06 November 2004

IMAO's W2 Bush Victory TShirt

Thought I'd pimp this shirt for the loonies over at IMAO. Great one.

Vandals Hit GOP Headquarters in N.Carolina

You know, I remembered hating Bill Clinton's presidency with a passion. His misadministration still pisses me off, especially when you consider that a large portion of the terrorist threat we're facing is a direct result of the actions blowjob bill took (or didn't take).

However, that being said, I fail to recall hearing any reports of DNC headquarters being thrashed about after both times slick willy was elected.

And the Republicans are the white trash voters. Yeah, sure.

Mexico Seeks U.S. Immigration Changes

You know, I realize that illegal immigrants form a hefty part of portions of our workforce. I'm frankly in a quandry over what to do about it.

I do NOT think, however, that illegal immigrants (from anywhere, not just Mexico) should be given the rights of citizens of this country, and this statement really chaps me off:

"Mexico acknowledged it suffered a setback in the Nov. 2 elections, when Arizona voters approved Proposition 200, a ballot initiative aimed at keeping illegal immigrants from voting and obtaining some government services.
The Arizona initiative would ``foment racial discrimination and limit (migrants') access to basic services like health and education,'' Mexico's Foreign Relations Department said in a news statement. "

IF you are not a legal citizen of this country, it ain't my job to pay for your healthcare and education. Period.

Can you see me crossing the border into Mexico (or hell, anywhere in the world for that matter) and insisting that you have everything translated to English for me, that I get free medical care, and that I can go to a state school at no charge while I'm there? Somehow I don't see that happening.

Netherlands braces for 'jihad' - The Washington Times: World - November 06, 2004

To the Netherlands: welcome to the party. What can we do to help??

To the assholes - Molan Labe.

You mentioned that death comes to us all - well, I hope you're checking over your shoulder - cause you're not gonna hear it coming and I gaurantee you there ain't any virgins in heaven waiting for your sorry ass.

Democrats Have Bad Case of the Blues

is that the waaaaaambulance I hear?? I love it.

Demorats - you wanna tip from the ole catfish?? Well, here it is, like it or not.

1. Stop pandering to the Clinton wing of the DNC. You have noticed, I'm sure, that nearly every candidate the Clintons have supported since blowjob Bill left the White House has lost, right?

2. Stop coming after our guns. Be tougher on criminals, not the honest, law abiding folks.

3. Stop pandering to the Hollywood whackos. THEY are not mainstream America.

4. Stop taxing the snot out of us, at every level. I'm fed up with it.

5. Stop working so closely with the UN, and put America first.

6. Stop cutting our military to pay for your social programs.

7. Stop acting like you know what's best for me.

8. Stop catering to the leftist fringe groups, like ACTUP, MoveOn, the econazis, PETA, etc.

9. Stop catering to the union thugs.

10. Stop trying to tell us that all the wierd shit that you support is normal behavior.

IF you can do these things, then maybe you'll pick up some more votes from the flyover country.

Arafat Opens Eyes, Communicating - Israeli Report

Yasser likes the drama, don't he? I'd call this quote from the doctors "cautious:"
Doctors believe a full diagnosis of Arafat's condition will be ready within three days, YNET said.
That, or he'll be dead by then.

05 November 2004

EU to Bush: you need us to solve world problems

Catfish to EU:

Piss off! I love it how the EU has to have American help to solve problems in its own backyard - like in Kosovo and elsewhere in the Med, like the whole Israel/Palestinian problemo.

Here's a tip, Euroweenies - Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way. Except the frogs. Ya'll can kiss my ass.

CBS 2 - New York News: Senator Wants Air Guard Out Of NJ Skies

Perhaps the Senator would like all F16s to stop flying worldwide until they figure it out. I mean, we could kill a completely innocent terrorist hiding out in a cave somewhere if we don't get this figured out. If we were to compare the Senator's thoughts on handguns and assault rifles, this would make sense.

Or, perhaps the pilot was a member of the right wing hit squad, and that school was where the Hildabeast has been hiding since the election??

