14 June 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy 233rd birthday to the US Army!

13 June 2008

Hulk Movie Suck.

Finally, a movie review that even Catfish can read.
Critic remember Ang Lee version. Ang Lee version slagged off. Yet rubbish new Hulk film make that look like Citizen Kane. Critic exit cinema miffed. Film take away two hours of critic's life. Critic not get time back. Ever. Rarrrrr.
Take a moment to read the whole thing. It's a hoot.

12 June 2008

District of Columbia v. Heller

Well, another session of SCOTUS goes by today, but no news of the Second Amendment. We learned of the Supreme Court's ruling regarding the detainees at Gitmo, but not about DC v. Heller. Pity.

I think it's ironic that enemy combatants are enjoying Habeas Corpus, much like U.S. citizens, yet we sit here and wait to hear whether they'll affirm rights we were given over 200 years ago.

Nonetheless, I'm cautiously optimistic that the 2nd Amendment will be affirmed, and that an individual right to keep and bear arms will finally have the endorsement of constitutionality via the Supreme Court. Perhaps Monday, June 16, 2008 will be a very good day.

09 June 2008

Rumor Confirmed! Cuisinart Ice-Cream Maker Includes Long Rumored Sprinkle Dispenser

Aside from (almost) buying 1000 bullets, I don't know if I can think of a better way to spend $84.31.
...the company has released the Ice-45 Mix-It-In Soft Serve Ice-Cream Maker that includes not one, but three different topping dispensers! (A move that even supposed ‘Cuisinart insiders’ didn’t see coming.) Of course while many users were also hoping for a built-in hot fudge reservoir on the new model, it seems those rumors were just wild speculation, and for the time being we’ll just have to settle with third-party solutions like a double-boiler on the stove.
I swear to you, I never knew such devices existed.

08 June 2008

Gladiator Gay

This Academy ad from today's Sunday paper is gayer than Elton John's fanny-pack.
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"C'mon, Tom - pull me!"