06 August 2005

Players rally around child after grandfather collapses

In spite of all the bad press pro players get, this is one of the best things I've read about in a while. Very cool.

02 August 2005

American Hunters and Shooters Association

I sent these turds a little love note. Quoth I:
Understand this: the Second Amendment is not about your right to hunt Bambi. It's about the right of a free people to defend themselves against whatever foe they may face, be it a burglar, or (heaven forbid) their government.

You're not fooling anyone.


Chicago Tribune | About that pistol in the cedar chest

Hey, Chuck: don't be such a pussy.

E. City police to take aim with new Glock firearms

The guns carry a 15-round magazine and are guaranteed to last 60,000 shots.
Nice to see a police department with a practical attitude. Actually, most of the PDs around here are Glock-oriented. 60,000 rounds is a nice, conservative estimate. Heck, I'd pay a good price with one that only had that many rounds. I think my 17 has around 100,000 rounds by now, and I've never even replaced the springs on it. I think my mags need some, though.

.357 Sig? Ow. My spleen.

Bottom Falling Out Of Thong Market

Today sales of thongs remain firm among women aged 25 and under.
But demand from older women has started to sag, new figures show.
Real mature, guys. They probably thought this was HI-larious when they were writing it.

01 August 2005

Hairy ball theorem

And with this actual mathematical theorem, I bid you a good night.

Young Boys Wankdorf erection relief

An actual ESPN headline. No idea what it means, mostly because it's Euro-soccer crap. But it's funny.

Alert over fears of third attack

British Transport Police have been targeting specific ethnic groups for 'intelligence-led' stop-and-searches as part of their heightened security measures.
BTP Chief Constable Ian Johnston said that his officers would not 'waste time searching old white ladies'.
You know, the Brits may not be very "politically correct," but they'll damned sure get the job done.

There might be a very practical lesson to be learned here.

31 July 2005

Blind teen amazes with video-game ability

I understand he sure plays a mean pinball. (that's an over-40 joke, kids).

Man Jumps Onto Expressway To Evade Police

Man, THAT didn't work out, did it?

Artisan Gifts

In the words of Homer Simpson: "mmm, bacon."

Unidentified Sea Creature Found After Typhoon

Gojira!!!Oh, wait. That's Japan. Sorry.

Okay, I'm gonna follow up on this one. What heck is it? It's 12 meters long, it's got a spine, some HAIR, and orange stripes. If it's a crocodile, that's one big mother of a croc. Almost 40 feet?!?

Of course, this is China's news source. It's probably as reliable as Pravda.

Air America fiasco

The silence is deafening. There's been a story brewing quietly under the radar concerning the left's last great hope in Air America. Short of some paltry coverage in the New York media, and a brief spot on CNN where the bulk of the time was spent trying to discredit the blogosphere's coverage of this fiasco, it's been damn quiet out there.

In case you haven't heard, and I'm betting your chances are pretty good you haven't:

"The Bronx News has learned, through informed sources, that the diversion of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club in Co-op City to the liberal Air America Radio is at the center of the city’s probe of corruption at the local club.

The money, which was reportedly paid to Air America as a loan, was supposed to be paid back with interest, two unidentified informed sources told the News. One source added that Air America officials, led by an official of the Gloria Wise Club, agreed to help the local club by publicizing its activities.

To date, no indictments have been handed down in the New York City Department of Investigation’s ongoing probe of the Gloria Wise Club’s reported transfer of funds to Air America."

Now, considering that Rush has been getting the anal exam for his drug addiction I find it odd that good ole Air America "borrowing" money from the Boys and Girls club is a non-story. But oh yeah, I forget, there's no bias, right?

Hat tip to Wil Teach at Pirate's Cove.

Two South Texas schools called "persistently dangerous"

But they have lots of sunshine there in South Texas.
Under federal guidelines, the Texas Education Agency must designate a school as persistently dangerous if it reported three or more mandatory expulsion incidents per one-thousand students in each of the previous three years.

Those incidents include the use or possession of a weapon on campus, arson, murder, sex crimes, aggravated assaults and felony drug and alcohol violations.

The schools are the W-A Todd Ninth Grade Campus in the Donna Independent School District and United South High School in Laredo's United Independent School District.
Ninth Grade Campus???