01 January 2005

HoustonChronicle.com - Christ the King stays steady to win National title

I don't make these headlines up.

30 December 2004

Latest News - Bush 'Undermining UN with Aid Coalition'

So, first we're being too stingy. Now, we're accused of being too involved. When will these idiots in the UN figure out that they are a dinosaur rapidly heading towards extinction.

Perhaps the President of the United States is not working through the UN because of the recent oil for food crises where millions upon millions of dollars were siphoned off from their original intent into the bank accounts of dictators and UN bureaucrats?

Newsday.com: Muslims claim unfair treatment at border

Two words for these folks: Tough. Shit.

If you're a good, decent American Muslim who has nothing to hide, and just goes to work, pays the bills, and moves on through life like the rest of us I suggest you learn to live with the occasional inconvenience. I mean, come on, it's not like the gaurds strapped you to fake wires and made you wear women's panties on your head. Deal with it, and rather than try to make the rest of us "feel your pain" why don't you try to be somewhat empathetic and understand just why it is our government might not trust you 100%.

29 December 2004

Tactical Tommy Goes to the Store

Update: Justin has provided the origin of this and other stories like it: Over at The High Road, there's a nut that goes by "alduro," who's the author. Check out parts II and III.

As I was leaving my house I stuffed my Glock 10mm "man gun" Mexican-style in my pants. My backup is a fully customized 1911 with all the IPSC add-on options in my $500.00 leather pancake holster custom made by Belgian Monks who have devoted their lives to silence and holster making. These are the ones used by SEAL Team 6, which I used to be a part of but all records of my activities were destroyed in a fire "accident".

I put on my Royal Robbins photographer vest to match my pants while wearing a T-Shirt underneath reading "from my cold dead hands." That way, nobody can see what I'm packing. I had my Centennial .38 Special in my ankle holster, just like the gun rag guys carry. Lastly I had my "Covert Sniper" I.D. Card in my wallet with my "Concealed Weapons Permit Badge". I was ready for anything.

I drove my "bug-out truck" to the 7-11 for some beer, 'cause you never know. It is a performance-styled Subaru BRAT with 4 cylinders of ground pounding fury.

I pull up to the 7-11 store and notice a nefarious looking girl scout eyeballing me from the back of her mother's SUV. A likely cover.

The mother returned to the truck and went for the keys in her purse, but I knew from my years of combat-honed instincts that she was actually making a furtive movement for an offensive weapon.

I attempted a tactical shoulder roll, but fell flat on my face, kind of flopping on the pavement to avoid any incoming rounds and to make it look like I meant to do that. The store owner called 911 which is good, because I then did a roll and attempted to draw my Glock.

Unfortunately, since I did not have a holster, the gun "went off" and the bullet creased my weener. But I was prepared for that and bit down on a 9mm casing to take my mind off the pain as I dove for the garbage barrel. That's when I noticed the girl scout shouting something to her mother who began to take cover. I knew they were closing on me so I drew my trusty custom 1911 Wilson COMBAT....I knew that they would be impressed with that. I then duck walked to the front of her SUV but my gut kinda got in the way and I fell on my ass, which caused me to swallow my 9mm casing.

I then tried to roll to my right, but didn't want to scuff my holster, so I just threw myself into a telephone pole, but I landed on my right side anyway. So I fired one shot towards the woman's SUV to pin them down as I recovered my wind.

Before the mother knew what was happening, I charged her and I threw my groin into her knee. I knew that as I vomited on the ground in front of her that I had interrupted her OODA loop, and I had the advantage now. As she ran screaming for the girl scout (I knew she was going for backup) I made for my super-charged BRAT tactical truck. I jumped into the driver seat, forgetting that I had left my rare Israeli contract AR 15 Bayonet on the seat (honed to a razors edge). I could handle it though, half my ass is an implant from war wounds. As I attempted to start my truck, police and paramedics arrived on the scene. My truck would not start and instead backfired once and caused the police to taze me. At this point, I tactically soiled myself while in convulsions. My custom 1911 then fell out the window, but I still had my Centennial .38. I knew then that I had to take out the woman with the purse.

So I aimed my revolver at her, at which point the first police officer fired once striking me in the chest. Fortunately, I was wearing my level 3A body armor. I didn't want to hurt the cops, they had obviously been duped by the evil temptress who was now embracing her partner in crime and crying to the police in the background - I knew it was a ruse.

