19 December 2008

More California lunacy

Let's face it. Politicians, particularly in Californina, are petrified of guns. Aboslutely positively petrified.

Terrified enough, in fact, that not only have they already banned the eveil .50 caliber rifle, Los Angeles has now banned .50 caliber ammunition.... I guess they don't want anyone throwing a 700 grain bullet at your car as you drive by.

What a bunch of turds.

Why anyone in their right mind would want to live in that crazy ass state is beyond me. JR's visited there before on business. Tells me that the bulk of the folks he met are largely conservative and center-right - but that no one gives a damn and apaathy is rampant when it comes to politics.

I'm sure there's a lesson there somewhere.

Wii puts 10 people in hospital every week

Others have a ligament injury dubbed Wii-knee which some have blamed on the popular Wii-Fit game.
Dr Mukerjee said: “People who are double-jointed are most likely to suffer from Wii-knee — and in extreme cases the knee cap can be dislocated or can even pop out.”
I think I speak for all of us when I say that nobody - and I mean nobody - wants to be diagnosed with Wii-knees.

17 December 2008

The next Batman

You know, they're coming out and saying Eddie Murphy is set to be the next Riddler for the upcoming Batman flick...

I say, who the hell cares?? What I can't wait to see is this:

Meanwhile, Brit RACHEL WEISZ is said to be up for the Catwoman role.


Oil Tumbles below $40 a barrel


If it's George Bush, Dick Cheney and big oil's fault that oil was up to $4 a gallon earlier this year, do they get credit for lowering prices to below $40 a barrel?

15 December 2008

And people wonder why....

McCain lost.

“I think that the Obama campaign should and will give all information necessary. You know, in all due respect to the Republican National Committee and anybody — right now, I think we should try to be working constructively together, not only on an issue such as this, but on the economy stimulus package, reforms that are necessary. And so, I don't know all the details of the relationship between President-elect Obama's campaign or his people and the governor of Illinois, but I have some confidence that all the information will come out. It always does, it seems to me.”
Now that's the level of opposition I'd expect from McCain. Absolutely pathetic.

Again, just as in the 2006 elections; the Republican party moved left. And lost. Badly in '06 and absolutely terribly last month. McCain is the perfect example. Nothing about the man is conservative. And his kumbaya attitude towards the new "boss" (same as the old boss...) only reflects the weakness that is the Republican party today.

14 December 2008

No taint seen on Prez-elect, but Rahm Emanuel gave a wishlist for Senate

Some headlines just write themselves, don't they?

I think they're just not looking in the right place.

14 December, 1702

47 of them gathered on 14 December 1702 and, after donning the armor and taking up the weapons from the cache, they set out on their revenge on that same snowy night. Once at Kira's Edo mansion, they divided into two groups and attacked, with one group entering through the rear of the compound while the rest forced their way through the front, battering the gate down with a mallet. Kira's men, many of whom were killed or wounded, were taken completely by surprise but did put up a spirited resistance (one of the ronin was killed in the attack), though ultimately to no avail: Kira was found in an outhouse and presented to Ôishi, who offered him the chance to commit suicide. When Kira made no reply, Ôishi struck off his head with the same dagger that Asano had used to kill himself with. Kira's head was then put in a bucket and carried to the Sengakuji, where Asano was buried. After Ôishi and the others had given the bloody trophy to the spirit of Asano, they turned themselves in.

The rest of the story can be found here.