25 February 2005

Trappers in South Carolina Practice Dying Art

"You get $5, $6, $7 for a beaver fur and you spend that trapping it,"
When I was single, I spent a lot of time trapping beaver and I always went in the hole. Never once did I turn a profit.

Super-HIV man had sex with 100

Sony Puts Pizza Ordering in Videogames


Anyone else see what's about to happen here?
Sony plans to integrate the pizza function more tightly into the game, so players can charge pizza to their monthly game subscription bill. "The goal for the future is to eventually let people do more things like this," Kramer said. "They could type /harry potter and get the new Harry Potter book delivered or /star wars and get the new Star Wars DVD."
My Pay-per-view bill is already giving me heartburn. Now the kids can order merchandise through their games. Super.


"Liberals keep telling us the media isn't liberal, but in order to retaliate for the decimation of major news organizations like The New York Times, CBS News and CNN, all they can do is produce the scalp of an obscure writer for an unknown conservative Web page."

I love Ann!

Economy Grows Better Than Expected

Tax cuts work.

Texas Gunman Kills 2, Injures 4 in Rampage

This whole story is a real shame. This psycho got in trouble in 1973 on a weapons charge, but got probation.

The really sad part of this was that a CHL holder (Wilson) rushed to the scene, and engaged the shooter with his pistol. He apparently saved some lives in doing so, but he was in a gunfight with a rifle, and lost his own life.

The police managed to save taxpayer money in the end by putting this miserable dog down.

24 February 2005

Tim Fountain, Sex Addict

Bloody F'n Genius.

Right to Own Or Use a Gun - Globe Link - Opinion

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit this literary jewel for your perusal and indigestion. From one of our fine Community Colleges, an op-ed piece on the right to bear arms.
"A well regimented military, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bare arms, shall not be infringed."
Seriously, how hard would it have been to go out on the Internets, find a properly spelled version of the Second Amendment, and then cut and paste it into the article? Mr. Parker continues to delight my burning eyes with this insight:
My position on this issue is a divided one. Guns in America are like Weird Al Yankovic at the Grammys: Sure they're invited, but should they really be there?
Well said, dude. Well said.
Logically, though, and without a second thought of historical significance or American policy, guns in the sense of humanity are not necessary. We don't need them for hunting and we wouldn't need them for defense if no one else had them. The law enforcement industry wouldn't need to rely so heavily on the weapons if criminals weren't similarly equipped.
Logically, indeed. Because deer hunting with a hammer is real sport. And everyone knows that if you wear a police uniform, it's more than enough to subdue an unarmed 220-pound ex-convict who's higher than a Paris Hilton's feet on prom night.
Of course the banning of handguns, high-powered rifles and assault weapons wouldn't put a complete end to violence, but it's a good start, and perhaps we should give it a little thought. Some day it may be you at the other end of a pistol, hoping that you could get to your wallet faster and wishing that we didn't allow those types of weapons in our country.
Parents, when you get home tonight, do me a favor: beat some damned sense into your children. Then visualize whirled peas.

CNN strikes again!

Today at the gym, working out over lunch I was perusing the wall of TV screens in the weight room. In between sets, I noticed that CNN was covering Bush's visit with Putin that took place today. The lovely Jill Dougherty reported, rather surprised! that the President was, in her words "rather astute" in dealing with Putin. That Bush didn't go in and throw down the democracy mantle and say how Russia was slipping back into despotism and that instead, much to *everyone's* surprise, the President was intelligent, diplomatic, firm, yet without being too overbearing. The look of surprise and sheer disappointment on her face were just priceless. Just who IS *everyone*?? Bush, as usual, did not surprise me. I think he's a pretty damn smart individual and despite the best attempts of the left and the MSM to define Bush as a stupid redneck, he continues to run circles around them.

I am constantly mystified by the behavior of those in the MSM and the left. They continue to fail to comprehend that Bush is the same fella that knocked the ever popular Ann Richards out of the governor's mansion in Texas. They continue to forget that Bush is the same guy that knocked media darling and heir to the Clinton throne, Algore, out of the White House. The continue to forget that Bush has managed to pass huge tax cuts, against the will of the MSM and the left. And today, they have apparently managed to forget that the President rarely lives up to their expectations of him.

May he continue to confound them. At the very least, it's entertaining to watch.

Rocket Fuel Found in Breast Milk of Women in 18 States

This explains a LOT about what's going on in the blue states. Coincidence? We report, you decide.

Yahoo! Sports - NHL - Herb Brooks honored with naming of 1980 hockey rink in his honor

Yahoo! Sports - NHL - Herb Brooks honored with naming of 1980 hockey rink in his honor

Wow! How I remember the 1980 Olympics. I can still remember sitting in the family room watching the game against the USSR. Screaming at the TV for Eruzione, or someone to shoot the puck.

