10 March 2006

Shocking Surprise Inside Pinata

A porñata! Fun for the whole family!

Ronald S. Safer is a Liar

You know what sets anti-gunners apart from the rest of the populace? They hold no compunction against repeating the same lies over and again. Yes, they are bald-faced liars that repeat nonsense often enough that the weak-minded among us merely accept these lies as facts. Let's examine the theme of this diatribe:
But the killer had a big assist from Congress and our president. In 2004, those so-called public servants let lapse the federal law that banned assault weapons like the one that evidently killed Starkesia...
...It is now lawful for companies to manufacture, sell and distribute these weapons. And it is lawful for a person to buy an assault weapon if he or she is not a felon.

Why did the president and Congress allow these weapons to again fill our streets?
I don't know about you, boys and girls, but I legally bought my so-called "assault weapon" during the hated Assault Weapons Ban. These guns have never been illegal. What this filthy liar is doing is giving the impression that weapons that look like assault weapons are, in fact, assault weapons.

Read the article. Note how he regurgitates the lies from the Brady Bunch. Polls support gun control...police favor gun bans...hunter's rights (whatever the hell those are)...self-protection doesn't require an assault weapon...and finally, yep: what about the children? And building up to the big finale:
Those drive-bys are precisely what these semi-automatic weapons--many of them convertible to automatic--are designed to execute. They're efficient, capable of quickly spraying a broad area with lethal bullets. Anyone in that area--an intended victim or a bystander like Starkesia--risks extermination.
I'm a little disappointed he didn't use "bullet hose," but "spraying" is a good substitute. And don't forget the "lethal bullets."

And why did this happen? Why, because the NRA bribed Congress.

Watch this - I caught him in a lie:
What do NRA leaders have that corrupts these politicians? Votes? Absolutely not. Their members are decidedly in the minority on the assault weapon issue.
Get that? The voters support a ban on guns. Yet, in the very next paragraph:
They (the NRA) can withdraw the grease that lubricates the re-election machine of members of Congress. They can support a congressman's opponent with impressive resources. They are disciplined, single-issue-oriented and relentless in their opposition to anyone who has the audacity to suggest any weapon or ammunition controls be implemented.
Without saying it outright, he hangs himself on the fact that votes are what get representatives elected. This creates a dichotomy: how can both statements be true? The answer: they're not - it's just another lie.

If you wonder why we're constantly battling anti-gun legislation at every level of government, it's because of these liars and their unrelenting desire to deprive you of your rights. Don't buy it.

Flesh-eating germ kills woman in three days - Infectious Diseases - MSNBC.com

Holy crap!

09 March 2006

Man Who Weighed 1,000 Pounds Down to 400

So, if he sees his penis, is it 6 more weeks of winter, or what?
When Deuel came to Sioux Falls for gastric bypass surgery in 2004, he weighed 1,072 pounds.

He was so large (how large was he? ...ed) his bedroom wall had to be cut out to extract him from his home. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with extra-wide doors and a ramp-and-winch system that had to be dispatched from Denver.
Here's my favorite part:
has lost another 81 pounds in a surgery that removed a mass of fat and skin hanging from his midsection.
...The mass, called a pannus, made it difficult for Deuel, 43, of Valentine, Neb., to walk.
A pannus. It has a name. Is that kinda like a FUPA?

07 March 2006

06 March 2006

Oscars: Second-Lowest Ratings Since '87

In my non-scientific case study of determining just why the Oscars continue to have declining ratings, I have this to say to the Hollywood elites:

You suck.

I can count on two hands, with fingers left over how many movies I went to last year. The only two that I can actually remember seeing are Star Wars and King Kong. I'm sick and tired of you trying to tell me that your freaked out view of the world is the way it really is and I'm sick and tired of you trying to force your warped values on me every time I go out for a night of entertainment. It was bad enough in the Lethal Weapon series to have anti-gun propoganda stuffed down my throat, but this year's gay film fest was trying to stuff something down there that just wasn't going to happen.

"Sunday's Academy Awards with Jon Stewart drew an average audience of 38.8
million viewers, according to figures from Nielsen Media Research. That's down
8% compared with last year's show hosted by Chris Rock, and the second-lowest
tally since 1987. (The lowest was 2003's ceremony, hosted by Steve Martin, that
was marred by the start of the Iraq war; an average of 33 million viewers tuned
in then). In the key adults aged 18-49 demographic, the Oscars did a 13.9
rating, also down 8% compared with last year."

And PS:

George Clooney, you're an idiot.

Some Gitmo Prisoners Don't Want to Go Home

Holy Gitmo, Batman!

It would seem that some of the thugs we have detained in Gitmo know what real torture is and that whatever treatment they are getting now is a thousand times better than what waits for them in other parts of the world.

"If I am sent back to China, they will torture me really bad," said the man, whose name did not appear in the transcript. "They will use dogs. They will pull out my nails.... Home is China, and in China you disappear into a dungeon and no one ever hears from you again," said their lawyer, Sabin Willett. "These guys are not a risk to anyone. They should be released here."