20 November 2004

Target : Entertainment : Anal Massage

Save 10% at Target - just in time for the holidays!

The Seven Dwarves of Menopause

Gee. Can't imagine why this caught my eye. Hat tip to Medic Mom. ;)

19 November 2004

IMAO: Our Military: Letters to Michael Moore

Michael Moore asked for letters from veterans. Here's some I bet you won't see on his web site.

EU officials implore new immigrants to learn 'European values'

If we here in the United States even remotely suggested this to our Hispanic neighbors, the outcry would be enormous. The EU would likely be leading the way. I think they're right, of course, but I find it mildly ironic that the enlightened Euros wouldn't be more understanding of the plight of immigrants.

WashingtonPost.com Drops Ted Rall's Cartoons

It's a good start. This moron doesn't deserve a medium like newspapers to spread his hate.

18 November 2004

Troops find al-Zarqawi HQ

Well, this is just hilarious.
In video footage shot by an embedded CNN crew, soldiers walked through one imposing building with concrete columns with a large sign in Arabic on the wall reading "Al-Qaeda Organization" and "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger."
No, really - they had a SIGN.

The Press is Hiding the Slaughterhouses of Fallujah

Yep - couldn't see enough images of Abu Ghraib in the mainstream media, could we? How many images of the Fallujah murder rooms have we seen? Zero? Lots of footage (apparently behind the scenes) of terrorists shooting at our troops, but somehow we can't manage to get any of these images? What's up with that?

Yahoo! News - House GOP Changes Rules to Protect DeLay

I like Tom DeLay. For starters, he's a powerful Texan in Congress.


I do not agree with this vote. The Republican Party should strive to keep itself above this kind of BS. Yes, I know the demorats did it with Rostenkowski and the Post Office scandal. The Republican Party should not have to stoop to their level, and I believe this new rule in the house is a bad deal all around.

Whitewashing Whitewater - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - November 18, 2004

"'Why should anyone expect that a dishonest administration would produce an honest library?' Rick Tyler said. 'It looks like we have the first 'I pity me' presidential library.' "

ABC News: Former President Clinton Reflects

Anyone surprised blowjob bill is still spinning his legacy?
"On Iraq I think that even I underestimated the level of opposition, at least given the troop strength we had there. You know, my position on the Iraq War was different from almost everybody else's that I've heard talk. I supported giving the president the authority to take action against Saddam Hussein if he did not cooperate with the U.N. inspectors, or if he was found to have had weapons of mass destruction he wouldn't give up. I did believe that the administration made a mistake going to war when they did, and that's what alienated the world. Most Americans still haven't focused on this."
In other words, I'm still talking out of both sides of my mouth, and not really saying anything at all in the meantime.

On His Attempts to Capture Osama Bin Laden
"If you look at the 9/11 Commission's report about what we did, and how we prepared for, we had 9/11-style threats for the millennium. And the extent of our preparations, and the work we did, the number of terrorists we brought to justice, the 20 al Qaeda cells we broke up, if you look at all that, and the fact that we apparently still came closer to getting bin Laden than anybody has since, even though they have a lot more options -- military options -- than we had -- I wish that I had gotten him."
What about the 3 times you were offered OBL on a plate? And how you stopped the millenium plan?? I do seem to recall that it was a lucky stop of a field agent that broke that case open, and not as a result of any planning you or your terror czar Richard Clark could develop.

On Tactics Used Against Democrats
"We saw it in 2002 when Max Cleland, who left half his body in Vietnam, was put in a television ad with Saddam Hussein and compared to Saddam Hussein because he wouldn't vote for President Bush's version of the Homeland Security Bill, a bill the president himself had opposed just a few weeks before they were comparing Cleland to Saddam Hussein. That's what they do. I didn't do that. I've never done that."
Do you mean the same Max Cleland who blew himself up screwing around with a grenade away from a combat zone? And, while you *might* not have done anything like that - what about reports that Republicans are making old people choose between food and medicine, and that old people can only afford dog food, and that we're starving kids blah blah blah.

