10 February 2007

Runnin' N Gunnin'

Cowboy Blob is not the only one posting carbine vids anymore!! Here's a fun run N gun stage from today.

Did I mention it was freaking COLD!? Gads I'm still cold. Pistol stages posted later, YouTube is being finicky...

08 February 2007

Our guys kickin' some ass

Well, well. Our media wants to blame our government for its intelligence failures, but the sword cuts both ways, fellas.

Looks like our guys in Iraq had a pretty good day of kicking ass and taking names. Don't just take the Jawa's word for it, CENTCOM has the news as well.

Way to go fellas, keep it up.

Anna Nicole Smith collapses, dies at 39

Anna Nicole Smith is dead. She went from being one of the hottest pieces of ass on the planet when she modeled for Guess? Jeans, to one of the biggest pieces of ass on the planet. Her pictorials in Playboy were just awesome. I spent several minutes at a time enjoying them. I hate to admit it, but I even loved tuning into her reality show for no other reason than to witness the train wreck. In 2004 she hooked up with Trim Spa and dropped what looked to be a couple of hundred pounds. She looked damn near as hot as she did 15 years earlier. I'll miss her, not only for her gigantic jugs, but for the, well okay I'll miss her gigantic jugs. Rest in piece, Anna. You will be missed.

06 February 2007

A little ray of sunshine

You know, after what seems like forever since we've had a run of decent weather around here; rain promised for this weekend; the liberals pissing me off; the news media REALLY pissing me off; the Cowboys still don't have a head coach; the Rangers are probably going to suck ass again this season; etc. etc. etc. I thought I'd post a little bit of cheer since we've been so serious around here lately.

There, I feel better already.

The good Sgt. responds

Apparently, the Sarge who had posted a fantastic column on Blackfive last week has had some of the liberals among us doubt his words. He has responded, full on today, and it's an awesome tribute to our fighting men who are out there protecting our country. Here's a sample:


Some get it, some don’t, some never will. I accept that I am a pariah among some of my countrymen, and a quaint anachronism to others. I will not hold ignorance against them.

And the answer Lefties is “no,” I don’t work for the Heritage Foundation in any sort of cubicle (as was claimed by “Waiting” in the comments section of the post), National Review Online, the Limbaugh Letter, nor am I Ann Coulters’ personal bodyguard (but what a cool job that would be, and if she is looking for someone, I will be available soon), an intern for Scooter Libby, the web master for a conservative website in my mom’s basement, or a GOP Fundraiser.

And having seen comments by “walrus” and “jbk” from the Comments Section and the certain fact that they have zero f’ing clue and they obviously haven’t walked a mile in my boots at 8600 feet up the side of a mountain wearing 65 pounds of body armor and equipment, I assure you two ass-clowns that the 107 millimeter Russian rockets that flew at me a couple of days ago were quite real, as was the outgoing 120 millimeter mortar counter battery fire. I can also assure you that I am a real staff sergeant and that I am really here in Afghanistan.

If you two oxygen thieves would like to join me over here, feel free. I’ll be waiting with a stack of sandwiches and a bat.

For Robert from the Comments Section, and this is the last time I will reference it; The Democrats voted for this little “illegal” war in Iraq, if they had big cajones, instead of little “finger in the wind, what does Code Pink think today” cajones, they would have voted their party line and said “no” to the president despite what they already knew about Saddam. And I seem to remember Teddy “the swimmer” Kennedy calling our little action in Afghanistan a “quagmire” after about 8 months of fighting here. Oh, and the Taliban don’t own Southern Afghanistan. They can’t even cop a squat without taking a JDAM to the chest. Been there, done that.
Before I get really started though, let me say a heartfelt “thanks” to all who are out there supporting me and the other soldiers just like me. We never really get a chance to say thanks to all of the Americans out there who stand behind us and who put the “home” in homecoming. Your deeds are worthy of more medals than I will ever earn. If I ever decide to run for office, or I need bail money, I know that there are those out there who are listening and making their voices heard.

I am just a guy in the Army trying to do a job. I am not over here to build this nation, and I said as much. I am here to help train the Afghan Army, so they can build their nation by making it safe for the Afghan people to do so. If the effects of my mission extend to helping make Afghanistan a better place, then what a great side effect that would be. But war-fighting remains the mission of the armed services, so that is what I expect we will try our best to do.

It gets better:
When CNN shows tape of snipers shooting at my comrades, I get pissed off. I know what the content of the video means to the insurgents fighting us. It gives them hope and the will to hang on just a little longer, make more plans, plot and scheme to kill and destroy more. They hang on because they know that you won’t hear about the stuff I just told you about my area of operations, but CNN will put a rush to get the “breaking news” of sniper activity on the air. And that makes it more dangerous for you, the people at home, because this enemy knows no boundaries. They showed us that on September 11, 2001.

And better:
No matter what the liberals say or do though, they will never change the ground truth that the people here and in Iraq know; that the American Soldier is the only soldier in the only Army in the world that, regardless of where we deploy or whichever foreign country we find ourselves in, people run toward us and not away.
The American Soldier knows the secret of why this is. Do you Liberals know? It isn’t because we bring candy for the children.

It is because we bring freedom…..

05 February 2007

Lookit her go!

This video has many firsts. Trix was shooting a gun with no dot for the first time in months. Trix also managed to get through this stage without cursing like a sailor - a first in many moons as well....

Life's looking merrier for an earless terrier

...this puppy found himself abandoned because he suffered the misfortune of being born with no ears. He was born with skin covering the whole of his head - with no outer ears or earholes. Instead of the floppy ears which his breed normally has, he has tiny earflaps sticking out.
What do you call a dog with no ears? Nothing. He's not going to come to you anyway!