Americans Flock to Canada's Immigration Web Site

Buh-bye. Don't bother sending a postcard. Enjoy socialism! Buh-bye!

Some 10,000 Troops Amass Around Fallujah

Here comes an ass whipping.

To our troops - Godspeed and good luck gentlemen, kick some ass.

Election with Hunter

and here I thought Hunter would have OD'd by now.

The unteachable ignorance of the red states.

The one thing this idiot got right is the following:

"The history of the last four years shows that red state types, above all, do not want to be told what to do...."

You're damn right. I don't want to be told what to do by a California liberal who obviously can't see the forest for the trees. I do not want some politician, who doesn't know me, dictating to me what I can say or not say, what I can eat or not eat, what I can drive or not drive, whay I can shoot or not shoot etc. I'm a reasonably intelligent human being capable of thinking for myself, moron.

As for the following:

"....they prefer to be ignorant. As a result, they are virtually unteachable."

I would say that you are not ignorant, but just flat out stupid. You're damn right I am unteachable by you - just what are your credentials?? Oh, you are an author?? You must be just a super smarty, then, just like your buddy Kruggy baby.

It's really not a surprise to me that this dimwit lives in California. Maybe she'll be one of the "thousands" who flock to Canada.


local6.com - News - Porn Video Shown To Third-Graders During Civics Lesson

I've been looking for that damn video everywhere!

The Last 3 States Have Tallied

The results are finally in. Bush won, 286 electoral votes to Kerry's 252. I guess it's not completely "official" until after the electoral college convenes and votes, but from a practical perspective, it's done. Now, can we move on? Oh, sorry - that's the name of an PAC with absolutely 0.00 relevance, isn't it?


gee, I wonder why none of this was made public before the election??
I'm sure it's not because there's a bias in the media.

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: No Surrender

Kruggy-baby, you are indeed a moron. Let's take a moment to rip apart your feeble attempts at trying to be a smart little feller.
"President Bush isn't a conservative. He's a radical - the leader of a coalition that deeply dislikes America as it is."
Ok, so President Bush (and doesn't that sound better than President-elect Kerry? Come on Kruggy, admit it.) Fact is, Kruggy, you are the one who hates American as it is. You hate the fact that while you are such a brilliant analyst and academic, the majority of the rest of the country disagrees with you. You hate the fact that your anti-gun, big government, tax (and hate) the rich viewpoints were dealt a serious blow this week. You hate the fact that you are oh-so-smart (and smarmy) and that all of us less than intelligent voters out here voted for the President, and not the pathetic excuse of a candidate that your party (and paper) attempted to prop up.
"And thanks to a heavy turnout by evangelical Christians, Mr. Bush has four more years to advance that radical agenda."
I know hundreds of people personally that all voted for Bush. The vast majority of them don't even go to Church. And, pray tell Kruggy baby, just what the radical evangelical agenda is?? No embryonic stem cell research? No partial birth abortions?? Fact is, the vast majority of Americans support the President's positions. Maybe we're just not as smart as you to figure out why we shouldn't have.
"This election did not prove the Republicans unbeatable. Mr. Bush did not win in a landslide. Without the fading but still potent aura of 9/11, when the nation was ready to rally around any leader, he wouldn't have won at all. And future events will almost surely offer opportunities for a Democratic comeback."
Umm, so tell me exactly how, Kruggy baby, that the Republicans are beatable on the national level?? Bush won more votes than any president. Ever. Bush won the first majority of votes since 1988. I don't seem to remember Blowjob Bill ever doing that. Bush's coattails picked up the first Senatorial seat in Louisiana since reconstruction. That'd be 1877, Kruggy. Those same coattails also kicked out the Senate minority leader - the first time since 1952 that's happened. Bush was the first president since the 1930s to both win re-election AND pick up House and Senate seats. Now, if that's not a landslide victory, maybe you should reconsider. Do I gather from the last sentance there that you are hoping for "future events"?
"The resurgence of Al Qaeda, the debacle in Iraq, the explosion of the budget deficit and the failure to create jobs weren't things that just happened to occur on Mr. Bush's watch. They were the consequences of bad policies made by people who let ideology trump reality."
Here's a reality check for you, Kruggy baby. The resurgence of AlQaeda?? Are you talking about the laughable video tape filmed in a cave somewhere?? The debacle in Iraq?? Yes, there are still assholes over there being killed every time they poke their stinky heads out of their holes. Maybe you didn't hear about the running gunbattle in Plano yesterday so similar to what's being reported in Iraq, but I trust we're not worried about the future stability of the greater Metroplex region. Failure to create jobs?? Maybe you didn't see the job report that came out this morning? Bill Clinton's 5.4% un-employment was stellar, the best ever, yet Bush's 5.4% is tragic somehow? Sounds like you're the one letting ideology trump reality.