On Ken Starr
"No other president ever had to endure someone like Ken Starr inviting innocent people, because they wouldn't lie, in a systematic way, and having respectable news outlets treat them like they were serious, and parroting everything they leaked. No one ever had to try to save people from ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, and people in Haiti from a military dictator that was murdering them, and all the other problems I dealt with, while every day, an entire apparatus was devoted to destroying him.
And still, [there's] not any example of where I ever disgraced this country publicly. I made a terrible public-personal mistake, but I paid for it, many times over. And in spite of it all, you don't have any example where I ever lied to the American people about my job, where I ever let the American people down, and I had more support from the world, and world leaders, and people around the world, when I quit than when I started."
Boy, where to begin?? No other President lied under oath. No other President has been known to abuse his authority as a supervisor with a member of his staff - something that if I had done with an intern at my place of work would get me fired in a heartbeat. And you were so heroic in getting rid of the Serbian threat from 30,000 feet?? What a moron. Where you never lied? What planet are you from??

Your entire Presidency was one giagantic embarrasment after an other.

News | canada.com network

What can you expect from a Tory bastard?

I also find it interesting that if any US male did the same thing to any female doll on TV, he would instantly be assaulted as being a wife beater, chauvinist pig, abuser, etc. But somehow it's ok for this stupid dolt woman to act like a 3 year old.

Power Line: Sarin in Fallujah? (and updates)

Interesting update to my previous post on sarin being found in fallujah.

I am inclined to believe that you would not need test kits for sarin unless you've got sarin around....

'Holy Warriors' Flock to Join Zarqawi in Iraq

The beauty of the Bush doctrine:

The rats are all flooding into Iraq where they are getting slaughtered like the pigs they are; rather than to Detroit, New York, Chicago, or LA.

As for their leader on the ground:
"They share an adulation of Zarqawi. "Sheikh Zarqawi is our Imam ... our leader. He bloodies the enemies of Islam like no other mujahid (holy warrior)," said Ali Khraisat, after prayers in a mosque in Salt, on the outskirts of Amman where scores of disenchanted youths have left to fight in Iraq."

Yeah, he's really brave all right - sawing off the heads of helpless victims, and then hauling ass when Uncle Sam's Misguided Children come a knockin.

May we kill them all.

The Evolution of the Stink Bomb

Order yours now.

Playboy to have a "Women of McDonald's" feature

I pray that for the sake of all humanity that they didn't get a woman from the McDonald's near my house.

Alexander - Oliver Stone Defends

Well, it probably comes as no surprise that the latest Oliver Stone film has created controversy already. Just for the record, I despise most of Oliver Stone's movies. The pseudo-historical ones are revisionist liberal crap, and others like "Natural Born Killers" are just self-indulgent crap. Having said that, I'd like to see "Alexander." He's one of my favorite historical figures, because he really did change the world, mostly for the better. The controversy revolves around his, um, Greek tendencies. Most historians agree that Alexander and Hephaistion were a couple. Whatever. He conquered the world, intermingled cultures, opened trade routes, created a lingua franca for that trade, and generally laid the groundwork for Greek culture and language to be widespread throughout the then-known world. This enabled the spread of education, philosophy and literature, and provided a foundation for the spread of the soon-to-be Christian religion.

What will be interesting to see is if Oliver Stone can screw that up.

Power Line: A Marine Writes Home

You want to know why that Marine shot that "unarmed insurgent?" Read. Learn.

We're not fighting against soldiers. We're fighting against terrorists, and we're fighting against them on their turf in order to keep them off our turf. We took the fight to them, and they're getting what they deserve.

Daisy Cutter: Actually on the air: Message from Demo Televangelist ...

This is a scream. I'm pretty sure there's not really a Rev. Val Hughes, and I'm pretty sure Daisy is having us on. Regardless, it's funny, and a great commentary on the "party of values."

17 November 2004

Something Awful - Guide: "The Democrat's Guide to Overthrowing the Government"

This is hilarious. It requires reading, so don't hurt yourself. An excerpt:
Step Three: Taking on the Army

Eventually the riots will spiral out of control and the police will no longer be able to handle the enraged masses. Once governors around the country realize this is the case they will begin mobilizing elements of the National Guard. Luckily, most of our military is over in Iraq right now. Remember that? It's what your stupid ass is supposed to be protesting. Regardless, their absence here creates an opportunity for a successful confrontation with the US military that would not exist otherwise.

