12 November 2005

The Fire

Well, today was a nice day to smoke a couple of briskets. I decided that on top of the deck was okay, since I'd watered pretty well earlier. Take note that North Texas has been very, very dry.

After about 2 1/2 hours of smoking, I decided to take a break, and relaxed a bit. A short while later, my neighbor (who had been out painting), rang my doorbell, and with the phone in his ear to 911 yelled, "you got a fire."

I didn't know I could move so fast. At the base of the deck, there were some leaves that had ignited, and involved several square feet of my deck. I grabbed the fire extinguisher, pulled the pin, turned it upside down, and...watched it fart some white dust. Super.

Plan B - garden hose. That works wonders, thanks very much. About that time, the fire engine arrived, and pulled all the way around back. Pretty mortifying, to say the least.

Both the fire department and the police department tried to claim the briskets for evidence.

Thanks to my great neighbor, all is well. The response from the FD was impressive. No more than 4 minutes could have elapsed.

Thanks, everyone. Glad to know we're watching out for each other.

11 November 2005

Bush Forcefully Attacks Iraq Critics

"The stakes in the global war on terror are too high and the national
interest is too important for politicians to throw out false charges," the president said in his combative Veterans Day speech.Defending the march to war, Bush said that foreign intelligence services and Democrats and Republicans alike were convinced at the time that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction."Some Democrats and anti-war critics are now claiming we manipulated the intelligence and mislead the American people about why we went to war," Bush said.He said those critics have made those allegations although they know that a Senate investigation "found no evidence" of political pressure to change the intelligence community's assessments related to Saddam's weapons program.
FINALLY the President goes on the offensive against the Democrats who are trying to revise history. As far back as the Clinton administration, the Dems were saying Hussein was a threat. In this day and age where the uninformed form their opinions from a sound bite they hear on the news, the President should be out there every day reminding people why we went to war and that Democrats supported the decision. Even Chuck Schumer, one of the Presidents harshest critics saw the intelligence reports and supported the removal of Hussein.
"We will never back down. We will never give in. We will never accept anything less than complete victory," he said Friday.
Thank God for this man's resolve. The terrorists will never go away. They are bent on our destruction and we should be just as determined to kill every last one of them as they are determined to kill us.

Read the entire speech .

09 November 2005

Voters say no to firearms in San Francisco


Welcome to the same peace of mind enjoyed by Chicago and Washington, D.C.

You've just ensured that only bad guys will have guns, and they will have free reign over your city.

Oil Company Execs Defend Huge Profits - Yahoo! News

Here we go folks. The oil company execs finally speak. And they tell everyone that collectively earning $25 BILLION, that's with a "B", is just good business. That profits regularly go up and down. Now think about that for a second.....

Exxon/Mobil earned $10 BILLION dollars, IN THE THIRD QUARTER! In the third quarter alone, they have raped the public to the tune of $10 Billion. Every time you go to the pump think about how much money is being ripped off by the oil companies. They are currently earning more than the entire GNP of many countries, and they are looking at all of us and saying, tough!

We are being led to believe that a 24 cent per gallon increase in 24 hours was a good thing. That somehow magically that prevented the country from running out of gas. Say what? Did the extra 24 cents per gallon prevent anyone from doing anything other than pay more at the pump?

This is not a Republican or Democrat thing. This is a consumer thing. As comsumers we need to get mad enough to care about what is going on. We need to start to hit back a little. We need to let the big oil companies we won't put up with this anymore. No one is saying don't make a profit. No one wants to say how much you can make. But not at the cost of gouging it's customers. That's why we have anti-price gouging laws. Try raising the price of plywood by 1000% during a hurricane and see what happens. Why is this being allowed with gas?

The big oil companies are estimating to earn 96 BILLION dollars this year. They could give every man, woman and child in this country $100 and still earn over $70 BILLION!!! How much is too much?

What if every consumer stopped buying Exxon/Mobil products? Not one of these hoaky don't buy any gas on Tuesday schemes, but just everyone made an effort to stop purchasing Exxon/Mobil products. There are usually other gas stations nearby, use one of those instead of Exxon. Profits would fall, and the execs would be screaming for some kind of government intervention.

These companies are scum. They deserve to be hung on Monday Night Football at halftime. With play by play from John Madden. But maybe that's just me...

08 November 2005

Texas Voters Approve Ban on Gay Marriage

Texas voters Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a constitutional ban on
same-sex marriage, making their state the 19th to take that step. The contest in Texas was lopsided — the ban was receiving support from about 76 percent of voters with nearly two-thirds of precincts reporting. Like every other state except Massachusetts, Texas didn't permit same-sex marriages previously, but the constitutional amendment was touted as an extra guard against future court rulings.
First off, this is not a ban on gay marriage. Texas will only recognize marriages between one man and one woman, the way it should be. Texas will also not recognize or be made to recognize the marriage of a gay couple that got married in a state that does recognize it as legal. If a gay couple wants to go to their gay church and get married, they can. Gays had argued that their "spouses" are not given the same authority to make decisions in emergency hospital situations. They also argue they should be able to add their "spouse" on their health insurance. The first argument can be solved easily by writing up a will. Being able to add a spouse on your health insurance mainly benefits a married couple where one of the parents stays home and raises the kids. The last time I checked, there are not a lot of gay couples that have this problem. I'm also guessing that in most cases both will have a job and could get their own insurance.
Gay-rights leaders were dismayed by the lopsided returns, but vowed to continue a state-by-state battle for recognition of same-sex unions.
Were they really dismayed? We may be tolerant, but our tolerance has it's limits. What ever you want to do in your own bedroom is fine with me, but attempts to normalize homosexuality or to do away with the sanctity of marriage will not stand.

