05 April 2008

Get Some!

I admit I got a little chubby going when the minigun goes off.

I'm betting it's (at least) one of these:

03 April 2008

You Want To Rope A Deer?

As it jerked me off my feet and started dragging me across the ground, it occurred to me that having a deer on a rope was not nearly as good an idea as I originally imagined.
Worth a read, because I learned many new things about deer.
Did you know that deer bite? They do! I never in a million years would have thought that a deer would bite somebody so I was very surprised when I reached up there to grab that rope and the deer grabbed hold of my wrist. Now, when a deer bites you, it is not like being bit by a horse where they just bite you and then let go. A deer bites you and shakes its head - almost like a pit bull.

They bite HARD and it hurts.
Who knew?