Some tips for facing off against military forces:

-Start supporting the second amendment, because all of our liberal gun control talk is about to take a big ironic shit in our mouth.
-Try exposing yourself to radiation to become some sort of super mutant, because there is no way in hell you're going to be able to face off against a trained and equipped soldier otherwise.
-Chant impotently at any soldiers you see, something catchy like "No war for oil" or "we need a pitcher, not a belly itcher".
-Remember that soldiers are not human beings, they are actually robotic killing machines controlled by the fascist oligarchy of George W. Bush.
At some point outright rioting will cease to become a realistic option. The troops will be using things like bullets and missiles and liberal weapons like offensive rap lyrics, pornography, and flag burning will no longer be effective. That means it's time to form some militia units to engage the regular army forces in deadly combat. Militia units like:
-The 101st Airborne Bong Tokers out of Berkeley
-The 27th K.D. Lang Concert Audience Assault Brigade
-1st Armored Division "Jon Stewart"
-735th Recumbent Bicycle Cavalry
-201st No to Nukes Light Infantry
-6th Give Peace a Chance "Or Else" Division
-82nd MoveOn Dot Ordinance Supply Battalion
-The 4th Mississippi Irregulars "Martin Luther King, Jr." Division
-1st Nantucket Schooner & Pleasure Yacht Fleet
-9th Olympic Synchronized Landing Marine Division

USATODAY.com - Operation Phantom Fury

Make sure to take a real hard look at photo #2.

For those of you too lazy to look - the caption reads "Marines discovered 40 vials of suspected Sarin gas while searching a house in Fallujah, Iraq."

That sound you hear is Mikey Moore's fat head exploding.

16 November 2004

PETA Campaign Pitches Fish As Smart

That's it. I'm declaring war on PETA. These nincompoops have gone beyond the pale, and passed into the realm of moonbattery. Fish. Smart fish, no less.
"No one would ever put a hook through a dog's or cat's mouth," said Bruce Friedrich, PETA's director of vegan outreach. "Once people start to understand that fish, although they come in different packaging, are just as intelligent, they'll stop eating them."
Seriously, I keep thinking Comedy Central will come forward any time now and admit that this whole "PETA" thing has been a huge hoax, and we'll all have a good laugh, because NOBODY can be this ridiculous and still draw breath. Honestly.
"Fish are so misunderstood because they're so far removed from our daily lives," said Karin Robertson, 24, the Empathy Project manager and daughter of an Indiana fisheries biologist. "They're such interesting, fascinating individuals, yet they're so incredibly abused."
Idiots. Just for that, I'm killing and eating a farm animal this weekend. Moo.

Follow-up: Student Sues to Pose With Gun in Yearbook

Remember the kid in New Hampshire ("Live Free or Die") whose picture of him and his shotgun were not allowed to be displayed in the senior section of his high school's yearbook? Looks like he really wants that picture in the yearbook. Named in the lawsuit are the school board, the principal, the school superintendent, the town manager, and the yearbook staff.

Five'll get ya ten that the school rolls over on this one.

Mutilated torso found in Iraq

You know, you read something like this and it makes me instantly wonder about a couple of things:
1. So, we're going to get upset because a Marine killed an insurgent who was likely shooting at the Marine and his buddies a short time previously, and where the Marines had lost troops to booby-trapped bodies earlier; and
2. Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion?

If indeed Islam is a peaceful religion, then where is the outcry in the Muslim community about acts such as this:
"AS hundreds of insurgents who escaped the US onslaught of Fallujah regrouped for further attacks across Iraq, the body of a blonde-haired Caucasian woman with her legs and arms cut off and throat slit was found last night in a street in the battle-torn city.... It is a female ... missing all four appendages, with a slashed throat and disembowelled, she has been dead for a while but only in this location for a day or two," said Benjamin Finnell, a hospital apprentice with the Navy Corps, who inspected the body."