I could go on, but unlike you, I have to go to work now.

Oh yeah, by the way, when are you going to show back up on the O'Reilly factor and get your ass kicked again?

Gun / Mainstream Media Rant

I'd like to illustrate for you the power of the mainstream media to deceive, misinform, and form popular opinion. I'll pluck a particular subject from the headlines, then illustrate with a real-life example.

I was at a Texas high school football game last night (yeah, Thursday Night Lights - whatever), when my friend next to me asked if I'd been shooting lately (he's a hunter, and we've talked guns in the past). I told him, sure, I'd shot a match just the night before. He was surprised, I think (he doesn't know I try to shoot a couple of times a week, and practice a couple times of week at home), then asked the 64-dollar question: "So, did you go buy an AK-47?"

I smiled, and took a deep breath. I then asked him if he was talking about the recently expired Assault Weapons Ban. He said yes. I asked him if he could describe to me what an assault weapon actually was. He said, "you know, an automatic rifle, a machine gun, an AK!"

I explained to him that the regulation of automatic weapons has been around since the 1930's. You can buy one, but they're expensive, and you have to have a license. I explained to him that the AWB had NOTHING to do with automatic weapons. Nothing whatsoever. Period.

He was confused, because he was sure he'd read in the newspaper and watched on the TV that it was about guns that can "spray" bullets at a high rate and kill more people. He was SURE that the AWB had legislated against that. He was surprised to find out (after I explained to him the basics of the AWB) that he had misunderstood.

I explained that he had not misunderstood. He had been deceived. Intentionally deceived, because it advanced a political agenda, not a social agenda. The AWB was about careers in Congress, not about public safety. It was a sham that made people feel like they were doing something about an imagined social issue, and thus justify their desire to legislate how you should live.

The recent election clearly illustrates that people who repeat a lie often enough will begin to believe it. They will ignore the reality of a situation in order to feel good about their decisions. It's a hard old world out there. Holding hands and signing Kumbaya will not fix it. You can't legislate problems away, but people want that to be so, because it would make things all better.

The crap we've been fed for so long tastes like ice cream to some people. That's the power of the media. You want sprinkles on that?

04 November 2004

NBC10.com - News - F-16 Fighter Fires At School In New Jersey


News | canada.com network

har har har. I actually agree with this dolt. Yes, America is out of step with the rest of the world. We actually are willing to use force to solve a problem when all other methods fail, rather than not use force at any cost and roll over and play dead.

And, rather than admit that the United States was attacked on 9/11, and that we're taking steps to stop future 9/11's by going to war, she instead says we suffer from psycological damage.

What a dork.

Lots of News Today...

Drudge is reporting Israeli TV saying that Arafat is "brain dead," and I think they mean literally, not in the usual sense. Palestinians are denying. What a shocker.
Update - French doctors say Arafat is not completely dead. Yet.
Update II - According to this AFP report, it looks like he's mostly dead.

Fox News says that Ashcroft will resign. Here's a news flash: there will be several cabinet changes before the next term.

The Discerning Texan: This says it all

A little more electoral trivia for ya. Here's the important part:
...President Bush is one of only two Presidents to ever win re-election and gain additional seats in both houses. The other was FDR. This is hardly “selected not elected”…this is the largest popular vote mandate of any US President. As in ever. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, mainstream media.


