15 July 2005

Soldier survives attack; captures, medically treats sniper (Video)

You want to know why we're going to win the war on terrorism? Because of guys like this. WE are the GOOD GUYS. THEY are the BAD GUYS. These cowards deserve to die like dogs, but we don't stoop to their level.

Watch the video. In case you don't understand what that pork-eating SOB is saying, it's "God is Great (Allah, Hu Akbar)" over and over again. He's praising his alleged "god" for his cowardly act. On OUR side of the fence, this American soldier not only captures this turd, but TREATS him for his wounds.

Read the Shirt...

This one's for Greggles. We miss you, man.

Woman 'miraculously' grows a penis

Given a choice, what woman wouldn't?

Blogger Blues...

For all 3 of our regular readers, I'd like to explain why the Tattler's been exhibiting flu-like symptoms.

I was the first kid in my neighborhood to get Verizon FiOS Service (that's fiber optic service for the uninitiated), which was an upgrade from my DSL service. An upgrade except for one thing: I had some extra disk space that I had purchased for use by this blog. I store this blog on my Verizon web space, see? When DSL was turned off, the extra space went away. After talking to the droids at Verizon, I figured that all out, and then bought some additional disk space.

Meantime, Blogger has been having database issues. Some days you just can't win.

Hang in there - we'll be back to abnormal any time now.

14 July 2005

Deerfield apologizes for July 4 show gaffe

Note to these idiot officials:

We're at war.

With terrorists.

Who follow the same leader and mindset as the one that killed 3,000 people on 9/11.

It sounds to me like these idiots were in need of some remembering about just why we're fighting this war.

ABC News: California Guard Criticized Over Poster

"'It's troubling to see a governmental organization dedicated to the security of our country promoting culturally and religiously insensitive ideas,' said William Youmans, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Santa Clara. 'It's very possible to combat terrorism without offending the cultural values of a major world religion.'"

Oh dear God. We are surely doomed to fail if idiots like this get their way. I wonder if the same people have any problems with anything aljazeera does? Maybe Willy would be happier if we just tried to hold hands and hug the enemy?

Amateur Who Raps on Terror Fired as Baggage Screener @ Airline and Airport Security News (AirportBusiness.com)

I don't know what's worse:
that this bonehead got hired in the first place, or that he wasn't promptly sent to the gulag.

My favorite quote:
''Everybody wants to label all Arabics terrorists just because a couple of people messed up."

A couple of people MESSED UP? What planet are you living on, moron? Which couple of people are you referring to? The "couple" of people that killed 3,000 people on 9/11? Or maybe the "couple" of people that blew up the Cole? Or, maybe he's talking about the "couple" of people that just blew up a bunch of kids and killed one US serviceman in Iraq? I could go on for days.

What a total punkass kid.

The face of evil

Look close fellas. This is the face of evil. This is the face of a coward. This is the face of the enemy we fight.

Report cites 'degrading' Guantanamo treatment

Let's see, the worst of the gulag treatment the poor innocent little muslim terrorists are getting in Gitmo:
One fellow "was forced by interrogators in late 2002 to wear a bra and had women's thong underwear placed on his head."

But, oh, it gets so much worse!!!

"U.S. interrogators also told him he was a homosexual, forced him to dance with a male interrogator, told him his mother and sister were whores, forced him to wear a leash and perform dog tricks, menaced him with a dog and regularly subjected him to interrogations up to 20 hours a day for about two months, the report said."

Yep. That's surely to be compared to Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin. Yessirree.

Compared to what the detainees are doing to their gaurds, this is nada. Considering that they are throwing feces and urine; and are spitting on our troops, I'd think they would consider themselves lucky to be breathing.

We're not Afraid!

They're not. And if you candy-ass terrorist want to have really good time, bring your chicken-shit tactics to our turf.

Get ready to rumble. You want to go to paradise? Fine. I'll be happy to arrange the appointment.

13 July 2005

Al-Qaida nukes already in U.S.

If this doesn't scare the crap out of you, I don't know what will.
The plans for the devastating nuclear attack on the U.S. have been under development for more than a decade. It is designed as a final deadly blow of defeat to the U.S., which is seen by al-Qaida and its allies as "the Great Satan."

But the most disturbing news is that high level U.S. officials now believe at least some of those weapons have been smuggled into the U.S. for use in the near future in major cities as part of this "American Hiroshima"

The future plan, according to captured al-Qaida agents and documents, suggests the attacks will take place simultaneously in major cities throughout the country – including New York, Boston, Washington, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles.

"Terrorists have carte blanche to carry practically anything they want across our national line at this time," he said. "As ordinary citizens have warned this government for years, the only surprising part about the new information reported here is that nothing apocalyptic from Mexican-border weapons trafficking has yet happened.
Whether it's true or not, President Bush needs to shut our borders and start taking our security more serious. We need to stop worrying if we are going to hurt somebody's feelings because we are racially profiling towel heads, and stop the flood of illegals over our borders. The Patriot Act has done a great job, but we need to work harder to keep the bastards out and send the ones that are here back to where they belong.