Michael Ledeen on CIA on National Review Online

An interesting take on the libbys jumping ship from CIA. Now, if only Dr. Rice can have the same effect on State.

A boy can dream, can't he?

Bush Taps Rice to Replace Powell

Hopefully, Dr. Rice will run the State Department with an "America first" attitude, rather than what the usual foggy bottom weenies do - try to make everyone else happy. I imagine she'll work better with Rummy than Powell did as well. So far, Bush's cabinet is shaping up pretty good.

Major network news chiefs review election, look to future

How typical. Rather than hold their little 'town meeting' in flyover country, maybe somewhere like Dallas, or St. Louis, or Denver... the old "big three" news outlets of CBS/NBC/ABC hold their little meeting in California.

Here's a news flash, fellas - quit catering to the left coast. It's making the rest of us turn the channel. And, how about just plain and simple reporting the facts, without your crappy bias?? For example, even in the story:
"On Iraq, the three said that, in retrospect, they should have more aggressively questioned the Bush administration's grounds for invading Iraq in the spring of 2003.
"Simply stated, we let down the American people on weapons of mass destruction, and I sincerely regret that," Westin said."
I'm waiting for them to try and discredit the reasons Bush gave us for going to war as they can't do it. Every single thing Bush mentioned has proven to be true. WMD's have turned up in the form of sarin and mustard gas throughout our occupation. Dual use technologies that can be used for non-WMD and WMD applications have been found, in addition to the mulitude of other reasons. The main critics have all been solidly discredited as partisian hacks. Yet the high and mighty ABC/CBS/NBC news conglomorates continue down that road.

Concerning their worry over the reporting of exit polling, how's this: let's not even post any election information till the day after. That'll give them all night to get the counts in, and then report the outcome the next day.

Oh yeah, get rid of Jennings, Brokaw, and Rather. That would be a good start.

One Person Stabbed at Vibe Awards Taping

Wow. Watching the video this morning, I at first thought I was watching re-runs of the arafat funeral.


Psychologists blast Rush Limbaugh for mocking traumatized Kerry voters

PEST. It could happen to you to, dear readers.

I tried reading the whole thing, but I was completely unable to control my laughter, and the Dr. Pepper that was running out of my nose as a result.

A quick snippet:
“The people here in Palm Beach County now in therapy or support groups are the canaries in the mine shaft,” Gordon said. “There could be thousands of others, even Republicans, who need to be in therapy over this election.”

It's 'Don't Bring Your Guns to Work Day'


Geez. What a bunch of hypocrites. Like a deer hunter is gonna whup out his trusty bolt-action, hump it upstairs for a good view, and start to work on Billy's entourage.

On second thought...if you've ever driven past Hope, AR (The ex-prez's home town), you'll note that the signs commemorating his birthplace are riddled with holes. It's a landmark that never ceases to amuse me. However, I doubt the good corporate citizens of Acxiom Corporation (those weasels that track your every move when you're shopping) would act out on such an urge.

I think it's an insult to Acxiom employees, and a pointed insult to the hunters among them. They owe their employees an apology.

NOLA.com: Steve Kelley Cartoons

Virtual Bartender

Ah, good old-fashioned chauvinism. Ask her to strip. That's the best one.

15 November 2004

A Meeting of the Hinds

Mark your calendars, people. This Friday is World Toilet Day, coinciding with the World Toilet Summit to be held in Beijing this year. And if that's not enough toilet for you, go check out the World Toilet Organization at www.worldtoilet.org.

Happy flushing!!

Derailment Spills 20,000 Gallons of Beer

A moment of silence, please...


I likes me a good pro-gun blog. Say Uncle is pretty good. This guy does a fine job of keeping track of gun-grabber's lunacy and debunking their gibberish.

14 November 2004

Arlington Insurance Office Struck By Car For Third Time

Gee. Might be hard to get that policy renewed, huh?
Hickson estimates $75,000 to $80,000 of damage was done but said that he has good insurance and will be open for business as usual on Friday.
The irony here is that if it were you or me, we'd either get cancelled or non-renewed in about a nanosecond.