Victoria's Secret Introduces New Bra: The Pilfered Parrot Push-up

Just watch, PETA will try to sue this lady...

USPSA Shooting

Here's a brief video (courtesy of The Girl) of me shooting a USPSA field course at a match in Tyler, TX last weekend. The sound is actually ahead of the action, but you get the idea. 16 "classic" IPSC targets, 32 rounds.
Click here for the streaming video. About 3MB, 18 seconds long - not dial-up friendly.

Can public servants dine at Hooters?

From Waco, Texas, home of Baylor University. I'm not saying they're really, really Baptist down there, but...

Hey - how come Baptists don't have sex while they're standing up? Someone might think they're dancing.

Help Wanted

High-visibility defense lawyer for former sadistic, despotic dictator. No experience required. BYOBA (bring your own body armor).

07 November 2005

Beer's hops seen to inhibit tumor growth

I've been on a preventative maintenance program for many years now. I should be good to go.

Second officer-involved shooting in one week

Austin news is so ridiculous. Police responded to a nut waving a shotgun around, spend hours negotiating, try "less lethal" rounds to incapacitate him, finally SWAT has to shoot him.

But it's an "officer-involved shooting."

Looks like even after SWAT shot him in the shoulder, he picked up the shotgun and tried to off himself. He missed, but looks like he'll be eating through a straw for a while.

06 November 2005

Ahhhh, ze French

In yet another example of how multiculturalism and political correctness are only grounds for failure, France has been ravaged for nearly 2 weeks by rioting islamists. In yet another example of the MSM failing its readers/viewers again, the major news outlets flat out refuse to admit that the ongoing rioting has anything to do with islamic jihadists.

It is almost enjoyable to sit back and watch the oh so smug French fester in a problem of their own making. I find it rather entertaining that the Frogs, in their holier than thou manner, stayed out of Iraq and the war on terror and still manage to have problems with the 10% of their country who happens to be muslim.

What is truly alarming to me is the manner in which the media outlets are reporting this. Or should I say NOT reporting this. In perusing the rag otherwise known as the Dallas Morning News, there are 2 stories concerning the rioting. Both are under the fold - first on page 1, and then again on page 26. Both also happen to be under less than flattering stories about the President's trip to South America. Both stories fail to mention until well within the body of their story that it's muslim punks causing the problem. Instead, and the trend throughout the rest of the MSM is that immigrants are unhappy with their treatment, as in this AP story:

"Chirac said France was determined to promote "respect for all, justice and equal opportunities." Violence has been concentrated in poor suburbs with large immigrant populations."

Yes, the muslim thugs who are causing the problems are surely showing respect, eh?

And what are the brave French doing to combat the poor misunderstood muslim hoods? Why, they're doing exactly what you would expect ze French to do. They're taking pictures!

"Seven police helicopters fitted with powerful lights and cameras flew over Paris and some of the other cities in an effort to pursue and identify the youths, who have taken to setting fires then racing away, often on scooters."

The muslim punks state that they're upset because they're not being shown any respect. Interior Minister Sarkozy reportedly called the poor little wogs thugs and scum and hurt their little feelings. So in response, they go on a rampage, burning everything in site.

However, MSNBC takes the cake in their reporting. It's not so bad they say. After all, if you were to go back to the LA riots in the wake of the Rodney King beating, 50 people were killed. To date, no one is dead in France yet, so it's just a bunch of poor misunderstood kids who are expressing themselves. MSNBC denounces Sarkozy's comments, finding his words are to blame for apparently thousands of muslim thugs acting like the punk ass scumbags they are.

I can only hope that something like this would not happen in the United States. However, the muslim punks around the world, including our own version of the little scumbags here in the states, cannot be anything but emboldened by the lack of action by the French government and the lack of any sort of denouncement in the world wide media.

Until the world starts treating these scumbags like the punks they are, this is going to be a recurring theme. I mean, really, what would it take for the muslim thugs in Detroit - home to the largest islamic population in the US - to go on a little rampage like this?

As for France, I'm sure Charlemagne is rolling in his grave.

Why it's great to watch these guys lose

This list is excellent. I wish Bill Parcells was higher up the list, but it's hard to argue with the selections. Spike Lee. heh.

And I couldn't agree more with Number 1, Alex Rodriguez.

Is Jimmy Massey telling the truth about Iraq?

Outside of the Marines, almost no one has seriously questioned whether Massey, a 12-year veteran who was honorably discharged, was telling the truth.

He wasn't.

Each of his claims is either demonstrably false or exaggerated - according to his fellow Marines, Massey's own admissions, and the five journalists who were embedded with Massey's unit, including a reporter and photographer from the Post-Dispatch and reporters from The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal.
I wouldn't give you a nickel for this poor dumb bastard's future. He's in for a world of hurt.