Corpse Falls Into Traffic in Texas

'The driver of the truck was not aware that he had lost the body,' Dallas police Lt. Rick Andrews said. 'He saw the open door. He stopped and looked. He turned around, went back and retraced his steps and found the body.'
Since when is the back of a pickup truck a proper method of transport for bodies? I mean, it is Texas, but dang.

Sharp Rise in Tax Revenue to Pare U.S. Deficit

Good news for America means bad news for the Left.
...an unexpected leap in tax revenue is about to shrink the federal budget deficit this year, by nearly $100 billion.
The big surprise has been in tax revenue, which is running nearly 15 percent higher than in 2004. Corporate tax revenue has soared about 40 percent, after languishing for four years, and individual tax revenue is up as well.

Texas Man Sentenced to 'Life' in Stolen Cell Phone Case

99 years to life. That pretty much takes care of it, I guess.

Water Main Break Affects Up To 15 N. Texas Cities

Conserve water - shower with a friend.

24 hours without water, huh? I was in a hurricane when I lived in Baton Rouge as a kid, and we went 2 weeks without electricity, and several days without running water. You don't realize how civilized and spoiled you are until you have to do without it.

FOXNews.com - Views - ifeminists - The Right to Self-Defense

FOXNews.com - Views - ifeminists - The Right to Self-Defense

Very interesting read. Also a very confusing court opinion. "The police have no obligation to protect individuals who, therefore, should defend themselves."

So what this is saying is that we are all responsible for protecting ourselves and our families, but individual states are limited our ability by making gun ownership and carry unlawful. What? So the Police have no obligation to help you, but then the state gets to deny or restrict your access to a means for you to protect yourself. Seems like playing both sides of the fence to me.

Also worth noting, the author is a woman and from, are you ready for this, The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia. Which still has some very strict gun ownership laws. Somehow I'm thinking that this article won't get much recognition. But the message is clear, protect yourself and your family and don't rely on the police.

Never let the facts get in the way of making a good decision.

Debunking 8 Anti-War Myths About The Conflict In Iraq

The Author, John Hawkins, goes into some pretty good detail debunking some of the lib's biggest myths on the war in Iraq. Enjoy.

Officials say business is more than maid service

Officials in Park City say they are prostitutes and are suing Trotter and his wife to declare the business at 5944 N. Broadway a public nuisance and close it doors.
Their motto is "We straighten out our customer's junk and polish their knobs."

Brazilian bandits steal silicone breast implants

We can only hope these are given to the needy.

12 July 2005

There's one definition for BB guns: dangerous

Hey, kid - you'll shoot yer eye out!

Seriously - how long have BB guns been around? They're a time-honored tradition. I've told the tale of my misspent youth, where we had BB gun wars. One of my friends still carries a BB in his side (with pride, I might add). We're raising a nation of sissies, and these people up north are trying to spoil it for everyone.
These guns need to be regulated because they are not toys and they are dangerous. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requires warnings on the guns and recommended restriction labels for the more powerful ones.
Grow a set, people. It's a toy. What's lacking is supervision.

Mind Hacks: Time compression

This is what helps me zip through most meetings. My eyes are rolling about 200 RPMs in most of 'em.

11 July 2005

Hayden Gets His First MotoGP Win at the USGP!

I felt compelled to post this even if Dan and I are the only ones interested in it.
In 1989, I was just starting out roadracing motorcycles. I had no prior racing experience, and I started when a lot of people my age start thinking about hanging up the helmet. There was a family from Owensboro, Ky. that showed up at the track to race. Earl, the father is the nicest guy you could meet. His sons were very well mannered and polite kids. They had been flat track racing since age 5. They were being groomed to be World Champions. It was rumored that Earl had a forged birth certificate for Nicky, and now that we know he was born in 1981, we know he was actaully an eight year old, 4 years away from being the youngest you can be considered to get a provisional race licence. In 1989 we were racing YSR 50's. These are mini roadrace motorcycles. Nicky's feet couldn't touch the ground. He had to start at the back of the grid while Earl held the bike up and when he came into the pits, they had to be there to catch him. In 1990 we were at the YSR National Championships. I was unable to be there until Saturday and wasn't able to qualify so I let my good friend Damon Harvey take my Superbike and race it. Armed with the fasted YSR on the planet he won the Expert Class National Championship. It was tough being a spectator, but I enjoyed watching and was able to get a lot of video. I was taping Nicky and Tommy and asked Nicky what his goal for the future was. He said "I'm gonna be World Champion". I didn't think it was cute, or funny. I just thought that with that mindset and the fact Earl would do everything he could to get him the opportunity for a chance to compete for it, he just might do it.
He graduated to bigger bikes and ran the "D" Superbike class on a street version of the TZ250, a TZ-R. Then after making his climb up the ladder landed a ride on the Factory Honda AMA 750 Superbike. He won big including the Daytona 200. He then was promoted to the factory Honda MotoGP Team. This is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. He won his first MotoGP race this weekend at the USGP at Laguna Seca. He got the hole shot and led every lap of the race. After the race, he stopped and got an American Flag then and made a victory lap. Then he picked up Earl and made another one. I can't tell you how proud I am for him and his family. Someone once wrote that the best thing about winning is finding out you can. Now that he has won at the highest level and beat Valentino Rossi, who is arguably the best ever, his next step is contending for the World Championship. I'm betting he get one before his career is over. Congratulations Nicky.

