07 April 2007

More DFW muslim problems, or just paranoia?

On the afternoon of Feb. 25, Ms. Al-Homsi and a friend who could not be reached for comment, Aisha Abdul-Rahman Hamad, 50, of Irving, were spotted at Love Field wearing Muslim robes and camouflage pants and "acting suspiciously," the bulletin states. The surveillance video shows one of the women walking back and forth, apparently pacing off distances.

Pacing off distances? What?

"I'm a trained sniper and proud of it," Ms. Al-Homsi said in an interview Thursday after first refusing to comment on whether she has any terrorism ties. She then said no.

Ok - trained by who? And where? I know just about all of the training facilities in this neck of the woods and I feel pretty confident that none of the places I'm aware of would install that sense of verbiage. Instead of the word "sniper" you'd hear the word "shooter"... Regardless, I'd like to know where she was trained. So much for the press asking the right questions. Imagine for an instant, if you would, if her answer was Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, or Iraq. And if she was trained locally, I'd like to know because I can assure you that I'd give the facility a piece of my mind, and none of my business. In fact, the instructors I know have told me before on several occasions that there have been times they've been approached by people of a suspicious nature and turned them down.

And perhaps the most bizarre statement in the story:

... federal agents have talked to range employees about Ms. Al-Homsi, which is not uncommon of their clientele.

So, are they saying here that it's not uncommon for Federal Agents to ask about people that shoot at public ranges?? I don't know about you, but I find that little tidbit rather bothersome.

05 April 2007

Imam prays at Texas Capital

You know, I could understand the quacks that supposedly represent us in DC bringing in some nut job imam to pray for them.


Good Lord man, what's wrong with these people?

H/T to Lone Star Times.

And, why is this not all over the news with outrage? Oh yeah, I forgot, to complain against an imam who has terrorist sympathies is to be an islamophobe and therefore we shan't talk of it.

03 April 2007

New additions to the 'fish family

Sorry for the light blogging of late!! Been busier than a one-legged man at an ass kicking contest....

I've got some new blasters to show you; the finished Tiger Striped 1911 that I'm fondling right now and a new big gun - Thumper. You've basically got 3-4 available choices in the .308 semi-auto variety - any guesses?

I'll try and get some pictures posted soon, and hope to do a range report on Thumper ASAP - there's a story going around the internets that it's possible to empty a full 20 round mag of .308 into a target at 50 yards in 3 seconds, with all shots hitting the A zone. Well, I'm gonna put it to the test....

Some random thoughts here:

- Will Rosie ever shut her pie hole?
- What the hell's the matter with the Supreme Court, saying that they can regulate greenhouse gases?? Where exactly is that in the Constitution?
- What happened to Great Britain? Used to be they'd lay waste to a whole country for capturing 15 of their sailors. I guess the sun has indeed set on the British Empire.
- Will Fred Thompson PLEASE get in the Presidential race?? Please!?
- Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that the Democrats in Congress are praying for a repeat of Vietnam?? Don't they want to win?