06 January 2007

Damn that sucked

In a fitting end to a crap ass season, the Cowboys go down in flames tonight in Seattle.

They played exactly like they played all year. Penalties at BAD times, mental mistakes that cost them 5 points - Glen's fumble into their own end zone and Romo's fumble at the field goal - and a worthless mouthpiece of a reciever who dropped two key 3rd down conversions. Again. Defensive breakdowns. Again. Roy Williams is a helluva hitter. But he can't cover worth a shit. Put 10 pounds on the guy and let him play linebacker next year....

This game was damned painful to watch. On the positive side, I think with 3 easy steps, the Cowboys can be on the road to success:

1. Get rid of Jerry Jones.
2. Get rid of Parcels.
3. Get rid of TO.

03 January 2007

Gotta watch those Texas Cheerleaders

I think we can consider ourselves lucky that a killing wasn't involved here. You know how those Texas Cheerleader moms are.

Fat women causing problems

Well, it's now officially a trend. Fat women aren't just overwieght, they are a safety hazard!!

Last month, we had an American Airlines flight diverted to Nashville because a reportedly large woman was having flatulance problems.
Now, we hear of a report where a "large" woman trapped a group of spelunkers for 12 hours after she "fell in a "splits position" and couldn't get back up."

How'd you like to be the fellow to grease her up and lift her out, eh?

"We used liquid paraffin to grease the surface area and a pulley to lift her," Mr Gerstner said."

It's yet another example of a PC world gone crazy. Rather than stick by their guns and not let the fat lady go on the tour - as they advised before she started, they gave in, stating that "he told Johannesburg's Independent newspaper that the tour guide also told the woman that she should reconsider before she reached the tunnels. "The woman was extremely offended. We will have to be a lot more stringent with people," he said."

Anyway, keep your eyes out for those "problem" patrons!

First female Beefeater appointed

A woman has become the Tower of London's first ever female Beefeater.
I seriously doubt that.

02 January 2007

Utah risks loosing its best teachers

Before they change the title of the article, yes, that's an actual headline.
What they don't understand is that, if they only maintain the current course, mediocre teachers will be all that are left in this state.
Looks like it's too late.

9 Body Parts You Didn't Know Had Names

Read this, or I'll poke you in your glabella.

01 January 2007

JR sloshing around in the mud

Here's a little vid of JR working his way through a field course this weekend. Not too shabby for an old man.