07 June 2007

Good Luck at Area 4!

Most of the Tattler crew is off shooting the Area 4 USPSA match this weekend. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. Below is a picture of Pimp Daddy last year as he jumps over a cattle gate, on the way to get his gun. I thought the picture had a lot of potential so I decided to have a little fun with it.

Good Luck Everybody!

Speaking of Gone Fishin'

Ah, fishing with the girlfriend. Is there nothing better? Here she is holding the two fish I caught. She didn't catch anything, but she came back with a big ol' red snapper!

Seriously the most fun I had fishing was going out with my dear old Grandpa. Here is a shot of Grandpa and his trout (NSFW).

Speaking Of Double Rainbows

So JR, was this what you were referring to in your comments in Catfish's post? I took this from my front porch a couple of days ago.
I think we have had more rainfall this spring than we had all last year.

Gone Fishin'

We're heading out to the USPSA Area 4 Championship in Shreveport, LA. I'm bringing a laptop, and assuming we have better than primitive conditions, I'll post some action updates here.

06 June 2007

Thousands of Turkish troops enter Iraq

So, if the Turks take over the Kurds, and they intermingle, do they become Turds or Kurks? Turdistan has a nice ring to it.

05 June 2007