I was discussing with Catfish last night about the distribution of votes, and offered that the majority of Dems were in high-population pockets. This county-by-county graphic on Michelle Malkin's (hubba-hubba) blog paints the true picture of how the country voted. In Texas for example, note the Valley, San Antonio, El Paso, etc. The rest of the state is clearly red. I guess the high-population theory only holds on the Left Coast and the Northeast. This was much more about ideology than population density. In fact, the population of Bush counties won numbered 150.9 million, Kerry 103.6 million. I heard one Dem pundit spouting off yesterday on America Left that the states carried by Bush "didn't have any people in them." Reckon that's just not right, huh?

There are still some counties not colored in as of today, but it doesn't matter. I think the word "mandate" is just fine to use in casual conversation.

U.S. Jets Pound Parts of Fallujah

I'm hoping that Bush takes his mandate from the people and cleans all the rats out of Fallujah in short order.

Annan: Violence Intensifying in Darfur

Hey, Kofe - you're the head of the UN, why don't you do something to stop the violence in Sudan?? Oh wait, you can't.

How long before the killing in Sudan becomes the United States' fault I wonder??

Oh, in case you didn't notice, the violence, killing, raping, burning, looting, and genocide is being carried out by muslims. Just an observation there.

Mikey Moore making an ass of himself again

Isn't this a nice, classy way to concede that your ideas lost?? Nothing like a tribute to the dead, eh?

Mikey, I would oh so much like to meet you in person and have a nice, quiet 5 minutes alone with you.


Hey, George, sod off!!

Is this a typical liberal, or what??

"Having established the site in the run up to the election, I frankly did not pause to consider what to do with it afterwards."

In other words, now that I have it, what do I do with it and where am I going?? Sounds like typical liberalism to me.

The New York Times > New York Region > 2008 Contender: For the Moment, Mrs. Clinton Looks Like the Candidate to Beat

well, that didn't take long, did it??

Open Letter to Complaining Losers

I just read Eric Alterman over at MSNBC, and I've been listen to left-wing lunacy on XM Radio on stations like POWER and America Left. I responded to Alterman's tirade on that site, but thought I'd share it here.

Boo-hoo. I don't suppose you've considered the possibility that you're NOT the smartest people in the world, and that you might possibly be WRONG. The American electorate has spoken.

You complain, but you offer no alternative solution. That's known as "bitching." If you're so in touch with what direction America should take, let's hear your plans, then give us an opportunity to evaluate.

That's why we vote. We live in a Democratic Republic, and we now have the representation that the majority of the nation has chosen. You can either a)work with them, b)work against them, or c)shut up. All three alternatives will require effort and have potential payoff for your cause (whatever it is), but I daresay that option "c" would be hardest for you. In other words, put up or shut up.

Palestinian aide: Arafat in coma

Looks like the President gets to meet a new "leader" soon - Arafat's replacement.

03 November 2004

Bush wins a second term in office

Well, there it is. Stick a fork in it, it's done.

No legal wrangling, no judicial intervention, no flim-flam about hanging chads. Just the electorate exericising their prerogative and privilege, speaking their minds through their votes. We didn't all agree - that's why we vote.

I'm Delirious

Woke up WAY too many times last night, just to see the same numbers over and again. It's 269 to 242 this morning, according to Fox. CNN never went with Ohio. They hold the score is 254/252. Whatever. Like I said yesterday, gonna be a long week.

Nonetheless, it's looking good for the red guys. The popular vote is a crushing victory for the President. Ohio, while contested, is nothing like Florida's 2000 fiasco. The President's ahead by almost 140,000 votes there.

Reckon we get to wait a few days...

02 November 2004

holding your breath?

it sure is quiet out there.

300 children bitten by 'blood sucking' monkeys at famous Indian temple

now, if you didn't read the story, you'd think India was infested by lawyers.

Dutch Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh Murdered

now if this doesn't tell you what we're up against, nothing will. For some reason, Mikey Moore has yet to be shot (most likely because most conservatives are too decent a lot to consider it) but if someone criticizes islam, watch out...

