27 January 2007

John Kerry - Traitor

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy used to be considered traitorous. Today, it's Dixie Chick chic for the asshats in the Democrat Party. Kerry claims that we are to be faulted for looking at the world from our own perspective. I suppose he'd like us to look at the world through our enemy's perspective and just start blowing up innocent women and children at the drop of a hat?

Here, Kerry is giving an enemy of our state his autograph. Nice, huh?

Click on the link and watch the video. Another reason to thank God that John Kerry doesn't have the word President in front of his name.

Cleanin' time

Well, what's a shooter to do when the weather's not co-operating and you can't get to the range....

I broke down today and stripped down the Rock Ranch for the first time since the beginning of October. I figure that's pretty close to 3,000 rounds. Shot a bit in October, took most of November off, a bit in December and somewhere in the 700-800 round range this month so far. Getting ready to start picking it back up with lots more rounds downrange in the near future; hopefully starting tomorrow! I'll probably get about 1500 rounds downrange this month (depending on how much practice time I can squeeze in tomorrow after the match) and start hitting at least 2,000 rounds a month in February.

Anyway, at my practice session last weekend the gun was starting to get sluggish and with the cold weather hanging around I needed to pull the slide glide off the pistol and put something a little lighter on for lube.

As you can see, the gun was pretty grungy.

Here's the inside of slide - icky!

You can see just how grungy the top and bottom halves are. This is part of the beauty of slide glide. Whatever magic it works, it keeps the weapon lubed while pushing the dirt and gunk away from the parts of the gun that are rubbin' together.

Wanna see something really nasty? Check out the barrel.

Since it's been a while since I've cleaned the pistol, I broke out the extractor, firing pin, and firing pin stop.

I then proceeded to wipe down and get rid of all the gunk throughout the weapon, and used some Q-tips and a squirt of WD-40 to clean out the extractor and firing pin channels. I don't use any solvent, nor do I clean the inside of the barrel at all. There have been several studies done that have proven to me that practical shooting can heat up the barrel to extreme levels and that the best thing to do is just leave the barrel alone in order to not damage the riflings. As a result, I rarely, if ever, clean out the inside of the barrel. If it starts getting really really bad, then there's a solvent that I can dip the barrel in, partially made up of peroxide that will clean any gunk out of the barrel without damaging it.

Here's the two halves all nice and clean and ready to go back together.

Before putting the pistol together, I lubed up the halves with a combination of some heavy motorcycle racing oil and a little bit of FP-10 and slide the gun back together. Probably the next time I take the gun apart to clean it - in March most likely - I'll put some more slide glide back on it and be ready to rock and roll.

Final picture - looking all sparkly clean - for the moment anyway. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the opportunity to dirty the gun up some more.

Scientist develops caffeinated doughnuts

Science has invented doughnuts filled with caffeine. Bohannon says he's developed a way to add caffeine to baked goods, without the bitter taste of caffeine. Each piece of pastry is the equivalent of about two cups of coffee.

You had me at doughnuts.

26 January 2007

Clerk convicted of trafficking fake Viagra

He faces up to 95 years in prison.The government said Hassan sold a counterfeit Viagra mixed with ingredients such as gypsum, a primary component of wallboard.
Man, that's a stiff penalty, and hard time. Seems like it'd be hard to keep that up for long.

Wait - gypsum?

Scary Gun!

As I promised earlier in a comment thread about gun grabbers, here's my AR outfitted with the newest in evil features: the vertical foregrip.
Why'd I get it? Because gun-grabbers don't like it. Let's go down the checklist on this death-dealing bullet hose, shall we?

Detachable, 30-round magazines - Check.
Pistol grip - Check.
Collapsible stock - Check.
Vortex Flash Hider - Check.
Bayonet lug - Check.
Heat-dissapating foregrip - Check.
Vertical foregrip - Check.

I mounted a flashlight to it last night, too. All I need is a grenade launcher. :)

There it is, ladies and gents: the violent "assault" weapon so feared by the protectors of children and, um, criminals. The only problem is this: it's semi-automatic. It only fires one shot for each pull of the trigger.

Just like the not-as-scary Ruger Mini-14, which functions exactly the same, uses the same ammunition, but doesn't look as scary. The Mini-14 is equally as lethal as that scary-looking thing above. But the gun-grabbers don't want it - it looks like a hunting rifle.

Just proof that it's feel-good legislation, and does NOTHING but produce sound bites for the rabid liberal press.

Molon Labe.

25 January 2007

Now isn't that ironic?

Don't know about you, but personally I found it incredibly ironic that on the same day that Barack Obama told us all about having Universal Health Care within 6 years, Ford Motor Company posted its largest loss of all time. The tag line is that FoMoCo did so poorly because they make "gas guzzling SUVs and trucks", but if you read between the lines you'll find out why they're hurting so bad.