The Summer Olympics boycott. Soviets in Afghanistan. The Iran hostages. The botched rescue. Mt. Saint Helens. Reagan getting elected. I was a junior in high school. Twenty fives years goes by quick.

I don't think people born after the 80's realize just how big this game and Herb Brooks were. I remember people talking about that game for weeks. We all knew who Eruzione was. Even people that had no interest in sports were cheering for the Team. The movie doesn't do them justice for what they did.

Godspeed Herb!

"Gun Control: It's An Assault Weapon!" by Howard Nemerov

A very thorough fisking of the Gun Control agenda with respect to the recent shooting in a New York mall. It points out that when guns are involved in crimes, the Brady Bunch never misses a chance to dance in the blood. Moreover, you see the same shills: VPC, Schumer, Feinstein, et al, all screaming about "automatic rifles" and other such rubbish.

Marine who died a hero heads home

Welcome home, Marine. Semper Fi.

For those that don't wish to subscribe:
Marine who died a hero heads home
After 38 years, remains of sergeant killed in Vietnam positively ID'd
08:36 AM CST on Thursday, February 24, 2005
By PAUL MEYER / The Dallas Morning News

PLANO – James Neil Tycz died a hero May 10, 1967, when a hand grenade exploded near his face in Khe Sanh, Vietnam.

Of his seven-member reconnaissance patrol team, only three Marines survived the early-morning firefight with the North Vietnamese army, according to military records. The others were buried under elephant grass on Hill 665, unrecovered but not forgotten.

On Wednesday, over a kitchen table in Plano, Sgt. Tycz's family heard the news they've waited 38 years for: The sergeant's remains – three teeth – had been located in Vietnam and positively identified. He was coming home.

"It was a mixed blessing for me," said Phillip Dale Tycz, Sgt. Tycz's brother who lives in Plano with his wife, Ruth.

"I was happy they could find the remains so he could finally be repatriated. But I also knew some of my family would have a very mixed reaction. They put it behind them and didn't want to know anything else."

Mr. Tycz, heading family efforts to keep abreast of the search for their relative in recent years, was first notified of the discovery Jan. 10 by telephone. Hattie Johnson, head of the U.S. Marine Corps' POW/MIA Affairs office, flew in from Quantico, Va., to brief the family on details of the discovery.

The search

The search for the four Marines buried on Hill 665 is a story of science, detective work and perseverance that began in 1991, when two Vietnamese entered a U.S. POW/MIA office in Hanoi saying they had access to the remains of 10 U.S. servicemen, including Sgt. Tycz, according to military records.

The two men never substantiated their claims, but a month later another Vietnamese made a similar assertion in Hanoi. He produced three teeth, one bone fragment and identification for Sgt. Tycz but left after being told of military policy not to pay for remains.

From 1993 to 1998, teams worked in Vietnam on six occasions in search of the men.

They found circumstantial evidence, evidence of a firefight, but no burial.

A break came in 2003 when a team returned to the hill and recovered several fragments of teeth and bone. Last year, an excavation of the site near the border of Vietnam and Laos was completed.

In all, 31 teeth and tooth fragments were found and used in a Hawaii laboratory to identify the four Marines.

Military officials met recently in Tennessee, Georgia and Washington state with the families of the three other Marines.

"So many people don't realize what the government does for these men and women," Mr. Tycz said Wednesday.

"They don't give up on them."

More than 1,800 Americans from the Vietnam era are still unaccounted for in Southeast Asia, according to the most recent statistics. Of those, about 970 are still being actively pursued.

Navy Cross

Sgt. Tycz was 22 when he died. He was awarded the Navy Cross, the Navy's second-highest medal, for his actions on Hill 665.

A live grenade had landed near a wounded Marine. The sergeant moved toward it, picked it up and attempted to throw it back at the enemy.

The grenade exploded after a short distance and Sgt. Tycz fell, critically wounded.

In the coming weeks, his three teeth will be flown in from Hawaii and placed in a container inside a flag-draped silver metal casket. A full uniform will rest alongside it.

Sgt. Tycz's remains will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, per his family's wishes.

"He will be under full military escort, just like it happened yesterday," said Timothy Nicholson, assistant program director for Navy Mortuary Affairs.

In addition to his brother in Plano, Sgt. Tycz is survived by another brother, Peter Carey Tycz of Milwaukee; and two sisters, Rita Blount of Escondido, Calif., and Patricia Kriesher of Downey, Calif.

Just a day after he died, Sgt. Tycz's mother received a letter from him. In it, he wrote:

"I had an interruption just now. Our lieutenant passed me the word that we go in at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow. None of us want to go, but that's our job and I pray I will never fail to do it. ..."

