15 July 2006

The Great John Daly

JR's post on Wie got me thinking about the well conditioned golfer. Sure, there are some, but give me the John Dalys of the world to root for.
This is a man with natural ability who truly doesn't care about anything but doing what he enjoys, like drinking, playing golf, gambling, and eating. The Great John Daly has won two Majors. The first one he showed up in a Buick station wagon with a girl he barely knew and had an extreme hangover. He won it. He also won the British Open played at the goat range known as St. Andrews.
I love this picture of him. He is sporting a massive hangover (over his belt), he is sponsored by 84 Lumber, and has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Heat exhaustion forces Wie to withdraw from Deere Classic

Michelle Wie may be hot, but she can't take the heat.
The temperature Friday afternoon was 88, with the sun and humidity making it feel as if it was five degrees warmer. Wie teed off shortly before 2 p.m. CDT, and was looking listless by the time she approached the fifth green. She sat on her bag with her head bowed, a towel to her face, until it was her turn to putt.
Gee, you'd think she was a teenage girl with that kind of drama. Oh, yeah.

As I type this, it's 86 degrees outside, with 62% humidity - that's a temperature/humidity index of 91 degrees. I just ran 3 miles, and I'm OLD. It'll be 101 here in North Texas today.

Golf. It produces some real athletes.

13 July 2006

Crack was disguised as chips

Mmm...a tasty new variation: Crack-flavored Pringles.
[Austin] Police then obtained a search warrant for Landry's car where they found 168 grams of crack cocaine. The drugs were hidden in potato chip containers and shaped like wafers.
I bet the Austin police were disappointed to find drugs in the Pringles can, anticipating a snack.

Betcha can't eat just one!

12 July 2006

Zidane Compilation

Updated! This one is even better.

Nation's Capital Declares Crime Emergency

Two groups of tourists were robbed at gunpoint on the National Mall, just hours after the police chief declared a crime emergency in the city in response to a string of violence that included the killing of a British activist.
On Tuesday night, two women from Texas were robbed at gunpoint by two men dressed in all black, said U.S. Park Police Sgt. Scott Fear. About 15 minutes later, a family of four from Missouri was robbed by suspects with the same description, he said.
This can't be! Guns are illegal in Washington, D.C.! How can crime be increasing?
Robberies are up 14 percent, and armed assaults have jumped 18 percent in the past 30 days.
I guess I'm just not as smart as the politicians who banned guns in D.C. I know I'm just a common citizen, and I know they're elected officials that represent their constituency, but damned if I can see the sense in this whole situation.

Japanese gadget records, replicates odor

The new device, developed by scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, analyzes smells through 15 sensors, records the odor's recipe in digital format and then reproduces the scent by mixing 96 chemicals and vaporizing the result.

That sounds a whole lot more complicated than just farting into a zip lock baggy.

11 July 2006

School District Bans Mouth Jewelry

Ho-hum. We posted this way back in February of 2005. Gold, diamond, and SPINNER teeth. Those whacky teens:
"Really, a grill is just like an earring. It's fashion," said Sam Houston junior Devonte Wright, 16.
Amen, Devonte. Amen.
"If they bought it, they should be able to wear it," said Sam Houston senior LaVeda Antwine, 17.
Preach on, LaVeda!

Leave it to some mean, crusty old administrator to lay down the law:
"We want to instill in them a sense of modesty and a sense of community," said school board trustee Gloria Pena. "We're preparing them for the work force, and in the work force there are rules."
Yes, there are. Such as: you must wear your name tag at all times while serving fresh, hot, tasty food.

09 July 2006

Explosion of joy in Rome as Italy wins World Cup

Thanks god it's over. I thought it would never end. I can't believe how popular this sport is around the world. The only thing more boring than Track is Field, but soccer runs a close third.

Only 18 days until the Cowboys start training camp!