15 January 2010

Now that would make me laugh

It would appear that the Democrat party is in free fall and in a major panic. And I cannot tell you how hard I would laugh if the chosen one failed, yet again, to get another loser Democrat elected....

13 January 2010


Once again, Nazi tactics utilized by the democrat party. Long story short, a documented journalist asking pesky questions to the democrat running for the open Senate seat in Massachusetts. Instead of answering the questions, the reporter is harassed and apparently knocked down by one of the candidates' entourage.

Watching the video and being objective, I cannot honestly tell what knocked the reporter down. You can see the democrat thug moving towards him right before he falls, but I can't tell from this video if the guy tripped on his own or was pushed.

What IS clear, however, is that the democrat thug clearly impedes the reporter's progress and clearly harasses him in an attempt to keep the reporter away from the candidate after the fall. By itself, that is clearly bad enough, and clearly evident of the same tactics used by Nazi thugs in the 30s to anyone asking pesky questions of uncle Adolph. If it does turn out that the thug knocked the guy down as well, that's simply not acceptable - and about what you would expect from today's democrat party.