I pulled out my concealed weapons permit badge and showed it to the officer who shot me and yelled out "I'm one of you guys!!!" He continued to cover me, and ordered me to drop my .38 so I laid it down. After all, I still had my bayonet attached to my ass. The cop walked toward me, and upon reading the badge maced me right in the eyes. Fortunately, my Oakley shooting glasses stopped most of the spray and I was able to rip free of the Taser cords easily. It only cost me one nipple...easily replaced. I dove for the passenger side of my truck and began to run zig zag for a ditch. Unfortunately, the bayonet sticking out of my ass slowed me down. I knew it would have to be hand-to-hand now. I knew the cop couldn't take me when I saw he merely carried a Glock 17, not a man's gun. So I immediately threw my eye into his right hook, followed by a knee into his mag light. As I lay thrashing on the ground, I took the heel of my Bates enforcer boot and kicked at the cops ankle. I knew from my classified experiences in Tajikistan that once I broke his ankle, the cop would fall down and I could "stun kick" him in the head, knocking him out but not hurting him.

Apparently the cop had also been to Tajikistan, because he side stepped me and struck me in the back with his ASP baton, but my trauma plate absorbed it. I then drew my Benchmade auto knife and was promptly tased again, but I was ready for it this time and only wet myself a little bit.

Next thing those cops knew, I was unconscious. That'll teach 'em.

Aid Grows Amid Remarks About President's Absence

This chaps my ass. So, not only did we not give enough money soon enough, we are also now being critized for not caring enough since President Bush continued his vacation and didn't give a public press conference on how bad he felt about this tragedy.

What's he supposed to do, go out to Asia and start helping clear rubble so that people can feel good about how the United States cares??

These people whining and complaining should all be gathered up, and as Ace of Spades so eloquently put it, given a can of shut the fuck up juice and just go crawl back into their hole.

"Gelb said what appears to be a grudging increase in effort sends the wrong message, at a time when dollar totals matter less than a clear statement about U.S. intentions. Noting that the disaster occurred at a time when large numbers of people in many nations -- especially Muslim ones such as Indonesia -- object to U.S. policies in Iraq, he said Bush was missing an opportunity to demonstrate American benevolence."

No, Mr. Gelb. The Muslim world could care less how nice we are. Where's the thanks and the understanding that we're the good guys from freeing millions of Muslims from a murderous regieme in Iraq, and millions of Muslims from genocide in Serbia? Even after sacrificing our treasure, and the lives of the best of our generation, the Muslim world continues to think that we are at war with them because we are fighting terror around the world.

"Some foreign policy specialists said Bush's actions and words both communicated a lack of urgency about an event that will loom as large in the collective memories of several countries as the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks do in the United States. "When that many human beings die -- at the hands of terrorists or nature -- you've got to show that this matters to you, that you care," said Leslie H. Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations."

This is now being bandied about - comparing the natural disaster to the work of maniacs. Two totally different things. They are NOT the same and should NOT be compared.

Follow the footprints

Remember the Christmas Eve snowfall in South Texas?
A Christmas morning burglar was caught after he left a trail of footprints through the first snow to hit Brownsville in 109 years.

28 December 2004

Nickie Goomba's 2004 Golden Meatball Award Winners

Nickie's killin' me. Go check out the Golden Meatball Award winners at "Hey, Relax...I'm Just Sayin'"

U.N. official slams U.S. as 'stingy' over aid

And JR said I was being pessimistic. Ha. Anyone doubt we need to pull out of the UN anymore??

"There are several donors who are less generous than before in a growing world economy," he said, adding that politicians in the United States and Europe "believe that they are really burdening the taxpayers too much, and the taxpayers want to give less. It's not true. They want to give more."

Yes, we are burdend by taxes to much, you socialist pig. If YOU want to give more, go for it, but you don't speak for me.

As a reminder, dear readers, the United States is the largest contributor to foriegn aid in the entire world. How much money is France and Germany giving?? How about Saudi Arabia??

27 December 2004

Reality Macedonia : Jesus and Mohammed

Ever wonder about the difference between Christianity and Islam? This article cooks it down great, and demonstrates where Islam is coming from. Very enlightening.

Texas Democrats have fallen a long way in 40 years

Take a look at this AP-copyrighted piece of bellyaching. What a bunch of babies. That reminds me:

When you complain without offering a solution, it's just whining. Here's an idea: why not get in touch with what the electorate really wants, instead of trying to legislate every little thing that sounds touchy-feely good?

Tidal Waves Kill 23,700 in Nine Countries

Wow, what a disaster! I'm betting the death toll will rise over 100,000 before it's all said and done.

I'm also betting the same slimeballs that protest about what bastards the Americans are will also be the first in line to take our food, water, and emergency aid.

The Terrorist at City Hall


We first find out about the Kohmeni love fest in Irving, and now this article in D Magazine. I don't know what is more bizarre, the fact that an engineer with known Hamas ties has access to sensitive infrastructure plans (especially more so after 9/11) or the fact that the City of Dallas is more screwed up than I thought....

Thanks to http://www.jihadwatch.org/ for the tip.