09 May 2008

That stuff will get you killed on the streets!

Great write-up from Mike Seeklander of USSA, breaking down why competitive shooting is good training for combat applications.
Why listen to me? Consider my background. Competitive experience: I am a card holding GM in USPSA, Master in IDPA, and a Master in the NRA classification system. I have done well in pretty much every major match and have more than 10 years competing against the best shooters on the practical shooting circuit. Combative experience: I am a former Marine with combat experience (if Desert Shield/Storm counts as combat!). I have local and federal law enforcement experience, including more than 10 years as a full time instructor or lead instructor a portion of which I was in charge of the Federal Air Marshal (FAM) firearm-training program during the FAM buildup after 9/11. I have had the privilege of working with some of the best Military and Law Enforcement Instructors in the United States, and I credit all that I submit to you in this article to folks I have worked with and learned from. What should this mean to you? It means I have done my homework in both arenas and can hopefully offer some insight into how “practical shooting” translates to quality training for combative purposes.
If you're one of those Tactical Tommy-types that doesn't believe that getting the gun out of the holster and putting rounds downrange isn't a tactic, click on the link above and read on. It's a PDF document.

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