25 November 2010


Ahhh, the status of liberals today. This about sums it up for their point of view - it doesn't matter what you actually DID. What matters is what your INTENT was. It doesn't matter that Obama tanked the economy. He intended well. It doesn't matter that Teddy Kennedy killed a young lady by leaving her to drown. He didn't intend for her to die. Illegal immigrants don't intend to hurt anyone, they're just trying to help out themselves and their own families. And on and on and on. We're presented with another example of liberal intent with Rahm Emanuel's run for Mayor of Chicago. It would appear the law says you actually have to reside in Chicago for a year before you run for Mayor. As we all know, Rahm-baby has been in DC hanging out with el Presidente.... But don't let the law get in the way of liberal Democrats:

But Mr. Emanuel’s campaign, which quickly called a conference call with reporters on Wednesday afternoon, says Mr. Emanuel’s intent was always to return to his home on the North Side of Chicago, and that his intent is what should ultimately define his legal status when these complaints reach elections officials and the courts.

Really?? Intent now defines legal status?? So let's say that I get shit faced drunk and kill someone driving home. But I didn't intend to hurt anyone. Or, I'm cleaning a gun, have an AD and kill my neighbor. Oops, sorry, I didn't intend for that to happen. Do you think that would fly in court??

If Rahm-baby gets in as Mayor of Chicago is will merely solidify Chicago's position as the 2nd most corrupt city in the country, right behind Washington, DC.