21 March 2009


Had some fun at Waco today, both with the gun and with the camera...

Definitely re-gripping the gun here! Peace out!

Here's the future of our sport, fellas. Also known as Scott and mini me.

The Dukester hitting a reload.

19 March 2009

Aging Charles Manson captured in prison photo

Well, time heals all wounds, I guess. Unless you've carved a swastika into your forehead, that is.

Any bets on whether Manson's gotten mellow in his old age? Yeah, probably not.

18 March 2009

Bra maker has an eye for breasts - UPI.com

Ran Yusheng, 90, who retired from bra making last year, said in the run-up to the opening of his new online store that he learned the art of bra making when he was 20 years old and soon discovered that he had a knack for it, China Daily reported Friday.

"I just looked at her breasts and then I could make a bra suitable for her," Ran said.
And that worked for 70 years. All bow to the master.