27 June 2009

Our media sucks

Take a look at CNN, Fox, USA Today, AP, CBS, MSNBC, ABC and you'll find the insanity that the Congress passed yesterday only on CBS, ABC and MSNBC. Other than MSNBC, you have to hunt on the front page to find it. And the reporting mostly contains the talking points from the Obama administration. Instead, it's Michael Jackson, wall to wall coverage. It's enough to make me want to vomit.

None of the reporting mentions the rush to pass this abomination - a bill that not a single member of Congress read before they passed it. I'm sure we'll see in the days and weeks ahead just how badly we have been run over. What happened to the Obama pledge that WE, The People, would get 5 days to read the bills online?

None of the reporting mentions the staggering costs that will be born by citizens of this country; they only hint that we'll only see an increase in our power bills at home - conveniently leaving out the added expense to every aspect of our lives.

None of the reporting mentioned the huge financial bonus Algore and his carbon credit companies will recieve.

It's a God damned embarrasment and frankly, I'm ready to send money to the opponents, even if they are Democrats, of the handful of Republicans that voted for this piece of shit bill.

Get on the horn to your Senators, people. This bill cannot pass in the Senate.

Fool me once ...

This is two times now in the last few months that our beloved Congress has passed a monstrosity of a bill without even bothering to read it. First we had the Messiah's stimulus bill and now the ridiculous cap and trade bill. Both times Congressional phone lines were melted down with Americans saying "NO!".

However, most folks probably didn't even know about the vote taking place yesterday, as the media was too tied up in letting us know that Michael Jackson had died.

Tell you what fellas, I've about had enough of these people.