09 January 2008

Are you really THAT stupid?

A lot of talk is swirling about the internets that Hillary pulled out a narrow win in New Hampshire due to her tearful comments the day before. Added to that, the two guys who were waving signs around at a rally stating "IRON MY SHIRTS" rallied the girl power to step up to the plate for the bat.

Let's watch the video:

OK. Notice the guys start yelling "IRON MY SHIRTS" for a bit before Hillary mentions to the stage hands to "turn up the lights". Really? You're on stage, running for President, and you want MORE attention drawn to your hecklers? I find that rather odd. Then, she makes the comment along the lines of "ah, the remnants of sexism still alive and well." BEFORE the lights come on in the audience. I've been on stage before with all the lights shining down on you. I can tell you my friends, you can't see shit past the stage; hell, I could barely see ON the stage. So you're telling me that Hillary could see and hear what the guys were saying? I don't buy it.

Now, for those folks in New Hampshire that were taken in by Hillary's crocodile tears and this setup on stage - are you really THAT stupid?

God help us if the rest of the country falls for her tripe.

08 January 2008

Cancel CitiBank


REFUSES TO PROCESS TRANSACTIONS . . . Citi Merchant Services and First Data Corp. are refusing to process any credit card transactions between federally licensed firearms retailers, distributors and manufacturers -- a move which will severely limit available inventory of firearms and ammunition to military, law enforcement and law-abiding Americans.

The first company to be affected by this decision appears to be firearms distributor CDNN Sports Inc.

"We were contacted recently by First Data/Citi Merchant Services by a June Rivera-Mantilla stating that we were terminated and funds were being seized for selling firearms in a non-face-to-face transaction," said Charlie Crawford, president of CDNN Sports Inc. "Although perfectly legal, we were also informed that no transactions would be processed in the future, even for non-firearms. I find this very frightening."

To voice your concern to Citi Merchant Services and First Data Corp., please contact June Rivera-Mantilla at 631-683-7734 or her supervisor Robert Tenenbaum at 631-683-6570.

To change to an NSSF-affiliated credit card processing program, contact Payment Alliance International at 1-866-371-2273 (ext. 1131).

I've had CitiBank ever since I was in college from the early 90s. They are now cancelled. If they will not support legal gun purchases, I want nothing to do with them. I encourage you to do the same. Politely let them know why you are cancelling their services and let your voice be heard.

07 January 2008

Cumming Woman Wins One Million Dollars

Another great headlinel, but it's a shame there was no picture.

"We were tickled over it," Bishop said. "I couldn't believe it. "

06 January 2008

Gladiators are back!

I enjoyed watching this series a decade or so ago - and now they're back. Cheesy interviews and all that, looks like they are making it more of a reality show or something along those lines.

But hey, who cares, the new Gladiator chicks are hot.

And wow, Helga is a LOT of woman.

Murder Suspect May Have Tried To Eat Victim

Eeeewww. And to think that we were just in Tyler today throwing lead downrange.

When authorities arrived at the home, they found Shearer's mutilated body, one ear boiling in a pot of water on the stove and some human flesh sitting on a plate with a fork on the kitchen table.
At least we had plenty of guns and ammo in the car. That is just flat out nasty and I hope this scumbag gets the needle, and gets it quick.