The Voting Experience

this is an audio post - click to play

Here's an after-the-fact rundown of my voting experience today. My plan to walk to the polls got rained on (literally), so I drove over. 2 campaign signs exactly 100 feet from the poll entrances - both Kerry signs. This has been balanced by the new addition of Bush/Cheney signs (you're welcome).

Got in a very short line, right behind a lady who I swear I recognize from the supermarket - the one who waits until all the groceries are bagged before taking her checkbook out of her purse. She decided that the polls would be a great time to look for her voter registration card. After about 3 minutes, I told her that her driver's license would suffice.

I handed my registration to the nice lady, she found my name, I signed, took my ballot, and went to the booth. We used the optical reader thingy, where you complete the middle of the arrow pointing to your selection. Even a Floridian could do that. There were only 3 Democrat candidates on the entire ballot. The rest were Republican and (snicker) Libertarian.

Rather than vote the straight party ticket, I took great satisfaction in selecting each race individually. I placed the completed ballot in the reader, got my little sticker for my shirt from the election judge, and moved on, full of pride and patriotism.

Have you voted yet?

Going to the Polls!

My next post will be an audioblog, live from the polls. Just finished my morning PT, now a shower and a walk down to the church on the corner, which is our precinct's polling place. It's cool, cloudy, and windy here, with a chance of rain. Perfect day.

Ain't America great? Look what we get to do.

Keyshawn: Female reporter needs spanking

"I almost wanted to get on a plane, find where she is at, and sit her down and spank her with a ruler really, really hard, because it makes no sense," Johnson said on his show about Oliver's report, which he denied adamantly. "You don't need to make up a story."

Oliver told the Dallas Morning News, when asked what she would do if Johnson tried to spank her, "I will punch him in the face."
Sounds like a fair trade-off to me.

01 November 2004

Mansoor Ijaz on Bin Laden and Election 2004 on National Review Online

yes, let's send OBL a strong message tomorrow, folks.

Newsday.com: GOP charges dirty politics in fake Schwarzkopf campaign call

let's see.... RNC offices broken into, AFL-CIO thugs pushing around grannies in Florida, registering dead people, crack cocaine used to sign up demorat registered voters, and now Schwartzkopf impersonations...

Yep, the DNC, that's who we need running things around here.

WorldNetDaily: Dems steamed about Cavuto comment

so, I guess it's ok for the demorats to make fun of Bush, but heaven forbid if someone makes fun (and it was funny) of kerry. You'd think a Vietnam veteran who'd won a silver star, bronze medal, and 3 purple hearts would have a thicker spine than that.

local6.com - News - Journalist Arrested After Photographing Voting Lines

so it's now voter intimidation if your picture is taken in front of a polling place?? What planet is this from??

Les Jones's Blog: Bloggers, Place Your Bets on the 2004 Elections

A great big old bunch of predictions on tomorrow's big event. Allow me to summarize: it'll either be close, or someone's gonna win big.

Now get out and vote.

Iran Parliament OKs Nuke Enrichment Bill

These people need a national anthem or something. Tell me why we shouldn't turn that whole region into a window?

31 October 2004

Yahoo! News - Steelers End Patriots' Win Streak, 34-20

Yahoo! News - Steelers End Patriots' Win Streak, 34-20

Sorry, just had to post this for Catfish!

Go Steelers!!!!!

WorldNetDaily: Le Monde endorses Kerry in U.S. race

Ahhhh, the french. They're always there when they needed us!

This particular statement made me laugh quite a bit:

"Kerry was praised for his "internationalist" vision of the world, his experience in Vietnam and the force of convictions shown in the three presidential debates."

Kerry's experience in Vietnam?? You mean the Vietnam in which the French military was humiliated AGAIN at DienBienPhu?? You mean the Kerry habit of turning tail and hauling ass when the merde hit the ventilatour? Seeing as how he then fights in the french manner, that it, to turn tail, drop your weapons, and run as fast as you can for the hills, there you have your explanation. I'm curious, perhaps someone else can remind me of the last time the French military actually won a battle??
hmmm, let's see, they got their ass kicked in 1870, got their ass kicked in 1914-1918, they got their ass kicked (in 3 days) in the opening days of WWII, got their ass kicked in French Indochina in the 50s, got their ass kicked in Africa in the 60s and have since then been hiding behind the power of the United States.... Wait!! The French DID actually blow up the Greenpeace protest ship a few years back; so I guess that counts for somethin'.

