27 March 2010

The pacifier party

Once again, the dems running our country into the ground go into full panic mode because people are pissed off about the passage of the health care fiasco. They prove, yet again, that dissent is not allowed as long as a democrat is running the show.

We've already seen that if you disagree with the chosen one, then you are obviously a racist. If you disagree with health care reform, you're dangerous and threatening to Democrat lawmakers.

One of the stupidest and over-rated columnists I've ever seen in my life, Paul Krugman, is lamenting about the poor state of affairs. I was going to spend some time disagreeing with the dumbass, but the guys at Powerline do a better job of it here.

Michelle Malkin has done a great job in documenting all of the hatred that gets spewed from leftists in this country yet somehow gets ignored... So just remember that the dems are nothing but a bunch of lying, thieving hypocrites who are intent on maintaining power as long as they possibly can.