Obama and the rest of the Democrat candidates want to give all of us average Joes the same kind of medical benefits that have run Ford and the other American car giants into the ground.

How much do you or I have to pay to get heart work done? This GM worker paid not one penny of his $160,000 heart surgery. Not. One. Cent. As a result of these cradle to grave policies, GM, Ford, and most likely the other American car companies are phasing out their medical care, as you can see in these older articles.

Those Democrats. You gotta give it to them; they have a great sense of timing.

Too bad we're the only ones pointing it out.

And Van Halen Will Rock

I give this about a 10% probability of actually happening, and estimate a lifespan of, oh...15 minutes.
Roth, who unceremoniously parted ways with Van Halen in 1985, told the music magazine's Website eight months ago that getting him and his former hair-band brothers back together would not be "rocket surgery."
That boy gives the Roths a bad name...

23 January 2007

Moral Authority?

Please, just put me out of my misery now. Two more years of this crap and I'm going to be ready to shoot myself in the head.

"I wrote this book to remind people what the Clinton administration meant to us and the world," McAuliffe said, adding that the Clinton years showed how to "restore moral authority."

The Clinton years restored our moral authority? I'm not sure about ya'll but I remember some little side issues of the Clinton years like blue dresses, firing the travel staff, Paula Jones, stealing everything that wasn't glued down from Naval ships o' the line, crooked deals, pardoned terrorists and on and on. Yet McAuliffe has the gall to suggest that her royal thighness will restore the country's moral authority?

As has been pointed out by other folks much wiser than me, the liberals all would have us believe that history started today. Yesterday never happened.

Black Caucus: Whites Not Allowed

To me, what is most infuriating with those of the liberal persuasion is their never ending hypocrisy.

They won't let me own a gun, but it's OK if their bodyguards are carrying.

They will insist that I drive some piece of shit electric car to save gas while they are flying across the globe in their private jets.

They will insist we need to come up with alternate methods of energy, but won't let windmills be built where they can see them.

They will mercilessly ride you into the ground for taking note of someone's physical issues, but will also mercilessly harass Rush for being fat or Donald Trump for having a crappy comb over.

They will run you out of town if you make an off the cuff remark at an old timer's birthday because in his youth, the old man supported segregation. However, they will do nothing to someone in their own party who was an actual card carrying member of the KKK.

That's at the crux of this story. Imagine, for just a moment, if there were a white caucus that refused, under any circumstances, to allow a black congressman in. How long do you think that would go on before the white caucus was run out of town by the media and the liberal elites? I mean, just imagine that the positions were reversed here:

Cohen said he became convinced that joining the caucus would be "a social faux pas" after seeing news reports that former Rep. William Lacy Clay Sr., D-Mo., a co-founder of the caucus, had circulated a memo telling members it was "critical" that the group remain "exclusively African-American."

Damned hypocrites, and the shame is that no one calls them on it because to do so (in this case) would lead you to be called a rascit. Only in America.

22 January 2007

Coffee anyone?

I've never been a big coffee drinker. To me it's like drinking hot mud. However, I just might take it up if these shops come to Texas!

We would never see JR again of course. He's already a coffee addict. Can't imagine what this kind of store would do to his psyche.

Google Maps

This application is obviously written by men. Otherwise, someone would've stopped this and asked for directions...

21 January 2007

Big. Brass. Balls

In flight video of the Royal Marines rescue attempt that went down with guys strapping themselves onto Apaches to rescue a fallen comrade.

Gun Grabbers return

I'm sure it's no coincidence that we get a Democrat Congress and within a few weeks, states start up attempting to ban private firearm ownership again.

Let it be known to anyone in Maryland, you can kiss goodbye any money that you would ever make from me driving through, visiting, or essentially doing anything in your state. If enough people out there let Maryland here their voices we can maybe get this bullshit turned around.

Make no mistake, the anti-gunners are out there and they are emboldened by the Democrat return to power in Washington.

Accused Robber: I'm Sorry

Remember the post a couple of weeks ago about the burglar who got his ass handed to him by the homeowner? Here's the followup story. That fresh can of whoop-ass must've been good:
Anderson was hospitalized with a broken nose, collapsed lungs and a damaged liver, and he didn't wake up for six days, NBC 5 reported. Anderson said he admits that if he did what police said he did, he deserved what he got.
And there it is - let that be the lesson.

Michael Yon is back

Here's Yon's latest dispatch from Iraq.

I think the most telling thought about the entire affair is right here:

I tell them to bring those nice cameras to Iraq and snap away; if they don’t photograph this war, practically nobody else will.

What does that tell you about our wonderful media? There's lots of people out there who want to blame our government for the current state of world affairs. I blame the media because they have failed us more than anything else I can think of; and continue to fail us to this day.