Hey!! You wanna know why those french assault rifles are so cheap??? They've never been fired, and only been dropped once!!

Ahead of US poll, China criticises 'Bush doctrine'

Hey hey!! Not only do 10 out of 10 terrorists want Kerry to win, so do 1 billion of 1 billion ChiComs!!

Let's see, who is endorsing Kerry?

Kofi Anan
North Korea

Who'd I forget?? Regardless - is this really the man you want in charge??

Yahoo! News - Cheney: Kerry Took Poll on Bin Laden Tape

Yessiree, no bias in the media folks, none whatsoever.

Note the title of the article *Cheney* claims Kerry takes the poll. The story, such as it is, then goes on to say that "...said the vice president, who offered no evidence to back up his claim." And then the story goes on to 'report' that indeed, a DNC organization, closely linked to the Kerry campaign DID indeed take this stupid ass poll and it was then reported by members of Kerry's staff!!

Also, just love Lockhart's answer "we don't talk about our internal polls."

While the Bush campaign says openly "We have not asked any questions related to bin Laden, this tape, or any other tape in our polling...."

This is what you'll see in a Kerry presidency folks. If you think he's wishy washy now, just wait till he gets his finger on the button. I'm very much looking forward to him going down in flames on Tuesday.



I wonder where Senator Clinton is, eh?

Republican Professor (An Oxymoron)

"DEBATE DEFICIT: What if they held a political debate on campus and couldn't find a Republican professor to take part? That's what happened at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Monday, when Young Democrats and Young Republicans invited profs to debate campaign issues. On economic policy, the Daily Tar Heel reports, this meant that a UNC professor had to double as a speaker for both sides. To find a second debater on domestic and foreign policy, UNC Young Republicans had to import a speaker from Duke, political science Prof. Peter Feaver. Asked about the deficit of teachers on the UNC campus willing or able to represent Republican positions, Mr. Feaver got right to the point: 'I thought it was a sad commentary on higher education.'
I'm very curious to see how college students vote this election. I've got a conservative friend (an older gentleman) who has returned to college, and he's found it in his best interest to just hold his peace when political discussions start up. The campus is SO liberal (how liberal is it?), that he fears his grades would be jeopardized by his conservative position.

I've got a theory that this election will be a reflection of this college model. I believe that most people are like my friend - conservative, but not vocal. They'll speak on Tuesday at the polls. Reckon we'll see, huh?

FOXNews.com - Views - Is U.N. Trying to Influence U.S. Elections?

FOXNews.com - Views - Is U.N. Trying to Influence U.S. Elections?

Once again, the UN proves it is no friend of the United States. We need to move these backstabbing sons of bitches to a nice new home, like Sudan. I'm sure Sudan would love to have all of the diplomats there and they in turn would enjoy the warmth and hospitality of such wonderful country. Maybe Somolia, that would be nice. And they think parking in NYC is a bitch?

Why do we continue to tolerate the UN? Why are they here in the US?

Teacher Kicks Student Wearing GOP Shirt

'I acted entirely inappropriately by kicking you, giving vent to a thoughtless knee-jerk political reaction that should never have happened. I apologize for my untoward comments. Before the incident, I did not know you and that you are a Fort Lewis student. I am entirely sorry. I am ashamed of my behavior, and I hope you will accept my apology,' Spero said in a letter to O'Donnell dated Oct. 29.
O'Donnell said the apology wasn't enough, and he planned to file a complaint with the college.
See previous post.


Mr. Cronkite? It's time for your medication.

Cancer World: Oh, no, we're not the Party of Hate at ALL, no siree....

Great photo expose' of the liberal left aka Democrats. It's a little graphic.