Lis Thoj, hnubnyoog 41 xyoo, nws hais tias, "Yuav dhau ua tau ib tug pojniam luag hwm thiab saib tau, tus pojniam ntawv yuav tsum muaj ib tug txivtsev."

Yog ib nkawm niamtxiv twg muaj teebmeem lawm, tus pojniam yuav tsum tau mus cuag nws tus txiv cov kwvtij thiab pab nws.

"Yog kuv mus cuag kuv cov neejtsa, qhov no yuav rhuav plhu tshaj qhov kuv mus ntsib kuv cov kwvtij," Maiv Neeb hais. "Thaum kuv mus ntsib kuv cov neejtsa, yog thaum kuv cov kwvtij twb pom zoo lawm, thaum ntawv kuv mam li mus."

Tib txoj kev xav li no thiaj khoo tau cov pojniam Hmoob mus lawm ib suam, qhov no tejzaum yuav rov tig tawm tsam cov neeg uas lub zejzos tseem xav txaiv yuav.

"Cov pojniam ua raug tsimtxom (domestic violence), vim lawv tsis muaj kev pabcuam, qhov yuav hais no yog ib yam txau tusiab kawg, vim yog cov pojniam Hmoob xwb," Mim Lis hais.

Maiv Neeb hais ntxiv tias tom qab Padalina Thoj raug nws tus txiv tua thaum xyoo 2006 hauv nroog Weston, cov pojniam hauv zejzos los nyho tias "nws tsim nyog tuag vim nws ua tsis ncaj rau nws tus txiv."

Maiv Tooj Yi Yaj, hnubnyoog 44 xyoo, kev txawjntse thiaj yog tu yuamsij.

"Yog yuav muab cov neeg American lubneej coj los piv peb Hmoob lubneej, qhov no nyuaj rau cov txivneej Hmoob los totaub," Maiv Tooj Yi Yaj hais. "Yog tias peb cov pojniam muaj kev txawjntse zog, thiab peb muab ob lubneej los sibxyaw, tejzaum tej kev kubntxhov yuav tsawg zog thiab."