Los Angeles seeks to be declared disaster area after storms kill nine


It rained in Southern California, and it's the apocalypse. If you build a house on a hillside, guess what will inevitably happen? Moreover, if you build a city on a major faultline, guess what else will inevitably happen?
Monday, three multi-million-dollar homes in the posh district of Bel Air, which boasts famous residents including movie legend Elizabeth Taylor and former US first lady Nancy Reagan, toppled dramatically down a hillside after the sodden earth underneath them gave way.
We got tornadoes (or is it tornados? Where's Dan Quayle when you need him?) - don't cry to me about your self-inflicted "natural" disasters. We've had hailstorms that cause more damage in a single hour, and you don't see our mayor squealing about it, asking for federal money.


The Helipad Open photos

Now Andre Agassi and Roger Federer are on top of that helipad that Tiger Wood was pimping in BradC's post the other day. Playing tennis 200 meters in the air. Once again, I would be too busy vomiting to participate. Heck, I get queasy looking at these pictures.

I'm starting to think this may be some sort of publicity work for this hotel...

23 February 2005

Officials: Gun laws are being exploited

More decidedly anti-gun non-news from the Star-Smellagram.
Because Texas does not require any state registration to buy a firearm, it is relatively easy for someone to buy a gun for a person who is forbidden to own one. That kind of deal is known as a "straw purchase."
It's also known as a "felony."
Employees at his store helped nab one man, who was arrested and charged with five counts of conspiracy and lying to purchase a firearm.

The suspect, Luciano Varela, told authorities that he was shopping in the store in June when a stranger approached him and asked him to buy him a handgun. He told Varela that he would pay for the gun and give him $30 for his trouble.
I've seen this same sort of reporting used by the Brady Bunch to perpetuate the myth of the so-called "gun show loophole." It's a non-story, because you can't do it legally.
Varela pleaded guilty in January to lying during the first Academy purchase. He is expected to be sentenced next month.

Perot said many people do not realize how dangerous it is to buy a gun for a stranger
Let me put it this way: buying alcohol for a minor is illegal, too, but you don't see newspaper articles on people who've been caught and prosecuted doing that. Why don't we close the "liquor store loophole?"

22 February 2005

Annan Defends United Nations as 'Vital to Humanity'

Water, oxygen, and freedom are *vital* to humanity, Coffee.

The UN is a parasite. Plain and simple. Buh bye.

Cher call Brittney and Jo-Lo ho's

Does this fall into the category of it takes one to know one?

Tiger Woods is Cooler than me.

Not only does he get $1 million smackers to play golf in Dubai, he gets to do cool stuff like this.

Oh, he snagged himself a hot model too.

Envy? Yeah, I look good in green.

21 February 2005

BaconWhores - The Way Bacon Was Meant to be Served

Dang. I can't get an appointment in the Dallas area for 2 weeks. And here I am craving bacon...

Hunter S. Thompson shoots self in head

Fear and self-loathing, no doubt.

I never understood his celebrity. He was a little outrageous, but his legend was much larger than he was.

20 February 2005

Woman jailed for ripping off lover's testicle

"There is nothing quite like a shorn scrotum. It's breathtaking, I assure you."
Dr. Evil
She grabbed him by the genitals, tearing off his left testicle, then hid it in her mouth before a friend of Jones handed it back to him saying "that's yours".

ABC News: Author: Bush Tapes Not Meant for Public

Typical. Is anyone surprised that the NYT tries to spin this into a negative??

Let's see, Bush comes out and essentially says he's smoked pot and maybe even did some cocaine. Um, that story's about 8 years old now, at least. Old news. Move on.

Bush says he won't discriminate against gays - I'm sure that upset the Krugman faithful.

All in all, what you're seeing is someone who has consistently stood by his beliefs and his principles and has not changed his tune since becoming the "man".

Just another non-story hyped up by the NYT, you know, an objective news source trying to make the pres look bad.

Navy signals for help to recruit gay sailors

Seamen at bed, seamen in the shower, seaman at lunch, seamen in the morning; sounds like a homosexual paradise! Why they would have to advertise this is beyond me!

Woman severs boyfriend�s genitals after fight

Let this be a lesson to you, lads.

If you ever have a fight with your signifigant other, maybe you should reconsider letting yourself be tied up before coitus.

Just a thought.

And, Julie - seeing as you are apparently the penile expert.... ;) so what would you call an amputated penis?? ampenis? ampunis?


Doubtless one of the oddest, most interesting websites I've seen in a while.

Britney Spears Is Fat!

It looks like she has been eating nothing but Pudding Pops and fried Twinkies for the last 12 months!