Liberalism today

Was listening to Hannity while washing the car today. Sean had a liberal author, Juliana _________, who just about made me want to jump through the radio waves and just choke her to death. Among other topics:

1. The chickens have come home to roost, as the United States is now getting paid back for 200 years of repression - against the American Indians and slaves; therefore, we deserve whatever the terrorists throw at us
2. American is not a "good" country - Hannity asked this lady the question "is America a good country?" Her silence was overwhelming
3. America is not fighting a just war
4. Bush is evil and out of control

There was more, but frankly I was so pissed off after listening to this buffoon speak that I was losing my ability to think rationally. I do not know how people like this can even wake up and get out of bed each morning in the United States of America and look at the world in the distorted way they do.

America (and the west in general) is not just fighting a war against the islamofascists. We are also fighting a fifth column that is working very hard to destroy us from within. I have no doubts that without the blogosphere and talk radio that we would indeed be back home with our tail between our legs already.

It makes me wonder what would have happened in WWII during battles like at the Bulge where 80,000 Americans were killed, wounded, or captured all in a matter of a few months. The Washington Post, the NYT and Dan Rather would have been running for cover, and the sky would have been falling indeed.

I still would like very much to smash this stupid woman's face in, but I'm getting over it.

Illegal aliens getting home loans

This is absolutely 100% insane. We are now giving home loans to known illegal aliens, "regardless of customers’ immigration status." All from our very own FDIC.

I'm totally floored.

The Big Lie of the Assault Weapons Ban

The Big Lie of the Assault Weapons Ban

Hard to believe the LA Times would print something from John Lott, but here it is. And I'm sure Sarah Brady's head almost exploded when she read it. To think, violent crimes went down after the assault weapon ban ended. Read that again, crime went down.

It's a shame they couldn't put this much effort into something usefully, like actually arresting, convicting and incarcerating criminals. Just imagine the impact the Brady Bunch would have had on crime if it actually focused on CRIME, and not demonize guns.

10 July 2005

Guantanamo Bay detainees play soccer, eat well: US senator - Yahoo! News

ah, yes. The modern day gulag.

London bombs terror attack The Times and Sunday Times Times Online

I can only hope that our cousins across the pond are not burdened by PC rules that say they can't profile middle eastern men.

What a horrid waste of time to chase down the Danish granny because they can't hunt suspicious middle eastern men in their 20s-50s.

Catfish's Cigar rating #1

As a public service, I'm going to start posting my own rankings of some quality cigars. First, the rules, such as they are:
1. Cigars for these tests will not cost more than ~ $10. Good enough for a great smoke, but affordable enough for us normal blokes to enjoy on a frequent basis.
2. The ratings will be on a * scale. 1* being the worst, and 5* being the best.
3. For reference, the only cigar I can rate at a 5* now is the Ashton #40.

Why cigars? Well, that's easy. Cigars smell and taste good, and more importantly, you can use a particular cigar to remember a good time with good friends and family. My grandfather smoked the occasional cigar, and I can't smoke a good cigar today without remembering what a great man my grandfather was, or the things we would do like go bass fishin', or working in the kitchen of his restaurant after closing time.
I've also had many a good smoke after a hard fought shooting match with my friends - a good smoke after a match is indeed something pleasant to look forward to, and something pleasant to remember.

Plus, they seem to have the ability to totally piss off liberals, and that all by itself would make it priceless.

So, straight to the first review:

Romeo and Julieta Maduro Reserve
Price - about $6
Size - robusto, maybe 36 gauge or so
Smoke time - 1.25 hours, down past the paper. I needed a roach to finish it off. Had I not been in a little bit of a hurry, this smoke would easily have lasted an hour and a half or more.
Rating - 4.5 * I'll be smoking another one, this was a great smoke. I really enjoyed the strong maduro flavor, and the ability to smoke her all the way down to the nub ranks pretty high in my book. The smoke drew easily, and was perfectly firm - not too hard, not too soft.

West Palm Beach gun owners trade in firearms at gun buyback

The futility and naivete of gun buyback programs never cease to amaze and amuse me. I'm at a loss as to who benefits from these things, save for the elderly who can make a few bucks from an old wall-hanger rifle. The police must know that they're not taking criminal's guns, but they keep facilitating these things, then look important by "cataloging and destroying" these dangerous antiques. City politicians assuage their own guilt for not really knowing what to do by doing something utterly ineffective. It's politics at its finest.
Overall, police collected 10 assault rifles, including one the owner said he found in the bushes. Assault weapons were worth $200; handguns were $100 and $75 for rifles and shotguns. There were no questions asked.
200 bucks for an assault weapon. I paid closer to $1000 for mine. Great plan, West Palm Beach. America should follow your model of ineffective, inefficient government.